Anti-sentimental Memories

This track has 2 stories of the Kuran family, way back when Haruka and Juuri were still alive and Kaname and Yuuki were still kids. The first part is about Yuuki playing hide and seek with everyone else, and the second part takes place the day after, when she is read a story.

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Track 5
Main Drama “Anti-Sentimental Memories”

Kaname: Anti-sentimenal Memories

Yuuki: Done hiding?

Juuri: Not yet. We’ll be hidden after you count to 10.

Yuuki: Okay~!

Haruka: What a cute reply. Hurry, hide, hide.

(Background: Yuuki: 1~2~3~4~5~6~7~8~9~10!)

Kaname: Erm…

Juuri: What are you doing, Kaname? Hurry and hide yourself.

Kaname: Wait-

Juuri: Haruka, why are you hiding in the same place as I am?!

Haruka: I don’t want to leave you.

Juuri: Silly.

Kaname: Won’t Yuuki be pitiful if she can’t find us soon?

Juuri: It would be more pitiable if she doesn’t experience what hide and seek is about.

Haruka: Yuuki said that she wanted to be the catcher, so let her enjoy herself.

Kaname: That’s what it is?

Yuuki: Hmm… Under the table? *looks under table* Nope… Hmm… Well then, here!

Juuri: Oh! That girl is searching inside the vase.

Haruka: She looks cute standing on tiptoe.

Juuri: Anyway, why are the both of you hiding in the same spot with me? Won’t the 3 of us be discovered together this way?

Haruka: I’ve said it already, I don’t want to be separated from you.

Kaname: There’s no other spot where I can watch Yuuki from while being hidden, so…

Juuri: *sigh* I guess it can’t be helped. Ah! What?

Yuuki: Brother~ are you here? (Note: In all cases where Yuuki addresses Kaname or her parents, she uses the -sama suffix.)

Juuri: This time she’s looking under the cushion, even though we can’t hide in that sort of place. Ah… too cute! *talks gibberish*

Kaname: Erm… even though I understand your feelings of excitment, your elbow has been mercilessly hitting my face since  just now.

Juuri: Ah, sorry, Kaname. Is your face all right? Come, let me caress it, caress it, caress it~

Kaname: It’s okay even if you don’t caress it like that.

Karuka: Kaname is bothered by it, Juuri. If you must caress, then please do it on me.

Juuri: Ah, Father is jealous, right? Kaname, good boy, good boy~ That troubled face of yours is adorable, and I couldn’t help it. (It’s common for parents to address themselves as Father and Mother, especially when they have kids. It’s partly to help the kids learn how to address them as well. I’ve chosen to translate them as Father and Mother, since it’s more formal than Daddy and Mummy.)

Kaname: Ah…

Haruka: Juuri, Kaname is no longer at the age where he would be happy because of these things. Plus he’s a boy. Even though I would be happy (if Juuri did the same thing to him).

Juuri: How shameful, to be jealous of your child. Haruka, at times like this, shouldn’t you reflect about yourself?

Haruka: I know. And so?

Juuri: Wait- Ah…

Kaname: Ah, I can’t believe this. I wish the both of you wouldn’t do this when I’m in between… Ahh!

*everyone falls from where they were*

Yuuki: I’ve been hearing rummaging sounds since just now, so I knew that Father, Mother and Brother are in the cabinet. Is it enjoyable for everyone to be squeezing in such a small space? *Yuuki climbs in* It looks fun! How nice!

Yuuki: Mother is reading a book to Yuuki today.

Juuri: And after dawn came, that place became a really big forest.

Yuuki: Did the trees multiply? How many were there?

Juuri: You’re right. There’s so many that no matter how you count, you can’t finish counting it even in several days.

Yuuki: That many?

Yuuki: Using magic is cool!

Juuri:  How long are you going to stand there for? Kaname.

Yuuki: Ah! Brother!

Juuri: You’re also welcome here.

Kaname: Eh… It’s all right. I’m just passing by. See you.

Yuuki: Brother, over here! Come and sit beside Yuuki.

