Cross Academy Night Class – Track 4

Track 4 covers the whole of chapter 3 of the manga, though the order of some of the events were switched around.

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Main Drama “Cross Academy Night Class”
Track 4

On a cold winter night 4 years ago, I met Zero, whom the Chairman had brought back with him.

Chairman: Yuuki, this is Kiryuu Zero-kun. His parents had been killed by an evil vampire. Luckily I was able to save him. We’ll be looking after him from now on.

Yuuki: The bloodstained Zero did not say a single word, no matter what I said to him. I asked him one question after another while I personally took care of him. Why was I so careful with him? That’s because I thought that the boy standing before my eyes looked as though he would break if I didn’t do so.

Zero: Yuuki, hey, Yuuki.

Yuuki: Um…? What?

Zero: Stop dozing off! I’m leaving for prefect duty first. Come quickly after you’re done with the supplementary lesson.

Yuuki: I’d like to do so as well.

After 4 years, he’s become more talkative. But something seems wrong. Zero doesn’t look well today. He looks as pale as when I first met him 4 years ago.

Kaname: What an unexpected meeting, Kiryuu-kun. Yuuki’s not with you today?

Zero: She’s having supplementary lessons, Kuran-senpai.

Kaname: I see. Kiryuu-kun, how’s your physical condition?

Zero: Surely there’s no reason for you to worry?

Kaname: If that’s the case then it’s fine. Take care of yourself.

Chairman: Please come in.

Kaname: Sorry for disturbing. (What Kaname said exactly was 失礼します.)

Chaiman: Hi Kaname-kun. I had a feeling that you’d come.

Kaname: Chairman Cross, how long do you plan to keep Zero in the Day Class? He’s almost at his limit, and “that moment” is drawing near.

*Zero is in pain*

Shizuka: Does it hurt? Are you in pain? Your parents hunted my dear companion. This is retribution for that. Even though the Kiryuu family are famous vampire hunters, you’re no match for a pureblood like me.

Zero: What do you want? Night Class.

Aidou: Why does Kaname-sama allow your existence? Not only that, he also takes an interest in you. I don’t approve of this, descendant of the hunters!

Kain: Hanabusa, there should be a limit to your jealousy.

Aidou: Don’t interfere, Akatsuki.

Kain: If Kaname knows about it, he’ll get angry. Hey Kiryuu, keep your gun as well.

Zero: Don’t touch me, vampire.

*Zero slams Kain on the ground*

Kain: Ah?!

Aidou: That’s so uncool.

Kain: Shut up.

Zero: In short, all of you are using Kuran Kaname as an excuse to gang up on me together? Come on, vampires. I happen to be feeling irritated.

Shiki: Hey, so many vampires against 1 opponent?

Yuuki: Stop! Fighting is prohibited. Isn’t that written in the student handbook? Zero, you’re a prefect, what are you going to do if you break the school rules?!

Zero: It doesn’t matter; I will accept my punishment.

Yuuki: Zero and the Night Class, if you’re going to fight no matter what, as a prefect, you will have to take me as an opponent first.

Kain: Hanabusa, stop it already.

Aidou: You’re right. I’ve lost the motivation to fight anyway. Let’s return to class.

Yuuki: Zero, what are you doing? You’ve been acting strange recently.

Zero: Is that so?

Yuuki: Zero.

Zero: Don’t touch me! Leave me alone.

Yuuki: I’m being pushed away again?

Zero’s heart is one that cannot be entered. Even though I’ve been around him the whole time, Zero doesn’t trust me. But still…

Chairman: As I expected, Kaname-kun is the only one that I couldn’t fool. You’re certainly extraordinary. Having a lineage that has never been tainted by even a single drop of human blood; nowadays, this is rare amongst the vampires. You have inherited the abilities of the strong, ancient vampires. An existence that’s even feared by the other vampires. The vampire amongst the vampires. A pureblood. Thanks to you, the problematic Night Class is able to shape up nicely.

Kaname: Chairman Cross, I’ve avoided interfering with the situation so far because I trust you. However, even though you have taken some measures, you’re still treating Zero as a normal student. Do you want your ideal of pacifism to be destroyed by Zero?

Chairman: Kiryuu-kun’s parents were killed by vampires. He was the only one that was miraculously saved from that sea of blood. After all that, I can’t do anything cruel to him.

Kaname: But the one who attacked the Kiryuu family wasn’t a normal vampire. It was a pureblood like me.

*Zero is in pain*

Yuuki: Zero, please answer me. Zero!

Zero: Yuuki, don’t come over.

Yuuki: Zero?

Zero: Yuuki…

Yuuki: Zero? What’s wrong?!

Zero: Why did you come over? I said that I want to be alone…

Yuuki: Zero!

Zero: Don’t look!

Yuuki: Zero?

*Zero sucks Yuuki’s blood*

Yuuki: What? Zero! What- what’s going on? Zero, he’s drinking my blood… no, stop it!

Zero’s eyes are glowing with the colour of blood, and fangs are protruding from his lips.

Zero: Yuuki…

A beast who took the form of a human.

Kaname: A human bitten by a pureblood will became a vampire.

Chairman: I know, Kaname-kun. The one who drank Zero’s blood was not an ordinary vampire, but a pureblood.

Kaname: Humans bitten by purebloods have 2 fates. They die if a lethal dose of their blood is drunk. If they’re unlucky enough to survive, they are tormented by pain as they slowly turn into vampires. This is the magical power that other vampires do not have. For someone who was originally a human to keep fighting against the strong instincts of a vampire for 4 years, his inner strength is worth respecting.

Yuuki: Zero, why…

Zero: Sorry.

Yuuki: Zero is… a vampire…?