Situation Voice CD – Kiryuu Zero

ヴァンパイア騎士DS Voice CD (シチュエーションボイスCD)
Vampire Knight DS Voice CD
(Situation Voice CD)

Tracks 1-5

1. Itterasshai (See you)

Are you going out? I see, you’re going to town to shop. Be careful. Somehow you always seem to meet Level Es.

Is the Artemis with you? Don’t use roads with little pedestrian traffic. Also, because you’re clumsy, make sure you don’t cause trouble to the surrounding people.

Is there something strange? Eh? I worry too much? I’m just like a nagging father?!

Hey! To think that I was being worried about you. Ah, whatever. Go off!

I don’t need any presents or stuff, so don’t come back too late. Return quickly, okay?

2. Okaeri (Welcome back)

Hey, when did you get back? What’s wrong, did something happen outside?

It’s just that you seem different from usual.

It’s nothing, if you don’t have to say it if you don’t want to. As long as you’re fine, it doesn’t matter.

If there’s something troubling you, don’t just keep it to yourself. You can talk to someone and sort out your feelings. I’ll always be willing to listen, as long as I am able to.

It’s not something you have to thank me for in particular. You’re awfully straightforward.

Oh yes, I forgot to say it, welcome back.

3. Rusuden (Answering machine)

I’m out right now. Please leave your message within 60 seconds after the beep.


It’s me. You’re not at home?

Ah, that’s fine, it’s nothing important.

I’m in town now. I saw the same watch that you made a fuss over and said you wanted when you saw it in a magazine the other day. I thought I’d buy it since it isn’t expensive. But if you’ve already bought it, then there would be a double…

Well, if that’s the case then I can just wear it. As I thought, I should just buy it. It’s a design that even guys can wear without looking strange.

It’s not because I want to have a matching pair with you, in case you’re misunderstanding.

Ah, I’ll return later after having ramen, so please inform the Chairman that I won’t need dinner. If the Chairman gets upset and makes a disturbance, I’ll leave it to you.


4. Oshikari Voice (Scolding voice)

Mmm. It’ll be done soon.

Oh, it’s you. There’s just a little more before it’s done, so wait over there.

You say that you want to help with something… no, it’s fine. If you help out, it seems like things will become worse instead.

Ah! Okay, okay! Well, let’s make something simple then.

The meat in the frying pan over there lacks black vinegar. About 2 tablepoonfuls is fine… Hey! Wait! What you’re holding now is not black vinegar but brandy!

Ah… too late. Ah, it’s wrecked.

Hey, don’t you normally note what it is when you open the cap?

It can’t be helped. I’d thought of making Chinese cuisine today, but I’ll change it to French cuisine instead.

Hey be careful. The serving dish on the table over there is- ahhh! That plate is very expensive.

Ah… nothing, it’s ok. Calm down.

You’re not injured right? Good. Leaving that aside, there are pots piled up on the shelf behind, so be careful-!

I was just saying it, don’t mess up the kitchen. What have you been doing since just now? Look, the kitchen became such a mess in an instant. Seriously, I beg you, don’t cause me any more trouble.

Ah, first of all, let’s clear up the broken plate pieces.

Hey, you don’t have to do it, I’ll do it myself. It’s fine, so don’t touch it. If you cut your finger…

What’s wrong? You’re suddenly so quiet.

Hmm, I’m not angry. I had already expected something like this to happen when I let you help.

*Sigh* Look, you injured your hand again. I know your pattern of behaviour. Don’t overdo it; it’s foolish.

Your hand is so small and soft. Is it that my hand became bigger? *Sigh* Why are you turning red? I’m just joking, silly.

Because you did something unnecessary, the taste of the food is affected.

Wait. I’ll make you something delicious.

5. Sweet voice

So I ended up watching the sea at night with you.

Which reminds me, where is the Chairman, who brought us here?

Huh? He went back to the car first because it’s cold? Geez, he just does whatever he likes.

I thought we were just accompanying him to buy some stuff, but we ended up being forcibly taken by car to somewhere this far.

Well, it certainly might be a change of pace, as you said.

It’s quiet… you can only hear the sound of the waves. When you close your eyes it seems as though you’re in the sea.

It’d be great if I can stay like this. Forgetting everything about vampires and myself…

Ah, sorry, I didn’t mean to make you uneasy. While receiving blood from you, I was able to keep my sanity in some way or another, and yet I said something like this… I will never forget that I can’t escape the connection with vampires.

I’m fine, I’m not becoming discouraged.

You’re shivering. Are you feeling cold? It must be because we’ve been sitting here the whole time. Wear this; It’s my coat.

It’s fine, I don’t feel cold.

It’s okay, be obedient and put it on!

How’s it? You’re no longer cold? I see, that’s good.

What’s it? Tugging my sleeve so suddenly.

Eh? Looking at the dark sea, it feels like you will be swallowed up and so you’re scared.

What are you saying? You’re not a kid.

Ah, okay, okay. You’re not a kid. It’s ok, I’m beside you. As long as you don’t ask me to disappear before your eyes, I’ll be by your side. It’s thanks to you that I’m here today. To me, your existence is…

It’s nothing. Forget about it.

It’s almost time to head back to where the car is. Are you okay? Can you stand by yourself?

Don’t trip on the sand. Ah- Be careful! That’s why I said, be more careful. Geez, you really are a dangerous person. It can’t be helped.

Hey, why are you looking at my hand with that strange expression?

I’m holding your hand. It’s would be dangerous if you fell.

I don’t have any weird intention. It’s just that if you’re injured, the Night Class will be fussing over “the scent of blood”.

Hey, hurry and hold my hand. Let’s go.