DVD 5 Special Drama CD

This translation was done by Claudia, so all credit goes to her. Please do not copy and paste this translation elsewhere unless you have permission from her.

This drama is likely inspired from the omake at the end of chapter 31, where the Chairman, Zero and Yuuki go off to a tropical island. Chairman Cross says that he’ll bring Kaname along the next time, and interestingly, Kaname appears on the island in this drama CD.

ヴァンパイア騎士 DVD第5巻スペシャルドラマCD
Vampire Knight DVD 5 Special Drama CD (November 2008)

The island of eternal summer ・ The terror of midday

Shiroihana’s translator note: I provide this ‘as is’. I just hope for people to enjoy what they can even if it’s not perfect. So this is a mix of translation and summary since my Japanese language skills aren’t the best ever. Thanks also to Yoru wo kakeru for publishing the dramas and allowing us all to share!! I enjoyed doing this because it turned out much funnier than I expected the story to be. Have fun!

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This is the follow up/sequel of the Vampire Knight Season2 DVD1 Special Drama CD1

I translated/summarized before. See here for the translation: http://shiroihanabira.livejournal.com/605.html. Please visit Yoru wo kakeru’s website for the audio file! If you haven’t listened to it yet, I strongly suggest that you stop reading and do it right now. For those who have done it already, keep reading and enjoy! Aidou is hilarious in this one!!

Title: “tokonatsu no shima” is an “all-year-round-summer island” or “island of the eternal summer”. I shall call it “summer island” from now on!!

The Story so far

Last time, Kaname-sama probably realized, by looking at the pictures (see Special Drama CD1), that each year the Cross family would visit a tropical island in the south of Japan. Therefore, Kaname-sama must have wanted to be a part of it for once and since the Night Class was deciding where to go for a vacation, he took the opportunity and imposed his choice! He he! And then between the first and this second drama, he made plans to go at the same time as the Cross family without telling the Night Class students. Why isn’t he sneaky! ; ) All to be near Yuuki! How cute!!

It also relates to the manga because there are some bonus pages at the end of a chapter about the Cross family going on a vacation and forgetting that Zero would have a hard time on the beach. Yuuki and Kaien were looking for mangoes and got lost while Zero had a hard time looking for them. Then he collapsed and they realized it wasn’t such a good idea to bring a vampire to the sea under the blazing sun. I don’t remember in which chapter it was though. But it all means they kept the story canon in a way! ^_^

Aidou: Where are we going for our vacation? [We made presentations for Kaname-sama.] Why did Kaname-sama not choose any of our presentation’s idea and decided to go to an all-year-round summer island?

-Plane taking off-

Aidou: (I don’t really know but since we’re vampires, how come we’re going to that type of island?)

Vampire Knight Drama CD. The island of eternal summer. The terror of midday!

Aidou: All right! We’re away from home. [It’s great because I can be of use and get closer to Kaname-sama].

-Proud laugh-

Aidou: [Then he says something hard to translate. Here is my best guess: “Even if today brings hard hurdles/obstacles, this sea breeze of this summer island shall help me rival them.”] That’s right! On this island, there’s nothing impossible!

-Knock on door-

Kaname: Who is it?

Aidou: Kaname-sama? It’s me. It’s Aidou!

Kaname: Come in.

Aidou: Sorry for disturbing.

Kaname: Sigh. What can I do for you?

Aidou: Indeed! I was thinking what I could do for you?

-cuckoo, cuckoo-

Kaname: Nothing really.

Aidou: I see, sorry for bothering you!

-walks to the door-

Inner-Aidou: Wrong!!!

Aidou: Hum… Kaname-sama? Are you hungry?

Kaname: I already ate.

Aidou: Then, would tea do?

Kaname: Sigh. -tea set sound- Right now, I’m drinking some.

Aidou: Well… hum…well then…

Kaname: Sigh. What are Cain and Luca doing?

Aidou: It’s too hot. So they are resting in their room till night.

Kaname: I see.  Then, I won’t have to ask for your help.

Aidou: Asking for my help, you say! What is it that you need me for?  I’ll do it without fail!

Kaname: No, I was rather counting on you to play around with those two, because for me, it’s bothersome.

