Night Class Interview – Shiki Senri

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おまけドラマ「夜間部個人面談」 – 支葵千里
Omake Drama “Night Class Interview” – Shiki Senri

Cast: 支葵千里:保志総一朗 黒主理事長:子安武人

Chairman: Well then, Shiki Senri-kun. Do you have a friend?

Shiki: Friend… Rima. We talk a lot.

Chairman: Oh! The one with the ponytails. I like her because she speaks frankly.

Shiki: Lolicon.

Chairman: Hmm? What?

Shiki: Nothing. After me it’s Ichijou-san. He’s kind, so I like him.

Chairman: Ah… Hm Hm Hm Hm. How about Kuran-kun?

Shiki: I only watch him from far, because I would be ruined if I were to become completely absorbed in him. Somehow… it seems that it’ll be tiring. I don’t like to be tired.

Chairman: Is school life unenjoyable?

Shiki: It’s more boring than I thought.

Chairman: Vooniao~

Shiki: What are you doing?

Chairman: What? A transformation.

Shiki: It’s not very good.

Chairman: How can I make Shiki-kun enjoy himself?

Shiki: Rather than sleeping a lot, I prefer listening to a joke after a good sleep. I never get sick of it.

Chairman: Eh, for example?

Shiki: Rakugo. It’s interesting, though I was influenced by Ichijou san. Even though Rima said that it wasn’t to her taste, I still recommend it. (Rakugo is a Japanese sit-down comedy.)

Chairman: Eh! Do you laugh when you’re listening to Rakugo?

Shiki: Eh? Is that something funny?! Having said that, Ichijou san laughed when he was listening.

Chairman: What must I do to make you laugh, I wonder?

Shiki: Well, I’ve almost never laughed since the day I was born, so…

Chairman: Heh~