n this track we start off with seeing Yuuki’s dream, and some interesting interactions between the trio.

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LaLa 応募者全員サービス 「ヴァンパイア騎士」 ピュアブラッドCD-PACK
Vampire Knight Pureblood CD Pack

Track 4
Omake Drama “Vampire†Quest”

Yuuki: I’m Cross Yuuki, aged 16- ah, sorry, Kuran Yuuki, aged 17. Tired out from the crazy amount of homework given by Aidou-senpai, who’s in charge of my education, I took a short nap on the sofa. I had planned to wake up after about 10 minutes, but ended up having an extremely weird dream.

Yuuki: Vampire Quest

Zero: Die, Kuran. You have no need to exist anymore!

Kaname: You too, have already danced enough on my palm (I did a literal translation here, but it more or less means that Kaname had used Zero enough). I enjoyed myself, Kiryuu-kun. Good bye.

Yuuki: Stop it already! I’ve already said that before.

Zero: The side that retreats first loses. Move aside!

Yuuki: Wait, Zero! Kaname-senpai as well!

Kaname: Sen- pai?

Yuuki: Um, my mistake. Kaname… onii-sama. Ah, don’t make such an expression. I’m still considering whether to address you without honorifics.

Kaname: *sigh* It’s okay. Just practice carefully next time. Please wait while having some green tea; It’ll be ending soon.

Yuuki: Seriously! Since I’m in a dream, let’s at least have an enjoyable picnic or something like that! This is a neutral zone; this is my dream!

Zero: If you don’t relax, you’ll end up with bald patches the size of 10 yen coins, Yuuki. (Reference to the Lala Gorgeous Drama CD track, where the Chairman lied to Zero and Kaname about Yuuki becoming bald.)

Kaname: Take out your parasol, Yuuki. A lot of blood might come flying.

Yuuki: How strange. This is my dream, and yet it doesn’t go the way I like it…

Zero: You’ve been muttering from the start; are you feeling unwell?

Yuuki: Erm… I’ve done too much homework, so my head… not that! Look, the both of you, if you must have a showdown no matter what, erm… erm… Ah! Right! Let’s play Vampire Quest! I know the game if we’re playing that.

Zero: Now that you’ve mention it, I’ve played it before.

Kaname: What’s that?

Yuuki: It’s Sugoroku. You draw one of these bloodstained trump cards, and advance by the number shown on the card. Follow the instructions written on the squares on the playing board, and aim for the goal. The winner is decided based on who defeats the most vampires. But to be honest, the game can get quite hilarious. (Sugoroku is a game with which you move block by block from the start to the end of various stories using a dice. Something like snakes and ladders.)

Kaname: What bad taste, but it seems interesting. Well, let’s play it.

Zero: I’m fine with that.

Yuuki: Eh? Really? That’s great! With this, the dream will become one with the 3 of us happily playing.

*The 3 start playing the game*

Yuuki: Hmm?

Kaname: 4 of Diamonds. “The person you just passed is suspected of being a servant of vampires, and will be nailed to a stake. To the person that was passed, if you wish to be helped, you have to prove to the person that passed you that you are not an enemy. Kiss the back of his hand or move 9 spaces back. Which will you choose?”

Yuuki: Hmm? Was this such an unreasonable game? Oh, if you move back 9 spaces, then all the equipment you have gathered until now will be snatched away by the vampires… Zero, which is the better choice?

Zero: Isn’t the answer very obvious.

Yuuki: *scream* What’s with the knife! It’s dangerous, Zero!

Kaname: It barely missed me.

Zero: This is the kiss from me. Can you not move your hand away? Kuran… senpai.

Yuuki: Have fun, have fun! Ah, I’m next. “You have entered the vampire village. If you draw a black card the enemies will be annihilated, and if you draw a red card you will be stuck here until someone passes by.”  Okay! Ah… 7 of hearts.

Kaname: Yuuki, you poor thing. I’ll come and save you right away.

Yuuki: Thankfully it’s not some weird instruction.

Zero: Hmm. Ace of spades. Hmm? Something is written on the card. “Prophecy: The person in the square nearest to you has been determined to be an enemy vampire. Exterminate him immediately when he enters the same box!”

Yuuki: That is…

Kaname: It’s referring to me. 10 of clovers. With this I can save Yuuki.

Yuuki: Is this okay?

Kaname: And then… “You’ve been ambushed by a large crowd of vampires. Retreat the same number as steps as shown on the card you’ve drawn.” Mmm… I could have killed all of them.

Yuuki: I can’t hear anything; I can’t hear anything. Have fun, have fun!

Kaname: King of spades.

*Kaname moves his piece*

Zero: Hn.

Yuuki: Ah! The 2 of them are in the same square!

Zero: Kuran… As stated by the prophecy, I’ll have to kill you. Because it’s a prophecy, it can’t be helped.

Yuuki: It’s only a game, right? Or rather, even though it’s a dream, even in a dream…

Kaname: That’s right, it can’t be helped since it’s the rule. Oh right, the card I just drew also has a prophecy on it.

Yuuki: Ah! I’m next! Ah, joker?! Miss a turn, and I also have to imitate the weird pose of the joker… *cries*

Kaname: Do your best, Yuuki! You look cute. It’s written here: The person who draws this card is invincible for one turn.”

Zero: That is?!

Yuuki: Well then, there’s no need to retreat anymore. Crush the large crowd of vampires-

Kaname: How regretful. I’m turning the tables on you without any reservation.

Yuuki: Uh, I’ll pretend that I didn’t hear anything. Okay! Attention everyone!

Kaname: Have you dug your own grave properly? Kiryuu-kun.

Zero: You seem really happy. I’ll let you enjoy yourself thoroughly since it’s just this once. Hn.

Kaname: What an uninteresting prophecy. Well, go meet your death.

Yuuki: Is this okay? If you’ve lost, you just have to put your piece on the cursed cemetery at the corner. You don’t really have to die. Because it hurts. And there will be people who will feel sad. This is just a game!

Zero: I know that. Okay, I’ve entered the cemetery.

Yuuki: That was close.

Zero: “After being resurrected from the graveyard as a vampire, prove that you are not an enemy when you are in the same square as a human. Move back 5 squares or kiss the back of the other player’s hand.” It’s this again. (Zero and Yuuki are on the same square now!)

Zero: Hmm? What’s wrong, Yuuki? You’re not doing that weird pose anymore?

Yuuki: I want to have a dream that’s more carefree.

Zero: Are you stupid or something? Well, it’s fine if you are carefree on a routine basis.

Yuuki: Um.

Kaname: Not doing your homework, dreaming, and still being too carefree at times.

Yuuki: Um. Hmm? Homework?

Kaname: Would you do me the favor to wake up before Kiryuu-kun kisses your hand, Yuuki?

Zero: Huh? You’re being overly jealous.

Yuuki: Un. Huh? What?

Kaname: Good morning; looks like you had a lively dream. Right, Yuuki?

Yuuki: Eh? Umm…

*Bell rings*

Zero: Ah… A dream…