LaLa Double Premia Drama CD

This drama CD takes place after Yuuki discovers that she’s a vampire, which is why there is mention of blood lineage by Zero and Kaname, Aidou realising he made a mistake by saying Cross Yuuki, and Yuuki telling Zero that they’re on rival teams the next day onwards. But since it’s supposed to be backstage, we see Yuuki and Zero getting along, as well as side of the characters you’ll pretty much never see in the manga.

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LaLa ダブルプレミア★ドラマCD
Lala Double Premia Drama CD (May 2009)
Track 1 – Vampire Knight

“Just for tonight, the stage is backstage

黒主優姫:堀江由衣 錐生零:宮野真守 玖蘭枢:岸尾だいすけ 藍堂:福山潤
架院暁:諏訪部順一 一条拓麻:千葉進歩 支葵千里:保志総一朗

Yuuki: Lala Furoku Drama CD – Vampire Knight

Zero: Just for tonight, the stage is backstage!?

Yuuki: Good evening, everyone. I’m Prefect Y, who’s also full of energy today. And here is my partner…

Zero: *sigh*

Yuuki: Z-kun, if you can’t catch on, this conversion cannot proceed. Even though I understand, it feels lonely.

Zero: Ah! Darn, I won’t be deceived. It’s no use showing me those teary eyes. Under those hands, I’ve often been made to do something else instead of my homework. Also, the peaches that I’ve taken great pains to peel nicely were taken away on many occasions. I’m getting fed up with my character. Ah, someone like me.

Yuuki: Eh, Z-kun? Ah! But the incident with the peaches only happened twice… No, I’m the one in the wrong. You shouldn’t dislike yourself, and instead looking at the ground, you must face up to others properly as you live. If not, it’d be increasingly difficult for you to make friends.

Zero: *sighs and gets up*

Yuuki: Ah, he got up. I didn’t mean that you do not wish to have friends.

Zero: YUUKI!

Yuuki: AH! Sorry, sorry, &*(&$(*&@($&#(*$&….

Zero: You care too much about the inconsequential affairs of others.

Yuuki: You’re not being honest. How should I put it, a honest Zero is too weird, so please stay as you are now. Something like that.

Zero: Have you been influenced by the Chairman in this area, or is it because of your lineage? I’m getting the shivers.

Yuuki: Oh yes! I saw some local flavoured Shio Ramen that seemed really delicious in a magazine the other day.

Zero: There’s always a foolish, tiny organism near me who readily changes the topic when tempted by food. I don’t want to end up like that.

Yuuki: How terrible! Is that referring to me? Prefect Z-kun.

Zero: Right. By the way, why are our names abbreviated?

Yuuki: Umm… because it’s the prologue? So that it will be different from the actual event occurring after this? Hey, the foolish and tiny organism…

Zero: It’s you. Prologue? Is there something you need to explain?

Yuuki: That’s cruel! Ah, erm… hmm… look! “Tonight, the stage is backstage.”

Zero: I don’t get the meaning.

Yuuki: Hmm… that’s why… This isn’t a situation where we should be chatting in such carefree manner.

Zero: *sigh* You’re right. That’s exactly so. Somehow various things are appearing before my eyes, it’s really-

Yuuki: AHHH! Hang in there, Z! Get a grip on yourself! Because the backstage is now the stage, people who don’t originally have a reason to come are now here, the broken buildings are as good as new, and various embarassing conversations might be flying around. We, the Prefect combi, were invited to come here so as to explain this.

Zero: Then we’re already done.

Yuuki: Ah, you’re right.

Ichijou: Sorry Aidou, you ended up doing everything that I was supposed to do.

Aidou: It’s nothing. I’ve been thinking about it, this efficiency of this analogue system is plainly bad.

Ichijou: If you finish your work efficiently, then you’ll end up with nothing to do after that. We live for so long; what will you do if you end up being free?

Aidou: I’ll just find other things to do then.

Ichijou: When you find something to do… it’ll be good I guess. Right, Kaname? Hmm? Kaname? Aidou, where is the master of this room?

Aidou: Kaname-sama had to get something very important, so he went over to the Chairman’s place. He also entrusted all the important jobs to me in his absence.