Aidou -struggling sounds-

Kaname: Sorry, but could you play on your own?

[Aidou hit hard by his words! Ha ha ha!]

Aidou: Sorry for having bothered you.


Aidou: He put off my enthusiam for accomplishing something. [Then he says in a very happy voice something that sounds like: “But in comparison to usual, he was pretty nice! It’s too bad but it’s fine.”] This is a summer island after all!! Yes! I won’t be defeated!!

-door opens-

Aidou: Ah! Kaname-sama just went out.  Where is he going? Seems like he’s doing an outing. There’s a chauffeur. He’s getting in the car. Ah! The car is leaving!

-Kaname’s limo is leaving-

Aidou: Taxi!!! Look ahead, after that car!

Inner-Aidou: Where is Kaname-same going? I wonder if he knows anyone on this island? [Or does he know this island already?] Ah! It stopped!

Aidou: Driver? Stop please!

-Gets out of the car-

Aidou: Ah, it’s so hot. What’s with this sunlight?! Oi, driver?  Do you have a parasol? [My God! How rude and full of yourself can you be?! Ha ha ha!] Eh? They sell some in that store? [Then, he says something about Kaname-sama but I’m not sure. Maybe he complains because his parasol will be different from Kaname’s or something.] Oi! Give me that parasol!  [Seems like Aidou has little respect for commoners or was it a man? LOL.]

-Aidou pays-

Aidou: On this island, it’s surely unheard of for a vampire to get a parasol.  [Then, I think he says: “Kaname-sama is also raising his” I think he means that Kaname also has a parasol in hand right now.] OH!! Kaname-sama is going to that cottage. He went in.  Who could be there?  All right!  I’ll look through the window!

-sneaks to the window-

Aidou: Who is that sleeping in the bed? [Then I think he says he can’t see his head and wonders if Kaname is in some kind of hospital.] Ah! This is… the Headmaster?!  What’s that all about?  Ah! The Headmaster dropped out of bed from the surprise of seeing Kaname-sama!  He didn’t seem to know Kaname-sama was coming. [This hints to the fact that Kaname may not have told the Headmaster he was coming as well. That would mean he plotted it all in secret on his own. Bwahahaha!]

[Then, I can’t make out what he says. I heard “pent up feeling” so I think he describes how Kaname reacts to the news that Yuuki is lost in the jungle and that he looks mad.] Kaname-sama’s expression changed! Ah! Kaname-sama is coming out!  Where is he going?  Oh, but it’s so hot!!  Will it be all right? For a vampire to walk outside like this in the sun? Ah!! He went into the forest!! -jungle sounds- Is this some kind of jungle? (On such an island, a jungle is a dangerous place.) But why is Kaname-same in such a place? Ah! I got it! (In this situation, it’s my duty to stand up and protect Kaname-sama!) [Always his master’s saviour! He he]

Zero: Yuuki!? Oi, Yuuki?  Good grief! She had to go in on her own. What was she thinking, that idiot! Yuuki? Where are you?  Oh!?  Damn it! It’s so hot. -Pants- I can’t take a break. Yuuki? Where are you, Yuuki?

Yuuki: Sigh. I’m very lost. I wonder how long I’ve walked in this jungle? [Not sure. I think she says it’s her bad for coming and she doesn’t know how to subsist in the jungle.] Hum? There seems to be something on my leg? Ah!!! A snake!!! Oh, that scared me!  (Somehow, I think I’ve ended up in a worst place.) I’m rapidly being cut off the sea breeze. Eh? What’s that sound just now? Could it be, that there is a brook near? Hurray! At least if I drink some water, I’ll cheer up/get better!

Aidou: I wonder what the Headmaster could have told Kaname-sama? Wait a minute? The fact that the Headmaster is here, it would also mean that Cross Yuuki is also here!  Which means… Ah!… [I think he says he must keep my head from sweltering and that he’s having trouble with the light and that his body is undermined by the heat. He also says that’s he’s lost himself or his mind somehow.]

-slaps himself-

Aidou: Hang in there!  I’m Kaname-sama’s knight after all!! I don’t know what dangers there are in this jungle. There could be a snake anywhere. In the bushes, something could come out suddenly. (If that happens, I will gallantly jump in front of the enemy.)

