A day with the girls

This track is set in recent times, after Yuuki had found out her true identity and is living with Kaname. She runs into Ruka and Rima on (what I presume is) a winter day, and they end up having a girl’s talk.

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Track 3
Omake Drama “A day with the girls”

Ruka: Ah. Ah~ It’s great that the sun sets early during this season.

Rima: Um. Ah, Ruka, this chocolate is good. Have one.

Ruka: Thanks. Hmm?

Rima: What’s wrong?

Ruka: The one walking along the street right now… could it be-

Rima: Hmm?

Ruka: Ah, shop assistant-san, I’m borrowing the tablecloth over here for a while.

Yuuki: A certain day with the girls

Yuuki: Mmm~ Ah, the pies in this shop look delicious! Wow, they smell good! Ah, if I buy some back as presents, will he (Kaname) be happy and not punish me anymore? Huh? Oh, right! My wallet’s not with me! Aidou-senpai, where are you? Aidou-senpai! The shop will close. Ah, at any rate, the pies look delicious!

Ruka: Got you~~~!

Yuuki: *scream* What’s this, cloth?

Rika: Successfully captured.

Rima: Eh? Unbelievable. Being totally engrossed by the food in front of you; isn’t that being too unalert?

Ruka: Rima, hold the other end.

Rima: Got it.

Yuuki: That voice, ah… could it be…

Rima: Don’t struggle; it’s embarassing.

Ruka: Okay. Let’s move it.

*Ruka and Rima carry Yuuki into the shop*

Ruka: How shameful. As a pureblood, you should be more… Why are you tottering around alone? What’s your guardian doing? How can he neglect his duties. Well, let’s listen to your explanation.  Ah, shop assistant-san, please give me another cup of black tea.

Yuuki: I’ll have a café au lait and umm… this pie that’s stuffed with fruits, this springy honey roll cake and this parfait topped with pudding, and also…

Rima: I’ll have a coffee. Doesn’t anyone provide this person with food?

Yuuki: Huh?

Ruka: That’s impossible.

Yuuki: S-sorry. I just have an extra stomach for dessert. Ah, I won’t escape, so please don’t be so precautious.

Ruka: And then? Surely Kaname-sama wouldn’t send you out to town alone.

Rima: He’s overprotective to a fault.

Ruka: W-wait, Rima?

Yuuki: It’s okay, I also think he’s overprotective to a fault.

Ruka: S-stop! Saying things like that…

Yuuki: But it’s the truth.

Rima: Ruka should also wake up to reality soon.

Ruka: But for someone I’ve dreamed of for a long time… it’s difficult…

Rima: I understand that.

Ruka: Even I sometimes think “As might be expected, this person is a little…”. Ah! What did I say?! This must be absolutely kept secret! Okay? Okay?

Rima: Okay, okay.

Yuuki: Umm… can we return to the original topic?

Ruka: Ah-ah-eh… of course.

Yuuki: It’s certainly impossible (to go out alone) if he’s at home. But recently, I’ve mastered the skill of breaking the trap set by Onii-sama to prevent me from going out.

Ruka: And after you’ve broken the trap, without any debate, Hanabusa became your going out companion.

Rima: But you two got separated.

Yuuki: Ah, that’s right. I lost sight of Aidou-senpai without even noticing. Aidou-senpai is the one who brought money, and just when I was at a loss in front of the pie shop with delicious-looking pies, I was found by the 2 of you. The both of you really saved me!

Rima: How incompetent, Aidou-san.

Ruka: Don’t say that, Rima. Hanabusa is trying his best. The one at fault is…

Yuuki: Eh… Y-yes, it’s me.

Ruka: *sigh* No.

Yuuki: Eh?

Ruka: It’s Kaname-sama! Even though he’s such a S (sadist) leader, he’s too soft when it comes to training people. He should be more… like… “snap”… “snap”! It’s because he does not follow through when things are amiss that things become like this. (Basically what Ruka is saying that Kaname should be tougher with people.)

Yuuki: Eh?

Rima: Ruka, your eyes are scary.

Ruka: Ah! Ah- what did I just… don’t mind me.