Ichijou: Ohhh! *clap* Do your best! I shall gratefully hand everything to you. But don’t let Kaname depend on you too much. He hates trouble, yet his brain is filled with meaningless things when he’s free. Well then, see you!

Aidou: But thinking about meaningless stuff is something that occurs around the clock. Well, but that doesn’t mean that it’s shown to others.

*door opens*

Aidou: AHH! You scared me!

Kain: Oh, Hanabusa.

Aidou: What, it’s Akatsuki. Don’t make me jump.

Kain: Have you incurred the imperial wrath of the Dorm President again?

Aidou: Huh? This is not a punishment, but something I’m tasked to do. Besides, my secret shouldn’t have been leaked out. A small accident happened and I saw what was under that girl’s skirt.

Kain: Ah…

Aidou: Don’t misunderstand, I only tried to catch her when she was falling. It wasn’t on purpose.

Kain: I get it. It’s all right. Ah, no, it might not be all right, but in any case, I will pretend that I’ve never heard about it, and you must absolutely make sure that no one else knows.

Kaname: Ya, Kain.

Kain: *gasp* Dorm President!

Aidou: Kaname-sama!

Kaname: There’s no need for you to be doing odd jobs.

Kaname: Understood. Excuse me then. *flees*

Aidou: Don’t go!

Kaname: He escaped.

Aidou: Ah, he was discourteous.

Kaname: Not really. The trust between us was built on a delicate relationship right from the start.

Aidou: Ah, I see. I seem to understand, yet I don’t seem to want to understand.

Kaname: You dropped something. Here.

Aidou: AHHH! You surprised me! Th- thank you. Whats the matter? Why are you being so kind?

Kaname: It’s only for today, because it’s backstage.

Aidou: That’s right.

Kaname: New school term, the day of the dorm entrance ceremony. An evening of friendship for Yuuki. I see, it’s seems to be an observation diary of her.

Aidou: Is that the very important thing that you specially went to take?

Kaname: Move your hand.

Adiou: Ah! Yes! Well, as I had expected, umm.

Kaname: “Because of me, it seems like Aidou-senpai was given a weird nickname. Kain-senpai as well.” She appeared bothered when she came and reported this to me.

Aidou: Huh?! So it was her! Ah, sorry, sorry, I shall do my work silently.

Kaname: Ha…

Aidou: Hmm? Eh? Er, Erm… Why are you looking at me fixedly with such eyes?

Kaname: Such eyes?

Aidou: Eh…? Er, Erm… if it’s not my imagination, a look of envy?

Kaname: Ah.

Aidou: I’m right?!

Kaname: I’m envious. I also want to be called by a nickname.

Aidou: I’m hearing things; I’m hearing things.

Kaname: If Yuuki gives me a nickname, anything would be fine. Pooch, Kurosuke, even Stojković. (Kurosuke should be referring to the black soot particles found in Miyazaki’s stories.)

Aidou: Seems like he’s getting desperate and saying weird things, but it could be me mishearing. *laugh*

Kaname: Onii-sama, Kaname-sama, Kaname-senpai, after hearing these, how will I be called next? I can’t help but think about it day and night.

Aidou: Because his head is filled with such useless things, I’m being used to do odd jobs now.

Kaname: Umm.

Aidou: *scream* Kaname-sama is a completely useless guy! *evil laughter*

Kaname: I’m aware of that, so don’t recoil.

Aidou: He resisted!

Kaname: Next, Seeing that flustered appearance, I thought it was too charming and instinctively took a photo, and this is it. Ah, ah… this indeed stirs up memories. Were there really that many photos that were sent through mail during this period? Umm, On the 13th day after entering school, Yuuki seemed bothered. “Kaname-kun and Kiryuu-kun are immature, and there seems to be some strain between them”, she grumbled to me.

*Someone knocks on the door*

Kaname: Come in.

Yuuki: Sorry to disturb. Erm…

Kaname: “I wish they would stop. I’m stuck in a dilemma to the extent that I’m going bald, yet they won’t try to stop their conflict. The both of them really can’t read the situation. At least Kaname-senpai is more like an adult as compared to Zero. Can’t there be just a little improvement?” She asked me. I was of course willing to help.

