LaLa Premium Drama CD

The questions you’ve always wanted to ask Zero and Kaname – all answered here!
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LaLa プレミアム♥ドラマCD
Lala Premium Drama CD (May 2008)

“Interview with the 2 Great Heroes of Cross Academy

黒主優姫:堀江由衣     錐生零:宮野真守     玖蘭枢:岸尾だいすけ

Zero: LaLa May issue furoku

Kaname: Premium Drama CD – Vampire Knight

Yuuki: Interview with the 2 great heroes of Cross Academy?

Kaname: Yuuki…

Yuuki: Kaname… senpai.

Kaname: It’s been a long time since I’ve spent time together with you leisurely in the same room like this, because various things have happened.

Yuuki: Kaname-senpai, erm…

Kaname: You don’t have to feel embarrassed. There’s no one else here except the 2 of us.

Yuuki: Kaname… senpai…

*door opens*

Yuuki: Heh! Ah!

Kaname: Yuuki…

Yuuki: Eh?

Kaname: A moment ago, even though it was just for a moment, I felt something irritating standing in front of the door. I hope it was just my imagination.

Yuuki: That irritating thing you’re talking about is Zero, Kaname-senpai.

Kaname: *sigh* I see. So it wasn’t my imagination.

Yuuki: Hey, Zero! Kaname-senpai, please wait for a while.

*Yuuki leaves the room*

Yuuki: Zero! Wait up, Zero!

Zero: *sigh* Yuuki.

Yuuki: Why did you walk off?

Zero: Because I saw something irritating.

Yuuki: Eh! The 2 of you said the same thing. The both of you are on the same wavelength only when it comes to things like this.

Zero: Hey! What are you doing! Let go! Don’t pull!

Yuuki: Taking by force!

*Yuuki drags Zero back*

Yuuki: Kaname-senpai, thanks for waiting!

Kaname: Well, Kiryuu-kun, good evening.

Zero: Kuran-senpai, you’re looking good.

Kaname: Thank you. You also seem well.

Yuuki: Wh- for some reason, the atmosphere suddenly became heavy.

Kaname: Hmm? Yuuki, would you tell me why Kiryuu-kun is appearing before my eyes?

Yuuki: That’s because I need to write an article for the school newspaper.

Kaname: School newspaper?

Zero: Article?

Yuuki: As a special project of the school newspaper, I wanted to interview the 2 of you, who are celebrities in school, so I asked you here. Even though the reasons are different, the 2 of them nevertheless attract the attention of the students. But of all things, why this combination?! The article is in a dreadful state right now, but well, let’s forget about that, and for now, this! Please answer the questions from everyone in the school.

Kaname: Yuuki, you’re not part of the newspaper club, so why are you doing something like this?

Yuuki: That’s because… er, well, there are various reasons… um, well, but none of these matter, right? … Zero?

Zero: I’m not doing it.

Yuuki: To say that you’re not doing it just like that…

Kaname: *sigh* It’s fine with me. Thanks to that, *sparkle* I can slowly look at Yuuki’s face.

Yuuki: Ka- Kaname-senpai.

Zero: I just felt an unpleasant chill, as though there was a worm crawling up my back.

Kaname: Kiryuu-kun, could you have caught a cold? You’d better return and take a nap. Yuuki, let him leave. You don’t have to force yourself to come.

Yuuki: B- but!

Zero: Yuuki, tell Kuran-senpai that I thank him for his concern. After all that he said, I’d better not leave. I’d be done for if I need Kaname-senpai to look out for me.

Yuuki: Umm… don’t make me the messenger…

Yuuki: Umm, since I’ve gotten both your consent (did I?), the interview shall be in the format where you answer question from the students. Well then, let’s begin immediately!

Yuuki: The first question to the both of you is from a girl from the Day Class, who wishes to remain anonymous. As the prefect and Dorm Leader, what are the difficult things you have to deal with, and what troubles do you have?

Zero: Nothing in particular.

Yuuki: Umm… as I had expected. Well, how about Kaname-senpai?

Kaname: I haven’t encountered a single difficulty as the Dorm Leader. The dorm residents don’t break the school rules, and there are also no problem students. The Vice Dorm President and the other students have been very cooperative. I’m always truly thankful to them.

Zero: Trying to act cool.

Yuuki: As one would expect, everyone from Cross Academy’s Night Class is an elite group. Erm… let’s proceed with the next question. *flips to the next question* Please tell us your favourite colour and the reason for it. This question is from the Night Class’ Aidou-senpai to Kaname-senpai, but Zero should answer too.

Zero: Aidou-senpai… why such a question in such a situation?

Kaname: Yuuki likes Pink, right?

Yuuki: Ah, yes. Pink and… also… blue I guess?

Kaname: I also like pink. The reason is because it’s Yuuki’s favourite colour.

