Situation Voice CD – Ichijou Takuma

ヴァンパイア騎士DS Voice CD (シチュエーションボイスCD)
Vampire Knight DS Voice CD
(Situation Voice CD)

Tracks 11-15

1. Itterasshai (See you)

Oh, are you going somewhere?

I see, you’re going shopping in town. See you.

But be careful, and don’t stay out too late.

Eh? You look surprised.

I’m always concerned about you.

Look, it’s difficult to say that when everyone is around.

That’s right. Therefore, return early.

Ah, yes! If you buy anything interesting, show it to me.

Well, see you. Take care.

2. Okaeri (Welcome back)

Welcome back; I was waiting. Why were you so late? I was worried.

Ah, why was I waiting here for you to come back?

That’s because it’s already so dark outside, yet you still hadn’t returned. I was worried…

I see, you unconsciously let yourself loose since you haven’t been out in a long time.

Mmm. I understand that feeling. It’s easy to forget the time when you’re out. But don’t forget this: there is someone who always cares about you more than anyone else.

Eh? Who’s that person?

Well, who is it, I wonder?

The answer is confidential. I think you actually know.

3. Rusuden (Answering machine)

I’m out right now. (Ichijou: Ah, it’s the answering machine.) Please leave your message within 60 seconds after the beep.


Hello, it’s Ichijou.

Erm, it’s not anything important, but there was something I’m concerned about, so I called.

You seemed somewhat less energetic than usual today. Is there something troubling you?

Could it possibly have something to do with the Night Class?

If it’s something you can’t talk to Kaname about, then you can discuss it with me instead.

You can talk to me anytime.

That was all I had to say. Well then, good bye.

I’d be good if I can see an energetic you tomorrow.

4. Oshikari Voice (Scolding voice)

Hey, wake up.

You’re up at last. Good morning, sleepy head.

Eh? Why am I in you room? The Chairman asked me to come and wake you up.

Hey, do you remember what day it is today? Right, we have a committee meeting regarding next month’s dance festival.

The Chairman, Guardians, myself and Kaname – 5 of us.

However, Kaname had some urgent business and left, while Kiryuu-kun played truant.

You wouldn’t wake up, so the Chairman and I chatted for an hour while drinking tea.

Wake up! Get prepared. It’s fine with just me, you and the Chairman. If we don’t discuss in advance, then it’d be too late if problems occur during the dance festival itself.

Ah, you still look sleepy. The Guardians’ job must be tough. But still, get yourself ready soon!

Look, first of all, get off the bed.

Um? You’re embarrassed because you’re in your pajamas? Your hair is also in a mess?

You don’t have to worry about such things. You’re quite cute even like that.

No, this is bad! I unconsciously reverted to my usual self.

No way, you can’t imagine me getting angry because I’m always gentle?

Even though I can certainly be called gentle, I am still in control of the Night Class as the Vice Dorm President. I have to be stern when required.

Ah, I see a look of disbelief.

Well then, I’ll give you a lecture here right now. Don’t cry afterward if you get scared.

“Hey! It’s wrong to break a promise! Don’t do it again!”

Um, that was the end.

Eh, it wasn’t scary at all?

Whatever the circumstances might be, I can’t get seriously angry in front of girls.

Eh? Till now, I’ve never really gotten angry? That’s right, now that you’ve said it, it might be true that I’m rarely angry.

Ah, but I might have gotten a little mad when Aidou scribbled on my favourite manga.

Ah, right! There was another time when I thought of scaring Kaname, and prepared the “Shock Kaname Plan” 3 days in advance. When Kaname found out about it, I said “There’s no such thing”, while feeling a bit angry.

The contents of the plan? It’s a secret.

There’s still the tea! The new tea that I specially ordered was opened by Aidou, who drank it before I did. I was bitter! If he was thankful and said that it was delicious then it would have been fine, but what he did was rude to both the tea and to me.

Ah, right, there’s more. I saw Aidou in a state of anxiousness, thought that I might have gone overboard, and reflected on it.

Um? Is something wrong?

Eh? I get angry over trivial stuff?

Is that so? They’re all serious affairs to me. You don’t think so?

Well then, get yourself ready soon and come to the Chairman’s office. I’ll be waiting.

5. Sweet voice

Welcome. I’ve just finished with the preparations.

What am I preparing for? Afternoon tea of course.

Eh, why am I preparing tea in an empty classroom at such an early hour?

*Sigh* That’s bad, have you forgotten? The other day you found the fountain pen that I had lost in the classroom and returned it to me. In return, I promised to treat you to some extraordinarily delicious tea. It has to be now no matter what.

Speaking of that, the head maid of the Moon Dorm has baked some really delicious scones. It’s freshly made and still hot. Having top-grade tea with freshly made scones… I thought that it would certainly make you delighted. Then, I couldn’t contain myself and…

Oh yes! I obtained permission from the Chairman to use an empty classroom and to borrow you for an hour while lessons are going on for the Day Class. Therefore, don’t worry and enjoy your tea slowly.

Ah, yes! I almost forgot something important. Hey, come over here for a while. This flower is a hair ornament for you, the protagonist of the tea party. Mmm! You look very cute! Look! It matches the one pinned on my chest.

*Laugh* You’re cute when you get shy.

Well, with this, the preparations are complete. I’ve also changed the tablecloth to a new one for you. I chose a pastel blue one made of soft material. I’m glad that you like it!

Come, take a seat. Here you go; Please try it. Is it good?

That’s good, I chose the flavour of the tea based on what I thought you’d like. It’s fragrant and leaves a nice taste. As expected, you seem to like it a lot.

Ah! Right! You probably can’t settle down and enjoy your tea with me staring at you like that. Sorry, sorry. Seeing you enjoy your tea, I became happy and ended up staring at you…

If you want to have tea again, just let me know. I’ll always make delicious tea for you. Mmm, if possible, it’d be good if it’s at night. It’s actually fine in the day as well, just that it’s a little bright.

Oh yes! I thought of something good! Let’s have a small tea party next time after the Guardians have completed their duties. Somewhere near the water fountain in the garden might be good. We can prepare tables and chairs, and have tea under the moonlight. I think it’d feel really mysterious, seeing the moon reflected in the teacups. I’ll also prepare lots of delicious sweets, and invite Kaname, Shiki and the rest.

*Laugh* Just thinking about it is getting me excited.

Well then, I’ll certainly be inviting you to the next little tea party held at night, so please look forward to it.