Yuuki: EHHH! Stop! Stop! No! Don’t look at it! Even though I don’t quite understand what’s going on, what are you looking at?!

Aidou: From the Chairman, Yuuki’s Observation Diary, Campus Life Series, with memorable photos attached.

Kaname: The Chairman gave it to me as a memory of campus life. Can you return it?

Yuuki: Nope!

Kaname: Return it.

Yuuki: I can’t.

Kaname: You remembered something after seeing this, right? Well, will you return it?

Yuuki: I might have spoken ill of you using terrible words.

Kaname: About me? Eh? If it’s Yuuki, then I definitely want to experience being spoken ill of by you.

Yuuki: You used to not say anything and get peevish about it, but what are you saying now?! Ah!

Kaname: I caught you. You can’t escape anymore.

Yuuki: You seem to be enjoying this, Kaname-senpai.

Kaname: *sigh* No, I feel a little sad now. I wonder when will I stop being referred to as senpai. In a way, I think that it could happen someday.

Yuuki: Senpai, by the way, Aidou-senpai could be heard shouting “useless guy” just now.

Kaname: I wonder if this is the ear that was bothered by what it misheard.

Yuuki: *yelps*

Kaname: Your ears have always been weak.

Yuuki: In the past, you definitely wouldn’t be doing something in such a disturbing manner.

Kaname: Sorry for becoming detestable. Do you hate it?

Yuuki: Ahh…. how should I answer that…

Kaname: The me who does unpleasant things to Yuuki; do you hate it? Or can you accept it? It’s fine to answer me either way.

Yuuki: Is it okay to request answers to such “WAH!” questions on the offstage day?

Kaname: Since it’s backstage, I interpret that it’s fine even if you say silly things.

Yuuki: Right. In fact, I also did the same thing just now.

Kaname: Lineage (blood relationship) is something scary.

Yuuki: Eh? Why are you untying the ribbon on your uniform?!

Aidou: What’s with this spectacle. Er, erm, can you please stop joking around? Can’t you see that I’m here?

Yuuki: Aidou-senpai, pass!

Aidou: Eh?

Yuuki: Nice catch! Take that diary and escape, senpai!

Aidou: Eh? EHHHHH?!

Kaname: Aidou, you understand that that belongs to me-

Yuuki: Run!

Aidou: *scream* What… *crash* Why do I have to do something like this…

Kaname: He hit his nose; I wonder if he’s fine.

Yuuki: Scary!

Kaname: Yuuki?

Yuuki: Excuse me! We’ll talk again later!

*Yuuki escapes*

(Translator’s note: Yuuki, Kain and Aidou were talking to Kaname in polite form.)

Zero: *sigh* I’m just no good.

Kain: Hey, don’t be rash, Kiryuu! Jumping off the rooftop!

Zero: Wah! I’m going to fall!

Kain: Below here are closely packed branches that you won’t want to be stabbed by! A lot must have happened to give you a nervous breakdown. Calm down!

Zero: I’m calm! I almost got pushed off just now.

Kain: Ah! My fault. *sigh* I see. It was a misunderstanding.

Zero: It’s no good. I seriously panicked because I was going to fall off while pulling up my trousers.

Kaname: That was embarrassing. Sorry. But anyone would think that you were having negative thoughts, standing at the edge of the rooftop that way.

Zero: *sigh* Well, I’m sitting down then.

Kain: Why are you standing alone in a place like this?

Zero: It’s none of your business.

Kain: *sigh* I guess I don’t have to ask?

Zero: Um.

Kain: What’s wrong? Is there something you want to say?

Zero: Kain-senpai really is a good-natured person.

Kain: Hmm? No, I’m actually not. *sits down*

Zero: Don’t sit down here. Please go somewhere else.

Kain: Nope, because I also came here with that sort of feelings. Sorry, but let me stay here.

Zero: *sigh* By all means do whatever you want.

Kain: *sigh* Ruka, she-

Zero: Sorry, that sort of topic…

Ichijou: Hey, Kain and Kiryuu-kun. Getting friendly with each other on the rooftop, what’s the matter?

Zero: Our numbers just increased.

Kain: Hmm? Vice dorm president, is if okay for you to be here? You must be in the midst of being snatched by beautiful women right now.