-sound of Aidou’s mind- [I just love those inner-Aidou moments!!]

Inner-Aidou: Kaname-sama, please leave it to me!”  And then, Kaname-sama will say:

Inner-Aidou-Kaname: “Aidou, I’m sorry but… go play alone -” WRONG!!! Ah!!!! [Get your mind out of the gutter, Aidou! Hahaha!]

-Aidou cries-

Aidou: It’s the fault of this heat (I can’t think.) What’s up with that sun!?! … However, (why would Kaname-sama willingly be in this jungle?) Hum? [It’s hard to understand what he says exactly, but I think he says he’s seen something about Kaname’s parasol up ahead. Then he sees ‘a light’ coming from Kaname’s direction and of course, Aidou being Aidou, he gets all excited about it.]  Could it be? Sweat!!! (Kaname and I, we both sweat!) [LOL He’s in love with Kaname’s sweat!! LOL Did he think purebloods didn’t sweat? Actually, when you think of it, we never saw him sweat before. ^_^] Ah! Kaname-sama is suddenly facing here. [He’s still in a daze when he says that, so he almost got caught.]

Aidou hides fast-

Aidou: That’s bad! Did he notice I was here? If he notices at this point, [my plans to protect him and my insatiable desire will have been all for nothing.] All for nothing? (And Kaname-sama will say I’m a stalker-typer of man!) … Ah, he started to walk again. (If I stay here a bit, the distance between us will be enough.)

Zero: [Pissed off and agonizing- you bet! I’d give her a good beating once home.] Yuuki?! Where are you, Yuuki?!  Hooott! Why did this happen? (All because the Headmaster wanted to come to a summer-island.) And yet I have to keep going. [? I can’t translate the last sentence] … Yuuki? Oh, Yuuki?!

Yuuki: All right!! A brook! Ah! The water’s beautiful!! -drinks- Ah! That did it! It’s refreshing and good! Ah! I’ll also wash my face.


Yuuki: Eh? Just now, it seems there was something. No, it’s my imagination, my imagination! OH! It feels good!!


Aidou: It’s hot. Enough to die!  No! [What’s that attitude!] I’m there to protect Kaname-sama after all! Kaname-sama…? What the…?  Where is Kaname-sama? Awh! That’s bad!! (I was just following him.)

-runs and pants-

Aidou: Gone! Up till now, I could see his parasol. As things stand, (I won’t be able to do my duty of protecting Kaname-sama!) Anyhow, where is this? I was so immersed in myself, I don’t know the way back. -cries- Could it be, that I am lost? -sniff, cries- WHY?/HOW?!

Zero: [Still agonizing, poor guy.] Damn it! I still haven’t found her. Where is Yuuki in this large jungle? Hooottt… I’m so thirsty! -leaves ruffle- Eh? That sound just now? Could there be someone? Yuuki? Is it Yuuki? … Kuran-sempai?

Kaname: Hey, good day to you, Kiryuu-kun.  [Nonchalant as ever. I just love how he says it!]

Zero: Why… are you here? No, it’s impossible for Kaname-sempai to be in this place. Is it an hallucination because of the heat?  How is it that the first hallucination I have is of the one face I really don’t want to see?

Kaname: Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m the real thing.

[Zero is too astonished to speak. He he!]

Kaname: Totally by coincidence we came to this island. And totally by coincidence you guys also came here. I was visiting and heard of what happened to Yuuki.

[Yeah, right! We all know he knew Yuuki was there as well. He he. It’s just funny how he tries to pass it off as a coincidence. Seems like he takes pleasure in making sure Zero knows that he can appear whenever and wherever he wants without having to explain himself. That’s sado-Kaname for you ]

Zero: What an incredible coincidence, isn’t it?

Kaname: Indeed, an incredible coincidence it is.

Zero: An incredible… red face you have, Kaname-sempai.  And also, you look unsteady on your feet/dizzy.

Kaname: -small laugh- You shouldn’t laugh. [He means that they both don’t look good.]

Aidou: You’re noisy, you birds, be quiet!! [Then he rants about his situation, especially because of the sun.] Oh! That’s bad. [He rants again about his poor self, but I can’t translate it.] (I have to make it there without minding the heat!!!)

