Night Class Interview – Kiryuu Zero

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おまけドラマ「夜間部個人面談」- 錐生零
Omake Drama “Night Class Interview” – Kiryuu Zero

Cast: 錐生零:宮野真守 黒主理事長:子安武人

Chairman: Kiryuu-kun, Kiryuu-kun, come in. Why are you being so cautious?

Zero: I was wondering why you called me here.

Chairman: You’re different from Yuuki; you don’t talk about whatever happens in school. It’s okay to talk to me about it sometimes. What shall we talk about today? Something less serious would be good. Yuuki… what do you think about her?

Zero: What do I think?

Chairman: Has Yuuki’s attitude changed since that time?

Zero: No, it’s the same as before. The one that changed is me.

Chairman: You have some self-awareness.

Zero: If everything’s fine I’m leaving.

Chairman: Don’t leave! That’s no good, we have to do something about your negative attitude. Kiryuu-kun is still young. You have no sense of humour.

Zero: I don’t have that? Ah? How about stepping away from the door.

Chairman: Nope. Unless you prove that you are becoming a little more positive by making a joke, I won’t move away.

Zero: Move away. If possible, I wouldn’t want to see your blood.

Chairman: Too bad, Zero. As I’ve already said, this gun doesn’t work on anyone other than vampires.

Zero: For your information, this is also great as a weapon to beat people up with.

Chairman: Oh, that’s true.

Zero: What’s this notice? Today is the night class personal interview. It is compulsory to attend for all vampires. Let’s have a thorough conversation tonight. From the Chairman.

Zero: You should just verbally announce this. I don’t have anything to talk about.

Chairman: That’s cruel! Kiryuu-kun is really brutal! That’s the sort of thing a vampire would say. You’re really unapproachable. I’m getting distressed. This is somewhat tiring…

Zero: Chairman, are you happy by driving me to the wall?!

Chairman: Have I rubbed salt on someone else’s wound again?

Zero: That’s enough. For a while I thought that taking a beating might make you stronger. See you.

Chairman: Ah, Kiryuu-kun just said something positive. Looks like it was a good idea to hold the personal interview.