Rima: At any rate, where did your companion Aidou-san go?

Ruka: *sigh* Hanabusa must be lost now.

Rima: That’s likely.

Ruka: He’s useless during crucial times.

Yuuki: Eh… Aidou-senpai…

Ruka: Kaname-sama as well. Of all people, why did he let Hanabusa accompany you. There’s something called “the right person in the right place”. Moreover, if he’s worried about you, he can just hurry back after he’s completing his tasks.

Yuuki: Ru… Ruka-san?

Ruka: Thoughtlessly and recklessly pushing people too hard. Even when he clearly knows their limits and still pushes them, he shouldn’t make them do something unreasonable! I see… he’s using that carrot and stick policy… (Carrot and stick is an idiom that refers to a policy of offering a combination of rewards and punishment to induce behavior.)

Yuuki: Ruka-san… are you by some chance drunk on black tea?

Ruka: When those eyes are looking at you, anything you say is useless! Because he knows that perfectly well, he utilises it to the maximum! That ill-natured, warped and twisted pureblood!

*whistle blows*

Rima: That’s enough, Ruka. If you say anymore, the next time you’ll be the one carrying a bucket on your head and standing in the corridor.

Ruka: *gasping for breath*

Yuuki: Bucket… it’s hard on you senpai as well…

Ruka: Thank you, Rima. I seem to have gone to the dark side for a while.

Rima: It’s good that you’re back.

Yuuki: Erm… What I’m going to say might be a bit….  but that person of mine has truly caused you trouble…

Ruka: It’s okay, it’s not your fault.

Rima: From now on, little by little, you just have to remember how to handle him.

Yuuki: Handle him? I see.

Ruka: That’s right! Hey, shall we have a cake party today?

Rima: Eating to feel better. Mmm. That’s good too.

Yuuki: Is it okay?

Rima: Ah. Sure. Go ahead. You sure eat a lot.

Yuuki: Ah, excuse me~ I’d like to order more. Umm… it’s too much trouble (to decide), so I’ll just have one of everything please!

Rima: I’m relieved. Ruka, looks like you’ve snapped out of it.

Ruka: Eh, that’s true. It’s probably because there’s someone beside me who presence alone is comforting.

Rima: Un~ you say it nicely.

Ruka: Ah Rima, you’ve got it wrong. I didn’t mean anything in particular.

Rima: Um. Um.

Ruka: Ah- *clears throat* Don’t just listen; join in the conversation.  I want to listen to your gossips.

Rima: Um, it seems interesting.

Yuuki: Interesting gossips… is it? Ah.. I’ve recently realised that… or rather, I was shown that… my Onii-sama is… umm… both a S and a M…

Ruka: Um, I knew that.

Rima: I suprised that you didn’t realise it before.

Yuuki: Which reminds me, Ruka-san. Many students in the academy, not just the Day Class boys but also the girls, look up to you as their Onee-sama (sister).  It’s causing me a lot of trouble as a prefect.

Ruka: Is that so?

Yuuki: Amongst them is someone named Kageyama Kasumi, who’s the chairperson of my class. He’s your number 1 fan and truly sees you as his life. Ah- he’s the one that always cheers the loudest for you.

Ruka: Who’s that?

Rima: Ah, that person.

Ruka: Which one? I don’t remember…

Yuuki: (Class) Chairman… Ah, it’s here! The cake…

Ruka: I’m eating this.

Yuuki: Ah, that one is-!

Rima: Okay, okay, don’t fight.

Rima: Hmm?

*Aidou runs into the shop*

Aidou: *pants* You! Do you think it’s okay even if I get killed?!

Yuuki: Sorry~!

Ruka: Stop it, you’ll bother others.

Yuuki: Ah, but look!

Aidou: Huh?

Yuuki: Cake~! Don’t you think that we’ll be forgiven if we bring all these back as presents? (Yuuki then says something here which I don’t understand.)

Aidou: That’s impossible…

Yuuki: I guess so.

Ruka: Kaname-sama is not you.

Rima: Good luck with the 2 of you going back and receiving your punishment.

Yuuki: Right…

Aidou: As I had expected, it ended up like that…