Zero: Being snatched by beautiful women?

Kain: Right. Shirabuki-san-

Ichijou: Stop! Kain. Can you let me not think about reality?

Kain: Ah, I’m sorry.

chijou: Heh, just for today, I want to forget all the troublesome thing and relax.

Kain: I understand.

Ichijou: *sigh* I understand how the salaryman who has to juggle both work and family feels now.

Zero: Me too.

Shiki: Umm… it’s no good, I can’t sleep anymore because I napped for too long. Even though I said that I can take things easy today, there are lots of things I have to think about as well as do. Mmm…. Mmm. Well, I’ll think about it later.

*leaves the room, then comes back*

Shiki: I forgot to put on my shoes.

Aidou: I don’t understand, why am I carrying this like it’s something important and running away? *pants*

Yuuki: *pants* Aidou-senpai, I’ve caught up with you at last.

Aidou: Ah, Cross Yuuki! Ah, I got it wrong.

Yuuki: You don’t have to specially correct yourself, it’s bothersome!

Aidou: Bothersome?!

Yuuki: Ah, this is bad! He’ll catch up soon!

Aidou: EH?!!!

Yuuki: Pass me the diary. Aidou-senpai, please act as a decoy and hold off Kaname-sanpai! I’m off!

Kaname: Aidou.

Aidou: *scream* I’ll definitely remember this!

Yuuki: Aidou-senpai, thank you!

Shiki: Going out for a stroll is good, but I can’t stop thinking about the things that I must think about and things that I must do…

Yuuki: *pant* Ah! Shiki-senpai! *pant*

Shiki: Ah, prefect. Why are you in such a hurry?

Yuuki: I’m running away from Kaname-senpai. Ah, see you!

Shiki: You’ll be caught really soon this way.

Yuuki: Ah. Eh?

Shiki: If you’re seriously wanting to escape, if you can’t go to this extent… *whips out his blood* Here, if we hide together within this curtain made of my blood, I think that we can throw him off. He doesn’t have any business with me today, and I don’t think he will come here after smelling my blood.

Yuuki: Shiki-senpai, you’re reliable!

Shiki: Weep for joy after you’ve manged to escape. The sound of my heart beating can be heard, right?

Yuuki: Ah… right.

Shiki: Come closer, it will be better if we appear like one person.

Yuuki: Can we do it?

Shiki: Do it if you don’t want to be caught.

Ichijou: How do you put it… Things don’t always go your way in life.

Kain: That’s right.

Zero: Um.

Ichijou: But no matter how painful the circumstances are, I want to enjoy myself. Even if that wish doesn’t come true, once I surmount it, enjoyment is waiting for me like a mountain. I always believe in this.

Kain: I’m not so farsighted yet. *sigh* I think might be able to become like this one day.

Zero: Um.

Ichijou: Kiryuu-kun, is something wrong?

Zero: Well, that might have stuck a cord of sympathy with me.

Kain: Yeah.

Ichijou: The wind… it feels good.

Zero: I agree.

Ichijou: I wonder if it’ll be sunny tomorrow?

Kain: Seems like it’d probably be sunny.

Ichijou: Tomorrow is the sale date of the limited edition…

Kain: I’d be good if people buy it.

Ichijou: Um.

*shooting star flies by*

Ichijou: Ah! A shooting star! Have the both of you ever wished upon a shooting star?

Kain: I’ve seen Ruka and Hanabusa secretly do it. *sigh* I thought it was cute.

Zero: Ah.

Ichijou: Could it be that Kiryuu-kun has never done something like this before? Ah- ah you’ve done it before!

Zero: But I didn’t say anything to anyone. Ah! What?! Wah!

Ichijou: I think something might be coming.

Kain: Dorm President Kuran?!

Kaname: Hey, did Yuuki come here?

Ichijou: What’s the matter? You’re eyes are scary. It’s frightening, Kaname.

Zero: Are those drops of blood on your uniform? (Said in polite form.)

Kaname: Ah, this? *evil laughter*

Kain: Ah! That blood is Hanabusa’s.

Ichijou: Kaname, that smile is scary.

