Cross Academy Broadcasting Club #12 – Kain Akatsuki, Kuran Kaname

Translated by myself and Claudia.

ヴァンパイア騎士 黒主学園放送部
Vampire Knight Cross Academy Broadcasting Club

Broadcast #12 – Kain Akatsuki, Kuran Kaname (22 September 2008)

This is Cross Academy, where humans and vampires study together. The evening moment when the Day Class and Night Class switch over. Where are the voices that I’m hearing coming from…

Vampire Knight Cross Academy Broadcasting Club

Kain: The show has started… what should I do?

Kaname: Continue.

Kain keeps talking and presents himself.

Kain: Me, Kain Akatsuki and…

*Kaname should present himself but he doesn’t.*

Kain: hum… Dorm leader Kuran both welcome you.  Well, hum, why am I here?

Kaname: Why you ask?  You have only been here once.  This (opportunity) hadn’t come up for you. It’s fine for me to let you have this; this radio show.

Kain then goes on with the introduction, presenting everyone who has been involved in the Broadcast up to now, and asks for a second time why he was there.

Kaname: That’s obvious.  That’s because this time, you are the main personality. That’s why you came here, right?

Kain mentions that he came because Ruka said that he had to come no matter what, and that Kaname was supposed to be the host today.

Kaname: Ah, I see! It’s thanks to Ruka being very smart.  For you to come to the radio broadcast, I thought it would be hard.

Kain realises that Kaname didn’t want to host the show alone.

Kaname: What is it? You’ve just been a host once. I’m giving this chance away to you. Hosting this show alone once was already my limit. I didn’t expect to have to do it a second time. However, Yuuki wanted me to do it one more time no matter what.  [That sums it up. ….]  I got an assistant to come and help.

Kain: Eh, if that’s the case, wouldn’t it have been fine to ask Hanabusa?

Kain was certain that Hanabusa would be more than happy to help, but soon realizes that he hadn’t seen Hanabusa since that morning.

Kaname: Indeed. I asked him to go somewhere far to help me run an errand. Ichijou would have been fine, but it would be a little noisy.  And if it was Shiki, it would be rather meaningless.

Kain: What about Kiryuu?

Kaname: Hum?

Kain: Ah, uh, I didn’t say anything. *sigh*

Kaname: Kain, could it be that you don’t want to do it with me?

Kain: Not at all! It’s fine!

Kaname: For me as well. Then without any more delays, [let’s do it in a friendly way]. We can make it enjoyable.

Kain sighs heavily, thanks Kaname for his consideration and says they should continue with the next section of the show.

[Night Petrol Report]

Kain introduces the section pretty much using a single breath, and Kaname asks if that was necessary.

Kain reads a report from Rebecca-san. She starts by saying “Good evening” to which Kain answers. Then he asks Kaname to answer as well, but he remains quiet. Then Kain says ‘sorry’ and reads on.

The letter says that she often sees dropped hairpins when she’s within the school grounds. Occasionally she sees a few of them in the classrom, and also saw one on the floor in the changing room during her physical education lesson. However, when she asked her friends, they said that the pins didn’t belong to them. She wonders what’s going on.

Kain: Dorm Leader Kuran? What about it?

Kaname: Hum.

Kain: As I thought.

Kaname: When Yuuki was little, she often wore cute hairpins.

Kain: Umm… Dorm Leader Kuran, were you listening to me reading the letter?

Kaname: Of course. If a pin drops, it would be better to pick it up. Shiki tends to walk around barefooted and half-asleep; it would be dangerous if he stepped on it.

Kain: Is there anything else you can think about?

Kaname: Why are you asking me?

Kain: No, sorry for being rude.

Kaname: Yes. However, the best thing to do would be to not worry about it.

Kain: That’s you all right, Dorm Leader Kuran!

Kaname: That subject is done with.

Kain tells Rebecca-san to not worry about it.

Kain notices some commotion going on in the mixer room, and sees that Hanabusa had returned. Hanabusa was saying that Kain was sly, and was trying to get into the broadcasting room, while the Guardian was trying to hold him back. Something broke, and Kain assures Kaname that everything will be fine, and hurriedly moves on to the next section.

[Today’s Homework]

Kain does the introduction for the section. He explains the goal of this section, which is what the members of the Night Class who appear on the Cross Academy Broadcasting Club (Kuran Kaname, Aidou Hanabusa, Ichijou Takuma, Shiki Senri, and himself, plus the Day Class student Kiryuu Zero) would do in a certain situation.

Kain asks Kaname if he would want to do the introductions occasionally. No answer from Kaname again. He then very quickly adds that it was a joke (due to Kaname’s reaction). Kain says it’s time to start, reads the radio name of the person who wrote the letter called Maiden-san.

Kaname: The theme?

Kain: Ah, sorry. The theme is “If we had a dish that we were proud of…”.

Kaname: Hum… That theme, I wonder if it was Ichijou who came came up with it?

Kain: Probably.

Kain begins:

Kain: Well, then.

Zerorin: Zero-style seafood pasta.
Kaname: I don’t want to eat it.
Kain: Zero-style… it probably means it done in Kiryuu’s way. Hanabusa said that Kiryuu’s cooking doesn’t taste bad.

Kaname asks what “Zero-rin” means, and Kain answers that it’s an affectionate way of calling him.