Yuuki: Sigh. My throat is not thirsty anymore, but I’m hungry. The Headmaster and Zero must be worried. Could it be that, I’ll never see them again? I really wonder if it’s possible to be together/meet in this jungle? Somehow, I’ve lost myself. What was it just now? [Lost as in someone who disappears or is lost forever in the woods.]

-Kaname attacks Zero with his awesome powers!- [He he.]

Zero: What’s up all of the sudden, Kuran-sempai?

Kaname: Because you had something to do with the fact that Yuuki got lost.

Zero: [Then he says that he accepts to rise to the challenge. But I think he says it’s a bad place to do this because right now is not the right moment since they have something more important to do.]

Kaname: Indeed. That’s also what I think.

Zero: That’s a rare point of view, don’t you think? [He means that it’s rare for them to agree.]

Kaname: It is.

-slash sound from the jungle-

Zero: What is it, Kuran-sempai?

Kaname: Just now, I’m certain I’ve heard Yuuki’s voice.

Zero: Eh?

Kaname: That way!

Yuuki: -pants and runs- I’m being chased. There’s a beast. What should I do? At this rate, I’ll be killed in the jungle. I can’t, my legs can’t. Over there is a cave.

Aidou: -an insect buzzes around his head and we hear some distant singing in the background – must be Aidou’s hallucinations- Annoying. Painful. Eh? … -He slurs while he speaks- Kaname-sama, where is he? -stupid laugh- What am I doing? And I thought I could save Kaname-sama?! -cries- [At least he realized that it’s him who would normally need help, not Kaname ^_^] Please, save me!

-Yuuki yells-

Aidou: Eh? What was that? Sounds like someone shouted. -Shock!- Awh?! Could it be Kaname-sama? Is Kaname-sama calling?

Yuuki: It’s coming this way. [I think she’s backing up.] What big teeth and scary face!! It’s over! It ends here! My life! -growl- Headmaster, I’m sorry. Yuuki will, on this summer-island, find her end. Up till now, thank you for everything. Kaname-sempai, (for you, I would rise up each day). Thank you for all those memories we made! -growl- Zero, I’m so sorry for always making you worry about me. But it was fun meeting you. Yori-chan, we won’t be able to hang around more, thank you for being there till now. And then, hum…

[Can’t help but notice that she mentions Kaname BEFORE Zero ; ) And what she says is much sweeter towards Kaname, too. Poor Zero!]

Aidou: Where are you, Kaname-sama? I’m sure the sound came from over there. I won’t be beaten! [One sentence I can’t understand.] If anything happens to Kaname-sama, I won’t forgive you!!  It’s over there!  In that cave. Surely, Kaname-sama is inside!

Yuuki: Ah!! I don’t have much time left. To the Night Class, I want to say thank you to all. Thank you, thank you, for everything until now thank you so much!! -growl- Aaaah!!!!

Aidou: Wait!!!

Yuuki: Oh?  That’s…

Aidou: I’m your opponent! Come!

Yuuki: Oh?!

Aidou: [He says that he’s going to save/return with Kaname-sama.] Kaname-sama will see the brave warrior in me!  I won’t forgive you if you even touch Kaname-sama with just one finger!

-Aidou’s freezing attack- [Poor Aidou, Kaname did not witness his finest hour!]

Yuuki: Who is that? Fighting like that? Who could it be? … Ah! Aidou-sempai?!

-Aidou attacks again-

Aidou: Keh!  The ice is…!

Yuuki: Watch out! Aidou-sempai!!!!

Aidou: What’s with that voice?  Ah!! [Aidou shouts the name of the beast but I can’t find it in the dictionary.]

-The beast attacks-

Aidou: Someone (help)!!!

-Kaname attacks the beast and finishes it off-

Aidou: What!?

Yuuki: What was it? That attack? Ah! The beast ran away! … Kaname-sempai?!

Kaname: That was a dangerous situation. Are you all right, Yuuki?

Yuuki: Ka-Kaname-sempai?! And also, Zero?!

Aidou: Eh? Ka- Kaname-sama? Why are you behind me?! Then, who is it that I was saving?!

-turns around-

Aidou: O_O  Cross Yuuki!?!

