Cross Academy Night Class – Track 3

With track 3, we’re on to chapter 2 of the manga. The major difference here is in the scene where the Night Class members are going to get their Valentine’s Day presents from the Day Class girls. Since no one was casted for Seiren, the part involving Kaname passing his presents to her was rewritten.

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Vampire Knight Midnight CD Pack

Main Drama “Cross Academy Night Class”
Track 3

Chairman: Now, today’s Valentine’s Day, and the whole school is buzzing with excitement. If something goes wrong, the true identity of the Night Class might be exposed. Guardians, you must be more alert than usual. (The actual wording used is St. Xocolatl’s Day, which is in essence the same as Valentine’s Day.)

Yuuki: Yes Chairman!

Zero: Isn’t it better if we just ban the event.

Chairman: Kiryuu-kun, there will be a revolt if I do such a thing. The students need an outlet. After all, all my vampires are extremely gorgeous and talented. I think they’re reliable and capable.

Yuuki: Ah, Chairman, Zero wants to say “Don’t sing praises of those guys in front of me”.

Chairman: Well, I understand that vampires have been the enemies of humans since a long time ago. However, there are also vampires who wish to live in peace with humans. Kiryuu-kun, even though it seems impossible now, I hope that one day, you can understand my way of thinking.

Zero: That’s impossible. The past cannot be erased.

Chairman: Because they’re beasts who suck the lifeblood of humans?

Zero: You asking me something so obvious?

Yuuki: Erm, erm… Hey Chair- Father! Valentine’s Day present!

Chairman: 20 coupons for Yuuki’s shoulder massage! Thanks!

Yuuki: Here! Zero’s is also the same as every year!

Zero: 1 slave coupon. It’s been the same ever since we were in primary school. Have some variation!

Yuuki: Bug off. Zero, Let’s go! The first period is starting.

Yuuki: Why is it…

Zero: What?

Yuuki: No, nothing.

Why does the Chairman say things that reopen Zero’s emotional wounds?

Zero: Let go.

Yuuki: Ah, sorry. I’ve been holding on to you the whole time.

Zero: It’s okay.

Yuuki: Zero?

Yuuki: Everyone’s restless.

Yori: Yuuki too.

Yuuki: Eh? I’m not.

Yori: I see it. A box tied with a ribbon.

Yuuki: Ah… Ah, no, ah. Mine’s different from the others; I bought it. I failed at making one. Or perhaps I should say that I’ve lost at something important.

Yori: So, who are you giving it to? There’s someone glaring at us from behind.

Yuuki: Eh? Ah! Zero!

Zero: Even though you’re a prefect, you’re going to give it to him?!

Yuuki: Ah…

Yuuki: Okay, okay, okay! Line up! Line up! You there! Get back in line!

Aidou: Wow! Everyone seems to be in high spirits this year! Looks like it’s going to be really fun!

Kain: I didn’t get enough sleep.

Aidou: I’m wide awake!

Ichijou: Okay, everyone from the Night Class, stand where your gate is. Please accept as many chocolates as you can from the girls standing in line. Okay, those who want a paper bag, I’ll give it to you. Well then, don’t be absent-minded. Kain and Shiki as well.

Shiki: Paper bag? That’s so unfashionable. Is this some kind of game?

Kain: No, it’s a serious event, even though it doesn’t seem like it.

Aidou: I must accept all of them!

Kaname: Aidou.

Aidou: Yes!

Kaname: Mind your manners.

Aidou: Ah, yes. I’ll receive them from everyone in order.

Yuuki: Ah, as one would expect from Kaname-senpai. Everything’s all right here!

Shiki: I’m not interested.

Kain: Just go anyway.

Female student 1: Kuran-senpai, please accept this.

Kaname: Thank you.

Female student 2: Senpai, mine as well.

Female student 3: Mine too.

Kaname: I’m sorry, both my hands are full, so I can’t accept any more.

Female student: No, it’s okay.

Female student: I should be the one apologising.

Kaname: I’m really sorry.

Yuuki: Line up! Line up! Don’t push!

Kaname: Thanks for the hard work, Yuuki. Don’t get hurt.

Yuuki: Yes! Senpai… he left. Ah, I missed the chance to give it to him.

Female student: Move away a little!

Yuuki: Ah? The chocolate. Eh? Wait, Zero!

Zero: Kuran-senpai, you dropped it.

Yuuki: Eh?

Kuran: This chocolate… is it from Yuuki?

Yuuki: Ah, yes. But it’s fine if you don’t want it.

Kaname: I accept it. Thank you Yuuki.

Yuuki: You’re- you’re welcome. Zero! Why did you give it to him on your own accord?! I’m getting angry!

*Yuuki hitting Zero*

Zero: Ouch! I got irritated watching you. Why didn’t you just quickly give it to him?

Yuuki: That’s, that’s because it might bother him to receive chocolates from me. He’s the most superior existence in the Night Class. The world that he lives in, the things he sees, they’re all different from me.

10 years ago, Kaname-senpai saved my life. But to him, it might just be a trivial incident.

Ichijou: Kaname, it must be troublesome to hold all these chocolates. You can put them in my paper bag.

Kaname: I’ll be fine with just this one. You can have the rest.

Ichijou: This… ah, it’s from Yuuki-chan.

Chairman: Night is falling. This is their time. Vampires like the blood of humans, are long-lived and nocturnal. Even though they have a ferocious side, they are beautiful, proud, and have great intelligence and physical abilities. Well, it’s understandable that the Day Class children create a fuss over them. Now, Zero? Nothing will change even if you avoid it or try to escape. Why do you keep doing this to yourself?

Zero: Shut up. Ah…

Chairman: Zero, take this and you’ll feel better.

Zero: What is it?

Chairman: It’s something you know.

Zero: I’m won’t take it.

Chairman: Recently, the interval between your fits is rapidly getting shorter. If you continue to refuse, it will only become more painful. Please understand that you can’t keep it up much longer. No. You already know that, right?

Yuuki: I’m worn-out. That Zero… he didn’t come in the end. Geez, where did he go and what is he doing? Ah, you’re here. Hey, you didn’t turn off the shower. Zero, don’t waste water! What’s wrong? You’re dripping wet.

Zero: Yuuki.

Yuuki: Look, dry yourself properly or you’ll catch a cold.

Zero: I can do it myself.

Yuuki: Okay. Here, this is for you. A chocolate.

Zero: Huh?

Yuuki: A handmade chocolate. It’s the only successful one. It’s a premium item, the only one in this world. You should feel grateful!

*Zero eats chocolate*

Zero: Ah, successful?

Yuuki: Ah, what’s with that unpleasant face. Geez.

*Yuuki leaves the bathroom*

Yuuki: Eh? BL-XXXVO6э… why is there a tablet here?

It was the first Valentine’s Day that I had given a guy chocolate. On the very next day… I found out about Zero’s secret.