Kaname: Since Yuuki said that…

Juuri: You’re so easy to understand.

Yuuki: Mummy was just reading me a book.

Kaname: Sorry to disturb then…

Juuri: Yuuki, are you monopolising your brother? Mother is lonely. Come, come and sit between Mother and Yuuki, Kaname~ That would be fine, right?

Kaname: Eh?

Yuuki: Come quickly!

*Kaname sits down*

Juuri: Well then, can Kaname continue reading the story for us?

Kaname: Ah… okay…

Yuuki: Ah~ *giggle*

Kaname: Ah, Yuuki, I won’t be able to flip the page if you cling on to me like that.

Juuri: Fufufufu~

Kaname: Mother as well.

Juuri: Eh? Kaname is petty!

Haruka: The 3 of you seem to be enjoying yourselves.

Yuuki: Welcome home, Father!

Juuri: Welcome back, Haruka.

Kaname: Welcome back.

Haruka: I’m back. How good, Kaname, to be between the both of them.

Kaname: I’ll swop with you.

Juuri: Yuuki, Father is jealous.

Yuuki: Father is jealous!

Haruka: Will you let me swap with you?

Kaname: Please read the book as well… here.

Haruka: I see. This is an important task.

Juuri: Immature.

Haruka: No, this is a situation where any father would feel envious. It’s blissful to be surrounded by your wife and daughter. And if my son can sit cutely on my lap, that would be even more blissful. Come, Kaname.

Kaname: (Mushy…) It’s okay, I’ll decline. I’m Yuuki’s brother, so sitting here is good enough.

Haruka: Too bad. Well then, I’ll continue reading from here.

Yuuki: Hmm?

Juuri: What’s the matter?

Yuuki: Brother looks pitiful sitting over there by himself.

Juuri: Yuuki?

*Yuuki goes over*

Yuuki: I’m always together with Brother. Right, Brother?

Kaname: Ah… right! Thanks Yuuki.

Haruka: Yuuki, what about the book?

Yuuki: Mmm… *walks over* Can I have it?

Haruka: Ah, she took the book.

Yuuki: Here, read it, Brother.

Kaname: Sure. Shall we go to the room then?

Yuuki: Okay!

Haruka: Kaname…

Juuri: Don’t look at him with such reproachful eyes.

Haruka: Yuuki…

Juuri: Haruka, you look as though the world is about to end.

Haruka: That’s right. It’s as painful as when you declared that you got weary of married life back then.

Juuri: Oh, that’s serious then. Do your best, Haruka! If it’s you, you’ll be able to do it!

Haruka: Hahahaha…

Juuri: Haruka is at fault, you never change.

Haruka: Ah, that’s true. It was like that as well yesterday. Even though we were in the middle of hide and seek, just seeing you before my eyes, I lost control of myself. *sigh* It’s bad to be jealous of the kids.

Juuri: Kaname was pitiful then. Yuuki was also tactful and left us alone, and fell asleep because she was worn out.

Haruka: Even today, the enjoyable reading time ended because of me.

Juuri: Haruka.

Haruka: Juuri, I love you the most.

Juuri: Mmm.

Haruka: And then, I love the kids equally.

Juuri: I know.

Haruka: I love both you and the kids so much, and I want to pamper you all. But when I want to do that, I somehow ended up like that.

Juuri: You’re really bad when it comes to this. You’re too greedy.

Haruka: Sorry.

Juuri: I forgive you. I like you, even with this side of you.

Haruka: Juuri…

Juuri: Haruka…

Yuuki: Brother, we left Father and Mother behind.

Kaname: That eternally newly-wed couple… they’ll be fine. Come, let’s continue reading the book. They will surely be delighted if Yuuki tells the both of them your thoughts about the book tomorrow. Really.

Yuuki: Really?

Kaname: Uh! That’s why you have to listen properly to me reading it. *laugh* Yuuki can help me flip the pages.

Yuuki: Okay!

Yuuki: It’s like this everyday in my home. The~ end~!