Yuuki: Aidou-sempai!! You came to save me, haven’t you!!

Aidou: That’s not-

Kaname: Aidou… thank you, for saving Yuuki! [You can hear how much emotion he has in his voice when he says it ^_^ Sweet!]

Aidou: Ka, Ka, Kaname-sama?!  Kaname-sama… said “thank you” to me! -sniff- Kaname-sama!!!

Yuuki: Kaname-sempai, Aidou-sempai, I don’t really understand why you are here but you’ve really saved me!! Zero, I bet you were looking for me all that time, right?

Zero: That goes without saying!! What pushed you to run into the jungle all on your own?

Yuuki: I’m… sorry.  I went looking for wild mangoes.

Zero: Mangoes?!?  [I’m sure he felt more like saying WTF! Ha hahaha!]

Yuuki: The Headmaster kept saying in his sleep: “I want to eat wild mangoes. I want to eat wild mangoes”  So I thought that if he ate those, he’d get better.

Zero: -Sigh/Growl- Yuuki!!

Kaname: You are such a sweet child, Yuuki.

Zero: Oi!

Aidou: Kaname-sama has thanked me!! Me! Kaname-sama has…

Zero: So it’s all the Headmaster’s fault, isn’t it?

Aidou: Kaname-sama has…Kaname-sama has…

Kaname: Let’s go looking for mangos.

Yuuki: Eh?

Kaname: Let’s not waste your good intention.

Zero: Ah? [This sound means he’s not too happy about the suggestion.]

Aidou: Kaname-sama has…Kaname-sama has…

Yuuki: Kaname-sempai!! Thank you!!!  For saving me and for the Headmaster’s desire (for mangoes).  However, can I just say one thing?

Kaname: What is it, Yuuki?

Yuuki: Somehow, everyone looks weird. Your faces are all very red, and you’re unsteady on your feet.

Kaname: Well that’s… surely because of the heat.

Zero: Ah, somehow I can’t…[because of the heat I’ve gone beyond, so nothing matters anymore.]

Aidou: -he slurs a lot now- Kaname-sama has… Kaname-sama has…

Yuuki: Everyone!  Please hang in there!!!

-Rain starts-

Yuuki: Ah? Rain?

Aidou: Ah! [He just came back to earth. ^_^]

Kaname: It’s rain.

Zero: It’s a squall. [Am I the only one who imagines how hot these guys must look under the rain?! Incredible Yuuki didn’t have a nosebleed! LOL Take your shirts, off!!]

NOTE: A squall is a sudden, sharp increase in wind speed which is usually associated with active weather, such as rain showers, thunderstorms, or heavy snow.

Aidou: All of the sudden, it began to rain. And that’s how in the jungle, the squall saved us. And then, (we were able to start looking for mangoes. And we looked for our way home.)

Yuuki: Aaaa!! We got a lot of wild mangoes!!!

Kaname: Yuuki, please bring plenty to the Headmaster.

Yuuki: Yes!! Ah!! They look so good!

Zero: [? Can’t make out that one word] …wild mangoes.

Inner-Aidou: When I think about it, [can’t understand this part]  And I thought I heard Kaname-sama when in fact it was Yuuki’s voice. I wonder what’s up with that? [Bah, that’s fine because] Kaname-same has thanked me [can’t translate the rest] -proud laugh-

Zero: (You’ve taken so much mangoes.)

Yuuki: That’s because I’m bringing enough for everyone!

-sea sounds-

Yuuki: Ah!! I can hear the sea! We’re back! We’re really saved!! Yahoo!!

-drops her mangoes-

Zero: Oi!! Take your mangoes, Yuuki!

Kaname: By the way, Aidou. Can I ask you one favor?

Aidou: Yes!!! For the sake of Kaname-sama, anything!!

Kaname: Could you stop to follow me around?  Today, well, I’m kind of happy that you did. But otherwise, it’s annoying.

-It hits Aidou pretty hard even though Kaname worded it out pretty nicely-

Aidou: [Hard to translate. I think he says that’s enough to kill his body after what’s happened. I’m not sure at all]

-sea sounds-

Aidou: And then, our holiday and day dreaming at the summer island ended.

-The End!-