Night Class Interview – Kain Akatsuki

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おまけドラマ「夜間部個人面談」 – 架院暁
Omake Drama “Night Class Interview” – Kain Akatsuki

Cast: 架院暁:諏訪部順一 黒主理事長:子安武人

Chairman: Well then, Kain Akatsuki-kun. There hasn’t been any problems with the Night Class recently, has there?

Kain: Any problem… Ah, recently, that chap Hanabusa has been biting at the Guardians a little, causing them to leave their duties undone…

Chairman: Ah, wa- wa- wait. Is it okay to disclose this with such frankness?

Kain: No problem, I asked. The Chairman is my superior; moreover, since this is harmless and inoffensive, I think it’s all right to tell. If it’s something really awful, there’s no reason for me not to report it to dorm leader Kuran.

Chairman: … Ah. Well, I guess you’re right.

Kain: Are we done?

Chairman: But we decided on topic and were going to discuss it seriously. Maybe I’m not suited for this?

Kain: Is the Chairman also troubled? Well, that’s because you’re in a position where you face many hardships.

Chairman: Don’t you have things that you are troubled about?

Kain: Troubles? Nope, nothing in particular.

Chairman: Really?

Kain: Although I’m troubled about you looking at me with such doubt.

Chairman: You honestly don’t regret having carelessly missed the chance to refuse the nickname of Wild-senpai, given to you by the children in the Day Class?

Kain: Nope, I’ve gotten used to it somehow.

Chairman: Eh? If it was me I’d definitely have rejected. It seems that “Wild” has the meaning of spontaneity.

Kain: Even though that is so, it doesn’t matter.

Chairman: … Well, nevermind. Well then, you share the same dorm room as Aidou-kun. He’s domineering, selfish, and a Kaname fanatic, right? Honestly, isn’t it annoying?

Kain: He’s been like that since the old days; I’ve grown accustomed to it, and it’s now amusing to watch him.

Chairman: Ah, you’re like an adult. It’s somewhat annoying that you don’t have any troubles.

Kain: But that’s not the case…

Chairman: You have troubles? I’ll give you solutions, so speak your mind. Go on!

Kain: Solutions? In that case, our dorm leader Kaname thinks that that chap Hanabusa doesn’t learn from experience. As a last resort, he has given him a beating. Can Kaname hit him a bit more gently? Watching him, it seems really painful.

Chairman: About that… Isn’t it fine if you say it directly to Kaname-kun.

Kain: No… It definitely isn’t.

Chairman: Ok, I get it. I’ll tell him indirectly.

Kain: That’s great. I’ll leave it to you.

Chairman: Hey, is that your only worry?

Kain: Yes.

Chairman: One way or another, isn’t it Aidou-kun’s problem? You don’t have any troubles of your own?

Kain: Nothing in particular… why are you looking at me like that?

Chairman: Hmm? Ah, I get it. You don’t have any troubles because you’re usually not thinking about anything.

Kain: Why am I being criticised? Well, I wonder if it’s true that I’m usually not thinking. Seems like it. It might be that I’m trying not to think.

Chairman: Ah?

Kain: I was able to manage having a discussion with the Chairman; if that’s the case, it’s fine even if I spoke my mind.

Chairman: Eh? What? What was that? Won’t you explain it to me right now? Ah, it- it ended.