Night Class Interview – Ichijou Takuma

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おまけドラマ「夜間部個人面談」 – 一条拓麻
Omake Drama “Night Class Interview” – Ichijou Takuma

Cast: 一条拓麻:千葉進歩 黒主理事長:子安武人

Chairman: What do you want to start with? Ichijou Takuma-kun.

Ichijou: Why don’t we stop the personal interview and have some tea instead? I’ve received some good tea leaves.

Chairman: That’s good! Aiya. I shouldn’t be so insincere. This is not a situation to be having tea carefreely.

Ichijou: Then I’ll have the tea myself.

Chairman: Please drink. You’ve grown accustomed to doing things at your own pace in the Night Class.

Ichijou: That was a cruel thing to say. But it’s fine; That does seem to be the case. Ah, it tastes better than I thought, this new tea from that shop over there.

Chairman: Ichijou kun is surprisingly devilish. You could compete with Kaname.

Ichijou: I still have some way to go. Kaname is scary! Especially when it involves Yuuki-chan. We don’t know how Kaname actually feels about her, but when we accidentally hit the bull’s eye, Kaname would glare at us.

Chairman: Kaname-kun hates it when others see through his intentions. Sigh. Is it okay if I have some tea?

Ichijou: Please go ahead.

Chairman: *drinking* Ahhh~ the tea is delicious.

Ichijou: I’ll prepare tea cakes the next time. Should I prepare tsukemono (Japanese picked vegetables) as well? I’ll also invite Kaname then.

Chairman: That’s good.

Ichijou: Kaname is the type that likes tea cakes, since it’s not too sweet. But I dare not only prepare tsukemono, in particular narazuke (vegetables pickled in sake lees), and nothing else.

Chairman: That’s malicious. Kaname-kun and narazuke, what a impossible combination. It’s fantastic.

Ichijou: But it’s not good to underestimate Kaname. Even though it’s only narazuke, there’s a risk that he would finish us off without hesitation.

Chairman: Right, right. *drinks tea* What are we talking about?!

Ichijou: “Operation Make Kaname a Commoner”. If I’m successful, I might be able to rise from being Vice Dorm Leader to Dorm Leader.

Chairman: Hoho, if you become the Dorm Leader, what do you plan to do?

Ichijou: I’ll put 10000 interesting mangas in the Moon Dorm library.

Chairman: And then?

Ichijou: I’ll establish a Rukugo appreciation day once a month. (Rakugo is a Japanese sit-down comedy.)

Chairman: Haha, Rakugo is pretty popular right now.

Ichijou: But Chairman, don’t you think that everyone in the class lacks the ambition young people should have? There are no lively smiles nor passion to laugh out loud.

Chairman: Ah, ah… well… you’re all vampires, so it doesn’t suit your nature. Something like that.

Ichijou: Oh. That’s reasonable. Well, it’s fine if I don’t become the Dorm Leader. Kaname can continue take on the troublesome and unenjoyable role of being the Dorm Leader. However, I pity him…

Chairman:  Ah, mmm, for some reason Kaname-kun is becoming pitiful. It must be difficult to be in charge of the Moon Dorm.

Ichijou: That was impolite, wasn’t it? I won’t stand in the way of Kaname’s success.

Chairman: Ichijou-kun is rather brazen. Just like Kaname.

Ichijou: I still have some way to go. Well then, I should be leaving soon. I’ll leave the tea leaves here. Please share it with Yuuki-chan and Kiryuu-kun. Thanks, Chairman.

Chairman: I’m really worn-out.