Situation Voice CD – Kuran Kaname

ヴァンパイア騎士DS Voice CD (シチュエーションボイスCD)
Vampire Knight DS Voice CD
(Situation Voice CD)

Tracks 6-10

1. Itterasshai (See you)

Are you going out? I see, to town.

Alone? The Chairman asked you to help run an errand?

I wonder if there’s a reason as to why you can’t talk to me about it… it feels lonely.

You used to be able to talk to me about everything in the past.

You were secretly going somewhere to get me a present, so you couldn’t tell me the reason?

I’ll take it that I didn’t hear what you just said.

Have a safe trip!

Come back soon. That’s the best present to me.

2. Okaeri (Welcome back)

Welcome back. You were late in returning, so I was worried.

When I heard from the Chairman that you went to town, I was worried, even though I knew that you’d be fine.

When it comes to you, there are times where I can’t control myself using reason.

You’re scared because I’ve been silently staring at you?

You don’t have to be afraid of me. You say weird things, don’t you?

I’m getting angry? I can never be angry with you. Why did you think that way?

Sorry. I teased you because you had such an innocent look on your face. I shouldn’t have done that. But you shouldn’t have made me worry to such an extent.

3. Rusuden (Answering machine)

I’m out right now. Please leave your message within 60 seconds after the beep.


Hello, it’s me. You’re not around? Are you still angry? This is the second time that you said that you won’t talk to me.

I was a little upset the first time round. In any case, will this time also be same?

It seems like whatever I say will not help. However, you’re misunderstanding me. Would you let me explain everything?

I know that you’re actually beside the phone. Would you pick up the receiver soon?

I get it, silence is your answer right now.

If you don’t speak to me, I’ll also feel upset.

I’ll wait for 5 seconds. 5… 4… 3… are you really not going to pick up? 2… 1- I’m relieved; You picked up.

Are you still angry? I see…

4. Oshikari Voice (Scolding voice)

Good evening. I see you’re wearing the dress that I gave you.  It really suits you.

Well then, shall we begin?

You didn’t hear about it from the Chairman? The Chairman said to give you dance lessons.

Don’t look at me with such frightened eyes. I always seem to become indulgent when it comes to you.

I’ll be a little more strict today, because it would be bad if you embarrass yourself during the actual party.

Don’t worry, it’s only tough at the beginning. It becomes enjoyable once you get used to it.

If it’s the Waltz then you’ll be able to dance, right? We often danced together when you were young. I wonder if your body still remembers?

Well, hold my hand, and move along to the music.

Don’t be so nervous. Take a deep breath. Relax your shoulders. Yes, that’s the way. Put your right foot forward in time with the music.

It’s okay; Don’t worry. Stepping on someone’s foot is something that often happens. By the way, that’s your left foot. I was talking about your right foot.

That’s okay. Well, collect yourself and let’s start from the left foot this time.

*Sigh* Don’t worry about me. Please try to concentrate on the music.

Eh? You’re tired? You never change. We’ve only danced a little.

Ah, sorry. Don’t look as though you’re going to cry. That’s right, you don’t have to force yourself to if you can’t dance.

Eh? “Weren’t you asked by the Chairman?” In this world, there isn’t any promise that can be fulfilled only via torturing you.

If you can’t dance before everyone, then the 2 of us can just dance alone. I think that would be more enjoyable.

5. Sweet voice

Come in. So it’s you, welcome. It’s so late at night; is something wrong?

You came over to see me because you were worried about me?

Even though various troublesome things happened, I’m fine. Thank you, you made me happy.

I also wanted to talk to you. Come over here, next to me.

You’re sitting so far away? I won’t be able to see your face this way.

Come even closer. Good girl. It’s been so long since I’ve chatted with you so leisurely. I wonder when you started keeping secrets from me.

You say that you don’t have any secrets… is that so?

Since you say so, then it’s fine.

I might be feeling a bit tired.

Sometimes I get driven by impulse. I want to lock you in a cage and make sure that your eyes reflect nothing else except me.

Ah, I’m really tired. Should I just sleep? Eh, you’re letting me sleep on your lap? You’re kind.

I feel so at ease. You’re warmth renders me defenseless. However, it also makes me feel painful, and I can’t do anything about it.

Perhaps in my heart, I’ve been waiting for this moment. I want to…

Ah, it’s 12. You should return to your room soon. Put on my jacket when you leave, since it’s cold outside.

I will continue with what I was saying just now someday, if the time comes. So please wait until then. You’re a good girl.

Good night. Sleep well and sweet dreams.