Cross Academy Night Class – Track 2

Track 2 continues from where track 1 left off, which is the later part of chapter 1.
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Main Drama “Cross Academy Night Class”
Track 2

Yuuki: Ah, supplementary lessons again?

Yori: It must be tough, always having to stay out all night and only coming back in the morning. Sleeping while in class. It’s as if you’re a vampire.

Yuuki: Ah, you believe it? That vampires exist.

Yori: No way, there’s no reason why they should exist. I was just joking.

Yuuki: That’s right. Ah, hey, Yori-chan, let’s go for the supplementary lesson together. It’s boring with just Zero.

Yori: Isn’t that good? The both of you have a good relationship.

Yuuki: As if! Zero is petty, gets angry easily, and is intolerant of others.

Zero: Yuuki, I can hear you.

Yuuki: I said it for you to hear.

Yori: See you.

Yuuki: Ah, Yori-chan.

Yori: You’re the only one that can get along with him. Look, if you’re going to continue to be slow… Night is coming.

Teacher: Ladies and gentlemen, the effectiveness of the blood tablets newly developed by our Night Class has been recognised throughout the world. We are the pride of the school and the vampire race.

Aidou: It’s not a big deal. That was just a group study.

Ichijou: This environment in which we are able to coexist with humans has given us a great help in making this development. Right, Kaname?

Kaname: That’s right. We have the Chairman to thank for letting us study in this school.

Yuuki: Kaname-senpai.

Zero: Is your hero Kuran Kaname is also doing well tonight?

Yuuki: I- I- I wasn’t looking at Kaname-senpai in particular. Good, everyone from the Night Class is well-behaved tonight. There’s also no one from the Day Class walking around. A quiet and peaceful night. There isn’t any disturbance to the order within the school.

Zero: Even though the Chairman said that the members of the Night Class endorse pacifism and seem like good vampires, I don’t believe it. I won’t let my guard down.

Yuuki: If this is how you think, why are you helping the Chairman?

Zero: I’ve said it before. This is for the sake of discovering the most efficient way to bring down these beasts who take the form of humans. I’m going inside to patrol.

4 years ago, Zero was brought here.

Chairman: This child is Kiryuu Zero-kun. Yuuki, this child’s family was killed by an evil vampire.

Looking at Zero’s profile, I saw hatred in his face. I understood that not all vampires were gentle. The parents that I have no recollection of might also have been attacked by vampires.

Female student 1: Ah!

Female student 2: Are you okay? Can you walk?

Yuuki: Geez, students from the Day Class who are walking around, discovered. The both of you, give me your class and your names!

Female student 1: Ah, prefect.

Yuuki: It is prohibited to leave the dorm at night! It’s dangerous at night; Hurry and return to your dorms!

Female student 2: We came to take photos of the Night Class. Just a few will be enough.

Yuuki: Ah, you’re injured? It’s bad to be bleeding now! Hurry and return to your dorms!

Female student 2: What, stop pushing!

Yuuki: Hurry- Who’s that!

Kain: How scary… as one would expect from the Chairman’s training.

Female student 1: Eh, Night Class… Kain Akatsuki-senpai! Aidou Hanabusa-senpai!

Female student 2: No way…

Aidou: Ah, we only came to take a look because there was a scent of blood. To attack us all of a sudden, it’s cruel, Yuuki-chan. Honestly… We just came to see what was going on without any hidden intention. Ah, what a good smell.

Female student 1: Ah, he said we smell nice!

Female student 2: What shall we do, what shall we do?

Aidou: Ah, the scent of delicious blood.

Female students: Eh?

Yuuki: Aidou-senpai, if you dare lay a finger on these girls, I’ll punish you!

Aidou: Your hand, you grazed it?

Yuuki: Darn it! When I swung down from the tree earlier…

Aidou: The good scent that I was talking about is your blood, Yuuki-chan.

Yuuki: Well thanks! Ah, I can’t move… His strength is too great!

Aidou: It’s awfully tempting.

Female student 2: Fangs? Vampire?!

Female student 1: No way, how can such a thing exist?

Yuuki: Senpai, stop it. Aidou-senpai!

Aidou: Your blood, I want more. Yuuki-chan, can I take it from your neck?

*The 2 girls fainted.*

Yuuki: No- No way. I can’t give it to you!

Aidou: Don’t say such unfeeling things.

Yuuki: Aidou-senpai!

Zero: Are you getting drunk in the aroma of blood and losing yourself? Vampire.

Yuuki: Zero! Don’t shoot!

Zero: Drinking of blood is a prohibited act within the school.

Aidou: That’s right. But I’ve already had a taste.


Yuuki: Idiot! Why did you shoot!

Aidou: That frightened me!

Kain: Whoa! That hit the tree right on the mark.

Kaname: Kiryuu-kun. That gun, “Bloody Rose”, can you keep it?

Yuuki: Kaname-senpai.

Kaname: Because that’s a threat to us. Also, I will take charge of this fool while he awaits his punishment from the Chairman.

Aidou: Dorm leader Kuran…

Kaname: Is that okay, Kiryuu-kun?

Zero: Please take him with you, Kuran-senpai.

Kaname: Thank you. Kain, why didn’t you stop Aidou?

Kain: Eh? Ah… well…

Kaname: You’re equally guilty.

Kain: Yes.

Kaname: Yuuki, what shall we do about these 2 Day Class students that fainted?

Yuuki: Ah, yes. I’ll ask the Chairman to erase their memories of tonight. Even though it’s pitiable.

Kaname: Okay. Well, I’ll leave the rest to you. Sorry if it brought back any scary thoughts… Yuuki.

Yuuki: Nope! It was just a small bite. Everything’s fine.

Kaname: Well then.

Yuuki: Kaname-senpai is certainly different.

Zero: Hey, lend me your hand.

Yuuki: Eh?

Zero: I’ll wrap up your wound.

Yuuki: It’s ok. It’s just a scratch. Ah, seriously, you’re pushy.

Zero: Let’s leave quickly. This place is filled with the smell of blood, and it gives me a bad feeling. The fact that those guys like this sort of scent is proof that they are beasts.

Kaname: 10 days of suspension?

Aidou: Yes. But it was worth it, Yuuki’s blood.

Kain: You…

Aidou: I don’t think I can live on tablets alone. I can’t resist the scent of her blood. I couldn’t help it.


Kaname: You couldn’t help it?

Aidou: Sorry.

This is Cross Academy, where the Day Class and the Night Class coexist. The ordinary students in the Day Class don’t know that everyone in the Night Class are vampires. Also… there’s another secret in this school that I didn’t know.