Kaname: Then, if you call him that way, he would be very happy.

Kain: Hmm? You mean Kiryuu? Coming from me?

Kaname: Of course!

Kain: … Let’s do the next one.

Kaname: Cocoa tea. You only need to stir it.
Kaname: Only stir it? Do I appear to be someone like that? *Sigh* If it’s for someone important, I’ll do anything.
Kain: Right, that’s convincing.

Kaname: You seem in a hurry to end the topic.

Kain: Eh? Oh!  No, that’s really not it.  Dorm Leader, for the person that is most important to you, can you give an example of what you would do?

Kaname: I’ve had enough of it. Let’s do the next one!

Kain: Eh? Uh, I understand.

Ichijou-senpai: Cream stew, prepared starting from the white sauce.
Kaname feels that his stomach would be uncomfortable, and Kain thinks that someone like Ichijou would put anything in out of curiosity, and that he shouldn’t do that.

Aidou-senpai: Blood tablets.
Kain wonders how Aidou knows how to make them, and Kaname says that it’s because Aidou was one of those involved in developing the blood tablets.

Kain: Oi! Hanabusa! You should be happy. He just praised you.

Kaname denies that he was praising Aidou, and tells Kain to hurry and continue.

Akatsuki-senpai: Steak, you only need to grill them.
Kain seems a bit surprised. [Kaname seems to say it’s practical, like a fireplace. He may mean Akatsuki’s fire abilities.] Kain had never grilled steaks before, but since he was good at using fire, he thinks that he should be fine with grilling food.

Shiki-chan: Scrambled eggs. Omelette failure.
Kain laughs at the use of Shiki-chan, and concludes that Maiden-san meant that Shiki turned his omelettes into scrambled eggs to cover up his failure in making omelettes.

Kaname comments that many different forms of address were used.

Kaname: How do others address you as?

Kain was reluctant to answer.

Kaname: What-have-you-been-addressed-as?

Kain: Wil- wil- Wild-senpai… something like that.

Kaname: There are many things that look hard for you, too. Aidou looks annoying. Ah, that’s right, Kain. Listen to this one thing.

Kain: Yes.

Kaname: Looks like Aidou is still causing Yuuki trouble in the mixer room. If Aidou causes me to get angry during the recording process, Kain, it will be the same offence for you. (He means he’ll also consider Kain responsible.) After this, both of you come to my room.

Kain: Yes… Oi, Hanabusa, are you listening?! Oh men. (grr)  I’ll bear that in mind.  The next corner.

[Famous Scene Chat Night]

Once again, it’s Kain who does the introduction for the segment. Kaname tells Kain that he’ll do the segment alone. Kain says that Kaname was pushing the responsibility to him because Kaname didn’t want to to it, but Kaname denies this. [I think he says Kain reads better or that it’s just reading anyway.]

Kain reads the request from Yurikko-san, which was addressed to him, Wild-sempai. Kain thinks that it isn’t a good idea for him to do the segment alone with leaving Kaname there, but Kaname asked Kain to carry on and read.

In Yurikko-san’s request, she asks “Wild-senpai” to repeat what he said to Ruka in episode 9. He feels disgusted about it.

Kain: If you get angry like that, crumpling the area between your brows will become a habit.

Kaname: This isn’t something you should be saying to females.

Kain says that he’s always straightforward in speaking to Ruka, because they’ve known each other since they were young. Kaname says some more to make Kain want to change subject.

Kain: Well then, let’s go on to the next corner!

Kaname: If you like, how about saying one more line?

Kain: No! It’s fine! Please, spare me.

[This Week’s Event Information]

Kain: Finally, finally the last corner.

*Information on DVD3, manga volume 8 and the second novel. Plus release dates of manga volume 9, the new LaLa issue, and the starting date of VK Guilty.*

Kain: Ah, I’m tired.

*End music starts*

Kain: Dorm Leader Kuran, it’s finally the end.

Kaname: I know. I’m glad I chose you. You’ve made it smooth.

Kain: Oh, thanks for saying that.

Kaname: All is said/done.

Kain: Eh… how was it? Was it enjoyable?  See you-

Kaname: For the sake of the 10 million fans of Kain out there, you could say something more.

Kain: Aa… oh dear… Kuran-dorm-leader seems to enjoy bullying others today. What could I say… Do your homework properly!

Kaname: Some more.

Kain: Brush your teeth!

Kaname: Some more.

Kain: Remember to be filial!

Kaname: Some more, say more things that would please the girls.

Kain: Unfortunately, such words are not in my repertoire.

Kaname: Say something like “Good night, cute kittens.”

Kain: !!

Kaname: What’s wrong?

Kain: …. Good… good night… cu… cute… kittens…

Kaname: While we’re at it, next time will be the last.

Kain: Eh?! Why do you only say something so important this late?

Kaname: After this, Kain, I’m leaving this to you.

*Kaname leaves*

Kain tells everyone to remember to tune in to the last broadcast, and reminds everyone to take care of their health as the weather was changing. Kain also adds that it was the first time in his life that he has felt so tired, and that Hanabusa was looking at him with a really scary expression.

Kain receives a memo from the Chairman, who says that the final broadcast is next week, and the host would be Kaname-kun. He wonders if Kuran-dorm-leader has read the memo. Kain pretends that he doesn’t know and hasn’t seen anything.