Cross Academy Night Class – Track 1

The story follows that of chapter 1 of the manga, with a few things added and others removed.
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LaLa 応募者全員サービス 「ヴァンパイア騎士」 ミッドナイトCD-PACK
Vampire Knight Midnight CD Pack

Main Drama “Cross Academy Night Class”
Track 1

When was it that you spoke to me? When you were very young, in a terrible event where you were attacked by a vampire. To say that you’re no longer afraid; I know that it’s a lie. For all that… Sorry, Yuuki.

“Lala Oubosha Zenin Service CD Vampire Knight”

Yuuki: Pure white snow. It’s not red. That red thing… what is it?

Male vampire: Are you lost, little girl?

Yuuki: Ah?

Male vampire: Is it ok if I drink you blood?

Yuuki: Ah, no!!!

Kaname: What a disgrace to the vampires. Are you ok?

Yuuki: My memories began from this snowy day. Ten years later…

Female student 1: Hurry and come out!

Female student 2: Hey, don’t push!

Yuuki: Okay, okay, okay, step back, step back! Everyone from the Day Class, it’s already curfew, so return to your dorm!

I’m Cross Yuuki. First year prefect from the Day Class. In this prestigious boarding school, Cross Academy, there is a Day Class and a Night Class.

Female student 3: Move away, prefect!

Female student: Move away!

Yuuki: I’m not moving!

The Day Class and the Night Class have lessons at different times, and share the school facilities. When the classes change over at this time in the evening, it always ends up in a state of confusion.

Female student: Ah, over there!

Yuuki: Ah, the gate is open!

The reason why the Day Class students make such a clamour every evening – it’s because the Night Class is an elite group, and also a beautiful one.

Aidou: Good morning girls! <3 You’re also energetic and cute today.

Ichijou: Aidou, watch carefully. It’s not “today as well” but rather “cuter than yesterday”.

Shiki: Ichijou-san is also in good form.

*The students are clamouring to see the Night Class students*

Yuuki, Ah, it hurts…

Kaname: Are you ok, Yuuki?

Yuuki: Ah, Kaname-senpai. Yes I’m fine.

Kaname: Thanks for all your hard work.

Yuuki: Don’t- don’t mention it.

Kaname: You’re always so formal with me. It feels a bit lonely…

Yuuki: Ah… no… that’s because Kaname-senpai saved my life.

This person is Kuran Kaname. He’s the head of the Night Class as well as the dorm leader of the Moon Dorm. He was also the person who came to my rescue 10 years ago…

Kaname: Don’t worry about it anymore. It happened so long ago…

Zero: Lesson is starting, Kuran-senpai.

Yuuki: Zero?

This fellow is Kiryuu Zero. He’s the other prefect.

Kaname: That’s scary, Prefect-san.

Zero: Yuuki, you being friendly with that guy has nothing to do with me. You know that, right?

Yuuki: Stop it, I know that! Those people are different from us.

The good-looking Night Class is not just an elite group. The secret the normal student in the Day Class doesn’t know – they’re all vampires.

On the other hand, Zero and I are…

Zero: All of you, quickly return to your dorms! Screaming and making such a disturbance, who do you think you’re troubling?! Eh?!

Yuuki: You’re late, yet you still act so self-important. Idiot!

Being a prefect is just a surface job. Zero and I are actually guardians of the academy. We are the guards who protect the secret of the Night Class.

Zero: I don’t get it. Are our duties to wait on these celebrities and act as their bodyguards? Chairman!!

Chairman: Thanks for the hard work always!

Zero: Yuuki is not helpful at all.

Yuuki: Someone who’s always late and plays truant has no right to say that!!

Chairman: Well, this is problematic! Evening after evening…

Zero: If you understand the problem, then do something about the number of guardians!

Chairman: That’s impossible. The guardians are extremely important for the coexistence of the Day Class and the Night Class. I can only entrust this to the both of you. Well, it’s an unpleasant duty that involves odd jobs, takes up all night, causes you to be hated, and is not rewarded. But I won’t feel bad if I let my cute foster son and beloved foster daughter do this.

Zero: Even though you’ve certainly been looking after me, I don’t recall becoming your son.

Chairman: Kiryuu-kun is really fussy over the details! That’s no good.

Zero: Hey Yuuki, since you’re Chairman Cross’ real daughter, say something.

Yuuki: Well, but… I think the Night Class is coexisting well with the Day Class. I’m happy that I’m able to help.

Chairman: What a good child! Father is happy. The only person who understands my pacifism is Yuuki. From a long time ago, I wanted to put an end to that dark cycle that is the conflict between the humans and the vampires. And for these young people, with their soft hearts and the virtue of their natural intelligence, I wished to build a bridge between the 2 races. Education is for that reason! For that reason, the Night Class exists!

Zero: I’m off to patrol. Yuuki, I’ll leave this person to you.

Yuuki: Ah Zero.

Chairman: Well… I also understand what Zero-kun wants to say. It is a fact that amongst the vampires, there are also frightening ones who attack humans.

Yuuki: Kaname-senpai is different! There are also righteous vampires like him! Pacifism is possible!

Chairman: Yuuki… Still, if the true nature of the Night Class is exposed, there will be an uproar.

Yuuki: Don’t worry, Chairman! Please entrust this to us guardians!!

Chairman: Sure!

Yuuki: I’m off to patrol.

On that snowy night, Kaname-senpai who saved my life brought me to his acquaintance Chairman Cross’ place. Even though I didn’t know my own identity, the Chairman adopted me as his daughter. I don’t have any memories from before I was 5. That incident of 10 years ago marks my beginning. Perhaps therefore, it had subconsciously become my wish for vampires to be able get along with humans.