Situation Voice CD – Shiki Senri

ヴァンパイア騎士DS Voice CD (シチュエーションボイスCD)
Vampire Knight DS Voice CD
(Situation Voice CD)

Tracks 26-30

1. Itterasshai (See you)

You’re always full of energy.

Where are you going? Isn’t it still night?

What am I doing?

Making an observation.

The book I borrowed from Ichijou-san wrote about Diamond Dust. After asking Ichijou-san, he said that I might be able to see them today, so I’m waiting.

You’ve never seen Diamond Dust before? It certainly is a rare phenomenon.

Days where the temperature drops below minus 10 degrees are rare.

Hang on a bit more. You won’t catch a cold.

*Yawn* However, after seeing you, I feel somewhat relieved. I’ll stop waiting for the Diamond Dust and go to bed.

See you then.

2. Okaeri (Welcome back)

Oh, you’re returning now?

Welcome back… is it weird to say that? Since I also just returned.

Yes, work. I’m tired because today’s photo shoot took longer than expected. I can’t settle down.

What’s wrong? It’s awkward?

Hmm? But I don’t feel that way. I don’t dislike being with you, and I don’t get tired of seeing you.

Your face turns red when I stare at you, and it’s interesting.

Mmm? Why are you walking away so hurriedly? Weird.

I really don’t get tired of looking at you.

3. Rusuden (Answering machine)

I’m out right now. Please leave your message within 60 seconds after the beep.


Hello, it’s me. You’re away?

Ichijou-san said that you wanted me to return your call as soon as possible.

Ah, I won’t get any reply from this. (Referring to the answering machine.)

Are you really not around? I also have something I want to ask you. It’s troublesome this way and I want to speak to you directly, so give me a call. I’ll be sleeping in my room.

Well then, see you later.

4. Oshikari Voice (Scolding voice)

Hey, you’re not done yet?

For the dress that you’re wearing to the dance, won’t anything be fine? Say, something simple.

You’re asking me to choose? What a bother. Pastel coloured clothing is adult-like, so how about a full-length dress (in pastel colours).

Eh? Something that exudes a little sexiness within cuteness, but also showing elegance will do? Something casual would be good?

It’s impossible to have everything. It would be fine to just look for a dress that suits you.

I think a cute dress would suit you. How about this and this?

What a loud noise, despite that she’s just trying on clothes.

I’m opening the curtain.

It’s nothing embarrassing. If I don’t see then I won’t be able to know.

Hmm, well, it really suits you. But the shoes are a disaster. Why are you wearing sneakers? Where are the mules that I prepared?

You’re worried about the heels being too high?

But wearing sneakers to a dance is… something unheard of.

Since it can’t be helped, I’ll look for something with a low heel. Try on the second dress.

Have you already worn it? I’m opening the curtain.

Why are you wearing a T-shirt underneath?

Eh? It’s too revealing and you don’t have the self-confidence to wear it?

Ahh, I should just go back. Don’t pull; fine, I get it.

Ahh, it’s too troublesome. Wear whatever I choose.

This dress, this pair of sandals, and put half of your hair up. For make-up, leave your eyes as they are, and put on some champagne pink.

Hmm? Why are you laughing?

It’s nothing? You’re weird.

I’m tired.

5. Sweet voice

What’s the matter? It’s surprising for you to come to the library.

Eh? You were looking for me? But we didn’t make any arrangement to meet.

And why is your face red? Don’t stand; Come over here.

Wait, I’ll finish reading this book in a moment. If you’re bored, you can also read. There’s no one else except us tonight, so we can take our time.

What are you doing? You’re clumsy.

This book, “Mordern Rationalism”? So you read something this difficult.

You only took it by chance, and you have no interest in it?

As I thought. You don’t seem like the type.

How about reading together then? I have a book that Ichijou-san recommended. This one, “7 strange things that really happened in school”.

Eh? You don’t want to read scary stories while in school at night?

Mmm, I see. How about this? “Fairytales of the world”.

Eh? I’m treating you like a child?

I’m not. I just thought that it suits you.

Long, long ago, in a certain place…

Ah, it’s so late, yet we’re not being quiet in the library. Come closer, I’ll speak softly.

Long, long ago, in a certain place, there lived a beautiful princess. The beautiful princess had a spell cast on her by an evil witch.

Hmm? What’s wrong? You heart is racing and you’re breathless. Could you be sick?

Do you want to lie down? You can rest your head my knees.

You’re already fine?

Ichijou-san said that the sick must rest. Take it easy. Rest your head on my knees.

Yes, like this. Take slow, deep breaths. How is it? Are you feeling a little better?