Yuuki: Ka… Kaname… senpai… Zero! You scared me by suddenly standing up!

Zero: *sigh* I felt a repulsive chill again.

Yuuki: Um, well, pull yourself together. What’s Zero’s favourite colour?

Zero: Blue.

Yuuki: The reason?

Zero: There’s none.

Kaname: *laugh* How untruthful.

Zero: What do you mean?

Kaname: Nothing.

Yuuki: Umm… the next question is from the Night Class’ Aidou-senpai to Kaname-senpai. Again? Let’s ask a question from someone else. The next question is… EH!

Kaname: What’s wrong? Yuuki.

Zero: Could it be…

Yuuki: Wah, everything in this bundle are questions from Aidou-senpai to Kaname-senpai!

Zero: Favourite animal, favourite flower, favourite place, favourite clothing, favourite underwear material?! He really likes you, Kuran-senpai.

Kaname: Thank you, Yuuki. That’s enough. Could you tear those and throw them away?

Zero: Please do it yourself.

Yuuki: Er- erm… let’s ask another question. Erm… From someone in the Day Class who wishes to remain anonymous, Shindou-san- Ah! I said it by accident. What’s your favourite food? Ah, it’s Shio ramen for Zero, right?

Zero: Um. Um… right.

Yuuki: It’s delicious. Kaname-senpai, won’t you go with me next time? Delicious Shio ramen. Ah! Ah- ah- I guess you don’t get things like ramen. It doesn’t suit you, Kaname-senpai.

Kaname: That’s not true.

Yuuki: Eh- no, Kaname-senpai shouldn’t eat the things that commoners do. Names with “ru”, “ara”, “ho” and such are not gourmet food.

Zero: Ichijou-senpai said that you’re into narazuke (vegetables pickled in sake lees) recently.

Yuuki: Do you like narazuke? Kaname-senpai.

Kaname: No, what I like is… Yuuki.

Zero: That’s impossible; what are you saying in such a situation?

Kaname: I meant organic vegetables. (The japanese word for organic is 有機, which sounds the same as Yuuki.) Is there any problem?

Zero: Ah!

Yuuki: Organic… vegetables…

Kaname: I have sensitive taste. Normal vegetables taste of pesticides.

Zero: But you seem like you’d eat them as though they were nutritious, even if they contained pesticides.

Kaname: I’m envious of people who are slow. Even if there’s poison added to their Shio ramen, they would surely not notice and eat it as though it’s delicious.

Zero: Are you planning on adding it (poison)?

Kaname: No way. I wouldn’t do such a thing even if I felt like it. Because (killing you) is simple.

Yuuki: Erm… Er…

Kaname: Sorry, I made things difficult for Yuuki. That was merely an example.

Yuuki: Ah, eh, let’s have tea to change the mood.

*Yuuki makes tea*

Yuuki: *sigh* Ahhh… I feel somewhat relaxed. Having tea really is a form of enjoyment. Ha! The tea stalk is standing. (A tea stalk floating erect in the cup is an auspicious sign.) It would have been good if I had bought tea cakes… ah… ah! What’s with the 2 of you? Sitting there idly.

Zero: *sigh* This is the first time I’ve seen someone who calms down by drinking tea all by herself.

Yuuki: Ah! HAA!

Kaname: Yuuki, you must be tired.

Yuuki: Rather than that, I’m nervous to the max. Please wait. *makes tea* Well, here you go.

*Zero and Kaname drink their tea*

Zero: *sigh*

Yuuki: Well, since we’ve settled down, let’s continue. A question from the Night Class’

Ichijou-senpai: If both your positions were swapped, what would you want to do?

Zero: Huh? I don’t event want to think about it.

Kaname: It might be good. If that happens, I can always be near Yuuki.

Yuuki: Kaname-senpai… please answer seriously.

Kaname: Seriously? Well then… it impossible, and I don’t want to think about it either.

Yuuki: Both of you had the same opinion, even though it was really negative. Continuing with the next question from a girl in the Day Class: What type of girls do you like?

Zero: Why must I answer such a question?

Yuuki: Even if you ask me something like this…

Kaname: We musn’t put Yuuki on the spot. The type that I like is… that’s right, a sweet girl who would wait for me in the snow if she knows that I’m coming, no matter how many hours it takes.

Yuuki: Kaname…senpai… That is…

Kaname: Ah… sorry, I just happened to recall something from the past.

Yuuki: Ah, it’s okay… how about Zero?

Zero: For me…

Yuuki: Zero?

Zero: My first love was someone older and adult-like.

Kaname: Heh… was her figure good?

Zero: Um.

Yuuki: Umm, in any case, I’m flat-chested.

Kaname: Yuuki is perfectly adorable the way you are now.