Kaname: If you haven’t seen Yuuki, then it doesn’t concern you. See you.

Ichijou: Kaname! Ah, he left.

*Kain leaves*

Ichijou: Ah, Kain, where are you going?

Kain: To collect Hanabusa. Perhaps his secret was exposed.

Zero: I shall also…

IchijouL Ah, mmm, mmm, however you put it, you’re worried about Yuuki-chan, right?

Kain: Eh? I’m somewhat relieved, Kiryuu.

Zero: Ah… Erm…

Aidou: Umm… umm…

Ichijou: Kain! Kain! He’s hanging on the lamp on the wall over there.

Kain: Hanabusa. Get a grip on yourself.

Aidou: Ah… Ah! Akatsuki!

Kain: Looks like the Dorm President got you.

Aidou: *cries* (*#$980#$*)#*$)(#

Kain: I see. It’s all right, everything fine now.

Ichijou: Ah… Such a fearsome game of tag. What’s Kaname doing? He must do it again, and give a firm lecture as a buddy instead.

Aidou: You’re wrong! The culprit is that flat-chested girl!

Kain: Ah? There are no other injuries except for a nosebleed. What a relief.

Ichijou: Hmm? But I felt that Yuuki-chan’s chest became a little bigger.

Kain: Vice Dorm President…

Ichijou: Puberty is wonderful.

Shiki: I guess he’s given up.

Yuuki: Thank you, Shiki-senpai. You saved me.

Shiki: Why were you running away?

Yuuki: The diary that I didn’t want anyone to see was seen by Kaname-senpai.

Shiki: Eh? I didn’t think that he would go that far as to peek at someone’s diary.

Yuuki: Eh… ah, it’s not like that! An observation diary of me, written by the Chairman, landed in the hands of Kaname-senpai.

Shiki: Hmm. It’s something that should be looked after. Is it that bad if it’s seen?

Yuuki: The Chairman definitely wrote about the grumbles I made. In addition, there must also be the stupid things I said…

Shiki: Ah, I see. But he’d probably have something to say about you taking the diary.

Yuuki: Ah… your right.

Shiki: Tear only the pages that would be terrible if they were seen.

Yuuki: Right! Ah, yes! I’ll do that!

*flips pages*

Yuuki: Ah, here! It would be terrible if this was seen! *tears page* Ah, this is also dangerous, this as well! *tears pages*

Shiki: The Chairman is a diligent person.

Zero: What are the both of you doing, putting your heads together?

Shiki: Ah, prefect.

Yuuki: Ah, Zero! Look, look at this. Zero’s photos are also attached here and there.

Shiki: He’s also mentioned in the observation diary. Despite having to put up with Yuuki’s cute self-indulgence, they have never quarreled. Even if she flares up, he doesn’t pamper her either. Yuuki always speaks warmly of this great brother.

Zero: What’s this about?

Shiki: Not good; it would be better to tear this out as well.

Yuuki: Yes, senpai. *tears page*

Shiki: Ah, but you would make him happy by leaving this photo behind. The quality of the photo is really good.

Yuuki: Oh! As one would expect from someone in this line. Roger!

Kaname: Found you.

Yuuki: AHHHH!

Shiki: Ah, it’s the Dorm President.

Yuuki: Zero, pass!

Zero: Huh? What’s with this torn thing.

Yuuki: Take that and run! Dispose of it!

Kaname: Kiryuu-kun, hand that to me, I’m worn-out from all the chasing.

Shiki: He’s not worn out, but just finds it bothersome (to chase someone to get the diary).

Yuuki: Zero, run!

Zero: Huh? But, wait- What!

Kaname: Yuuki, there’s something we need to slowly talk about.

Yuuki: Zero! Which reminds me, I’m on the rival team from tomorrow onwards!

Zero: We’re not having a match!

Kaname: Ah…

Yuuki: Sorry, Kaname-senpai.

Shiki: Sorry.

Kaname: But I haven’t said anything yet.

Shiki & Yuuki: Somehow or other…

Kaname: Whose fault do you think it is?

Yuuki: Umm….. Umm…?

Shiki: Umm…?

Kaname: Ah… sorry. It might have been mine.

Shiki: That’s right.

Yuuki: Ah, erm…