Situation Voice CD – Aidou Hanabusa

ヴァンパイア騎士DS Voice CD (シチュエーションボイスCD)
Vampire Knight DS Voice CD
(Situation Voice CD)

Tracks 16-20

1. Itterasshai (See you)

Hmm? You’re going out? At this time?

You’re going off somewhere and leaving me behind…

It’s- it’s nothing! Feeling lonely and such when you’re not around… I’ve never thought of such things even in my wildest dreams.

That aside, you should have more self-awareness. You’re blood is… so tasty as it is, so if you go out, you might just get attacked by Level Es anytime.

Why are you laughing? I’m honestly concerned about you. Ah- no, it wasn’t my intention to worry about you. I was asked by Kaname-sama, so it can’t be helped.

Leave quickly! Take care.

Geez, she really left me behind. Che.

2. Okaeri (Welcome back)

You’re late! What time did you think it is! For a lady, coming back at 5 in the evening is the same as returning late at night!

Geez, to think that I was so worried. I’ve been waiting for you here after I heard from the Chairman that you haven’t returned.

I- I wasn’t worried about you! I just… that is… ahh, forget it!

Generally, there is no reason for a guy like me to worry about you.

*Sigh* Seriously, being with you makes me feel irritated. But if you’re not around… I get even more irritated.

*Sigh* Anyway, come back earlier next time. Don’t let Kaname-sama worry.

Well then, I’m returning to my room.

I forgot to say it, but welcome back.

3. Rusuden (Answering machine)

I’m out right now. Please leave your message within 60 seconds after the beep.


Hello, it’s me. Are you really not around? If you’re nearby, pick up the phone.

Are you really away? But I said that I’ll call you, geez.

Ah? Could it be that you’re not picking up the phone because you want to inconvenience me on purpose? You’re actually listening nearby, right? I won’t be fooled by you.

*Sigh* Hey, it’s me! Cut it out! You’re a 100 years too early to not pick up my call!

Hmm? Which reminds me, I have to leave a message within 60 seconds.

Ahhhhhh, I only have a few seconds left! Hello, it’s me! Eh, Hanabusa! Erm, I called you because I have something to tell you, er… about you…

Ah, that’s why I dislike using the phone.

4. Oshikari Voice (Scolding voice)

Animals in general have blood as a type of body fluid. In vertebrates, blood appears redder. (Couldn’t understand some words here.) In short, this is because their red blood cells contain haemoglobin. This will appear in the test.

Ah? Are you listening? Don’t stop writing. Hey, don’t sleep while I’m lecturing! I also have assignments that need to be done. *Sigh* If you’re not going to listen properly, then I’m leaving.

It’s useless to make me stay. I have assignments- Ah, don’t look at me with eyes like that of an abandoned puppy.

I- I guess it can’t be helped. If you sleep again, I’ll really leave.

Well then, snap out of it and flip to page 34 of the textbook.

Ah? You’re worried about my assignment? Let’s help each other, you say?

*Laugh* Sorry, sorry. That’s because you said something foolish.

*Clears throat* My assignment is on proving Fermat’s last theorem. Adding in Ernst Kummer’s theory of ideal numbers and doing a lot of factorization…

*Sigh* (Falling asleep) not just once but twice… are you implying that my method of teaching is bad?

“It’s meaningless and boring.” Hey you, even discourtesy has it’s limits! I spared you my precious time at great pains to revise Biology with you!

Ah? It’s too difficult? *Sigh* What’s going to happen if you’re already complaining about something like this? Geez, you’re really troublesome.

Mmm? *Laugh* Well then, let’s make it interesting.

No, I’m not plotting something. I’m just reluctant to borrow the Chairman’s manner of doing things. How about a Biology lesson done in my own style? “Evidence is better than debate”. The lesson will be more concrete and stimulating as compared to using the textbook.

*Laugh* Mm, I’ll teach you about the circulation of blood. Blood, right, over here, it leaves from the heart. Now, following my finger, it passes the arteries and goes to the whole body. After that, it reaches the capillaries, and after nutrient exchange with the cells occurs, it passes the veins and returns to the heart.

Hey! Where are you going! The lesson hasn’t ended yet. Unless given permission by the teacher, as the student, you are not allowed to leave the room. Understand?

Good. Since you said it, I’ll teach you.

Well, let’s continue with the lesson. Next, we’ll talk about the components of blood cells. Naturally, the subject of research is your blood. *Laugh*

5. Sweet voice

It’s really late. It’s all because of you! Geez.

Well, I thought that I had a lot of time to spend with you, so I didn’t notice the time either.

Eh! Wh- what, you were listening? Eh, “Me too”, that sort of thing… I won’t be happy even if you say something like that. (The “me too” refers to agreeing with what Aidou said about not noticing the time.)

Wow, there’s a park such in a place, and I’ve never noticed it till now.

Mmm? You want to take a walk in the park? I refuse! Whose fault do you think it is that we broke our curfews. To begin with, you-

… Pleading with me with such teary eyes…

I guess I have no choice, but just for a while!

Eh? A race? It’s stupid.

Hey! You’re starting to run? That’s dishonest!

I said that it’s stupid? But seeing this, I hate to lose!

Wow, a slide, and swings! There’s also a sand pit! I often played with Akatsuki and Ruka in the sand pit when I was young.

Mmm? My childhood? You’re interested?

I guess I have no choice; Since you want to hear about it so much, I’ll tell you. As everyone knows, I’m the child prodigy, and as the eldest son of the noble family in the vampire world, the Aidou clan, splendid-

What? You want to play in the sand pit? What, you’re like a child.

If you insist on it. Well then, let’s make a tunnel.

First, we have to make a solid frame. Add a minute amount of water, and making use of this moisture, build a firm base. After that, we can make a beautiful tunnel.

Good, it looks fine. With this, after making a heap (of sand), we can dig a tunnel. You can start digging from there, and I will dig from here.

This- this is the first time that we worked on something together. It- it’s- it’s nothing!

Hey! Don’t lose focus when you dig the last bit. When it comes to digging tunnels, the last part is when you have to really focus.

This feels good. Just a bit more and it will connect!

Ah! I felt your hand. Ah, what, is a girl’s hand so soft?

Ah. *Clears throat* Look, are you satisfied? Wash your hands and let’s hurry back!