Situation Voice CD – Kain Akatsuki

ヴァンパイア騎士DS Voice CD (シチュエーションボイスCD)
Vampire Knight DS Voice CD
(Situation Voice CD)

Tracks 21-25

1. Itterasshai (See you)

Are you going out? To town? Alone?

Is that going to be okay… If you get attacked by level Es again… That’s only to be expected! Looking at you makes me feel uneasy, keeps me on tenterhooks, and it’s really bad for my heart.

You say that you’ll be fine? You…

Because something like that happened before, it’s only natural that I’m worried.

I’m not getting angry. It’s just that I might be a little lonely because I’m not supposed to worry about you any more.

Ah, you’re not a child anymore, so I should stop being meddlesome.

Be careful when you’re out. See you.

2. Okaeri (Welcome back)

Welcome back. Wow, you bought a lot. Are these all for the Chairman?

Give me the bags, I’ll carry them to the room. You must be tired. I’ll carry this paper bag for you as well.

Why are you so flustered? You bought something that you can’t let me see?

“How to capture a guy’s heart”… A love manual? You also read such books?

Ah, haha, you don’t have to be so flustered and try to hide it. You don’t need such books.

What did I mean by that?

*Sigh* Don’t ask!

What are you doing? I’m going to leave you behind!

3. Rusuden (Answering machine)

I’m out right now. Please leave your message within 60 seconds after the beep.


Hello, it’s me, Akatsuki. You’re not around?

Ah, seems like it.

Ah, it’s not anything important; I just wanted to hear your voice. Just listening to your voice makes me energetic and motivated. I really like it.

Umm, well, that’s basically it. I’ll call again when I want to hear your voice. See you then.

4. Oshikari Voice (Scolding voice)

Hmm? Hey! What’s going on, it’s a mess. Were there Level Es prowling around again?

Eh? You were cooking and it became like this? How did you make it end up like this…

Wait! You’ll cut your hand on the broken glass!

Geez, you’re such a troublesome chap. Be careful of your feet.

*Sigh* In the first place, why were you cooking?

No, I don’t have any ill intention. You just don’t seem like someone who likes to cook.

Eh? Why is that so? You’re cooking for me because I saved you from Level Es?

You don’t have to thank me. However, your thoughtfulness makes me happy. Thank you.

Shall we cook together? (Kain is repeating what you said.)

If that’s the case then it won’t be thanking me anymore.

Fine. I happen to have time to spare, so I’ll do it with you. So, what are we making?

Beef curry? Well, that’s a challenging choice for a beginner. You have all the ingredients, right? Well then, boil the water first.

Wait! The pot isn’t hot enough yet. Besides, shouldn’t you cut and saute the vegetables first?

Hey! You’ll cut your hand this way. Bend the fingers on your left hand slightly inwards.

I can’t bear to look at this anymore. I’ll do the cutting.

I don’t usually cook, but if for some reason I have to do it, I can still manage.

Okay, now to stir-fry the meat. Bring me the white wine over there. Don’t be clapping your hands in such a carefree manner.

*Sigh* How did I end up doing the cooking?

*Sigh* Now we just have to let it simmer. You should be able to manage that, right?

Ah? You can’t? *sigh* You’re behaving like a spoiled child.

5. Sweet voice

Geez, where did she go?

Hey! Hmm? This sound… Are you around? Answer me if you are!

Are you okay? I was worried because you suddenly disappeared. Seriously, you’re rather reckless. However, it’s great that you’re safe. You must have felt uneasy being alone.

It’s okay now, because I’m here. Can you stand? The mountain is dangerous at night. If we don’t get down soon…

Did you graze your foot?

Saying that it’s not a big deal… that’s unreasonable. Let me take a look.

This isn’t the occasion to be shy, silly.

The wound is shallow, but it would be bad if it left a scar. Let’s stop the bleeding. Apply pressure until the wound dries.

You’re unexpectedly delicate. Also, the scent of your blood… Ah! Sorry! I lost myself for a moment.

Don’t look at me with such frightened eyes. It would be scandalous to drink blood from an injured person. My heart only swayed for a moment.

*Laugh* Hey, I was just joking.

I’ll carry you. Get up on my back.

Ah? You’ll pass on that offer because you’re heavy? What are you saying?!

You’re not heavy at all. I’m heading down. Hold on tightly so that you won’t slip.

It’s quiet today. Did you become feeble because of your injury?

So you have such a side too. To think that you always seem exceedingly spirited. To show me this side of you while we’re alone is an irregularity.

You’re strange. You’re human, yet you’re not the slightest bit afraid of us vampires. To think that such a tiny body is packed with so much courage…

Ah? Have you fallen asleep? Ah, you’re like a child. Such an innocent sleeping face. Is it okay to be so defenseless before me?

Ah? Hey! So you were pretending to be asleep. Geez. I’m no match for you.