Yuuki: Er- erm… Let’s move on. *flips though the questions* Next is a question from an anonymous girl in the Night Class. Do you have a girl that you like? Eh, what a sensitive question, even the me who’s asking the question can’t decide whether I want to know the answer.

Zero: Can I go back?

Kaname: Must you ask such a question in this situation?

Yuuki: Both of you, please wait! The next question is the last one, so please sit down!

*Both Zero and Kaname sit down*

Yuuki: This is not a question to the both of you, but something the both of you must do, as requested by the newspaper club, for the special feature of the interview… eh!

Kaname: Yuuki? What’s the matter?

Yuuki: Please let us listen an enjoyable conversation that’s overflowing with friendship between the 2 of you!

Zero: What’s with this?!

Kaname: I think this is impossible no matter what the circumstances are. There’s no friendship between us, and it can’t be enjoyable.

Yuuki: Well, whatever you do is fine, even if it’s acting, so please. Well then, the forcibly carried out conversation between the 2 of you starts from now! Switch on!


Yuuki: Ooo!


Yuuki: What? This heavy silence that seems like it will last forever… Erm… I can’t hear the conversation.

Zero: That’s because we’re not talking. It’d be strange if you heard something.

Yuuki: Talk! Anything is fine.

Zero: We don’t exactly have anything to talk about.

Yuuki: What!

Kaname: *sigh* I get it, Yuuki.

Yuuki: Kaname-senpai!

Kaname: We musn’t make things difficult for Yuuki anymore. Don’t you also think so, Kiryuu-kun? Well, though it can’t be helped if you’re not going to do it no matter what.

Zero: I get it.

Yuuki: Well then, the conversation starts again!

Kaname: Today, I saw stars twinkling when I looked up at the sky after leaving the dorm.

Zero: Even so, what about it?

Kaname: Looking at the cute, twinkling stars, I suddenly remembered a girl.

Zero: Surely you’re not going to talk about the girl you like here.

Kaname: Hey, there’s surely no reason for me to talk about something like this.

Zero: But it seems fairly likely that you’ll say it.

Yuuki: What’s with this meaningless, boring conversation.

Kaname: School Newspaper Club. (学園新聞部。/Gakuen shinbunbu.)

Zero: Club member… club activity. (部員・・・部活。/Buin… Bugatsu.)

Yuuki: Could they be playing Shiritori? (Shiritori is a word game where someone starts by saying a word, and the next person has to say a new word that begins with the last kana of the previous one.)


Yuuki: Kaname-sama isn’t continuing. He hasn’t thought of the next word?

Kaname: At times when things are tough…

Yuuki: He continued.

Kaname: … I always search for something/someone… (The last kana of the sentence is “ru”.)

Yuuki: “Ru”? He stopped with “ru”? Moreover, it’s in the middle of the sentence. (They’re not following the standard rules here. Sentences are normally not allowed.)

Zero: “Ru”? I wonder what’s with that. (The last kana here is “ne”.)

Yuuki: That’s how he’s continuing? The next is “ne”. It’s really going to become a word-chain game!

Kaname: Cats are cute. (From this point on, the last kana of every sentence said is “ne”, and to continue the chain, the next person speaking always starts of with “neko”, which means cat.)

Yuuki: !!!

Zero: Cats, are they cute?

Yuuki: Huh!

Kaname: Don’t you like cats? You seem to like them.

Zero: Do I seem like I like cats so much?

Kaname: I think the truth is that you like cats very much. I don’t understand why you have to hide that fact.

Zero: Cats.

Kaname: Cats?

Zero: Cats are… really…

Yuuki: Ahhhh, stop it already! The 2 of you are just talking meaninglessly about cats.

Kaname: That’s great, Yuuki, letting us stop. I feel a little dizzy once I think about having to continuing like that.

Zero: But it’s good this way. If we didn’t play shiritori, then displeasure would be shown through my thoughts and voice. I wouldn’t be able to have a conversation with this fellow- ah- no- Kuran-senpai in that case.

Yuuki: Let’s leave the shiritori conversation between the 2 of you behind. The interview ends here. Hmm? What’s on this paper. *reads* Ah?

Kaname: Yuuki? What’s this.

Zero: Vampire Knight

Kaname: Is becoming an anime.

Yuuki: Please support us! Hmm?

Kaname: I wonder what’s this about.

Yuuki: Even though I don’t quite get it, well, it doesn’t matter. With this, we’ve really come to the end. Thank you for today.

Kaname: I’m a little tired, because of Kiryuu-kun.

Zero: Me too. Because of Kuran-senpai.

Kaname: Um… so it’s like that…

YuukI: The 2 of you! Enough!

Kaname: Yuuki, you’ll become bald if you get too angry.

Yuuki: EH?!

Zero: Don’t ever accept a questionnaire again.

Yuuku: Ah, but!

Kaname: Even if you become bald, you’ll still…