Night Class Interview – Aidou Hanabusa

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おまけドラマ「夜間部個人面談」 – 藍堂英
Omake Drama “Night Class Interview” – Aidou Hanabusa

Cast: 藍堂英:福山潤 黒主理事長:子安武人

Chairman: Good night, Aidou Hanabusa-kun. Sit, sit. This is the first time I’m speaking face to face with you since the day you completed your application to enter school.

Aidou: Chairman, I think the Night Class interview is pointless.

Chairman: Well, well, Idol – no – Aidou-kun, have you been bulled? I heard that you were beaten up by someone.

Aidou: Who said that?! Ah I know, Cross Yuuki. She must have said something unnecessary. That flat-chested midget. Let me get this straight, dorm leader Kuran punished me because I was at fault. It wasn’t bullying; That was his “whip of love”. The incompetent me always fails to meet dorm leader Kuran’s expectations. Eh, are you listening? (“Whip of love” is a literal translation, it means that Kaname punished Aidou because he cared about him, and that it was for Aidou’s own good.)

Chairman: Ah, my ears feel a bit itchy. If you like him you should continue working hard.

Aidou: Like?! It’s not so simple! Respect, longing, fear, all these and more jumbled together… Even I don’t understand my own feelings.

Chairman: Shall I call a therapist?

Aidou: Ah?

Chairman: Ah. Um. Ah. I won’t call.

Aidou: Ah. Am I of any use to Kaname-sama?

Chairman: Isn’t that good. To be trained to become a useful person in the future. If it’s you it’s simple.

Aidou: Simple?! Do you still want to continue with the personal interview?

Chairman: Eh, but you said it was pointless.

Aidou: Even though I said that, why do you simply accept?! You’re an educator right? At times like these, when your students make mistakes due to their immaturity, handling the problem together with them, listening to their troubles and guiding them along the right path… isn’t that only normal?

Chairman: Ohhhhhh! *clap*

Aidou: Don’t clap! You should be embarassed!

Chairman: Ok.

Aidou: If you understand then that’s good. Ok, now for the proper one-to-one interview. What do you want to talk to me about?

Chairman: Ok ok! Aidou-kun, is there any girl that you like?

Aidou: Huh?!

Chairman: As a matter of fact, from the time I’ve set my eyes on teaching, my dream is discuss to relationship problems with my students. Is there someone? Don’t tell me it’s my Yuuki?

Aidou: The only redeeming feature of that restless woman is the taste of her blood! Just because Kaname-sama loves her a little, she becomes conceited. Overly doting father! Listen carefully, among all the women in the world, Cross Yuuki is the one I hate the most.

Chairman: Gu, gu, gu… *crying*

Aidou: Don’t cry! You’re the Chairman.

Chairman: But Yuuki is cute! She’s the apple of my eye.

Aidou: Shut up. She’s the Chairman’s companion. The two of them…

Chairman: Because Aidou-kun is a student in my academy, you’re also cute! My cute children are on bad terms. *cry* I’m so sad!

Aidou: Can we stop this personal interview.