Cross Academy Broadcasting Club #13 – Kuran Kaname, Chairman Cross

I originally wrote a summary for this episode of the radio show, and Claudia did a translation based on it.

ヴァンパイア騎士 黒主学園放送部
Vampire Knight Cross Academy Broadcasting Club

Broadcast #13 – Kuran Kaname, Chairman Cross (29 September 2008)

This is Cross Academy, where humans and vampires study together. The evening moment when the Day Class and Night Class switch over. Where are the voices that I’m hearing coming from…

Vampire Knight Cross Academy Broadcasting Club

Kaname: Why is it that I’m hosting this broadcast two weeks in a row? This is Kuran Kana-

Chairman: *cuts him off* Uwaaa! It’s so lovely and I’m touched that Kaname-kun has come to do this broadcast! This is the Chairman.

Kaname: Sigh!

Chairman: Kaname-kun… I know it’s hard for you to be up at this time. But don’t worry because I’m here today. Everyone from the Day Class, can you hear me?! (He says one more thing excitingly. I think he says it’s great that Kaname is doing it.) Surely everyone from the Night Class is also enlivened by this!

Kaname: The fact that the Night Class may be pleased with this broadcast… there’s no meaning to it. (He must mean that it doesn’t matter if the Night Class likes it or not since this is intended for the Day Class.)

Chairman: What do you mean “There’s no meaning to it”?  Kaname-kun, come on, smile, smile!

Kaname: Sigh… Without a doubt, this program was your idea to form a closer bond/friendship between the students of the Night and Day class.

Chairman: Hn. (yes)

Kaname: So that said, why is it that I wasn’t told that you would be here today?

Chairman: Eh?! It’s fine, it’s fine! Kaname-kun, you’re fussing over details!  Let’s have fun!! Ah, right, why don’t we read a letter! I’m so happy!!

He goes on being all happy about reading a letter.

Chairman: *dundundundundun* Ah, which one. Ah, ah, ah, this one. Her radio-name is Urawahoshimaku-chan. *Uses a fake girly voice* She wrote that she has been enjoying the broadcasts. She likes Zero and the rest of the Night Class, and feels happy to be able to listen to everyone’s voices weekly. Of course, she likes Yuuki as well. She asks everyone to keep up with the good work.

Chairman: I say, Urawa-chan is cute!  Thank you for including my cute Yuuki!!

Kaname: Yours…?

Chairman: Ah… Eh… Isn’t this enjoyable? But Kaname-kun, doesn’t this make you happy?

Kaname: If you’re so happy, why don’t you do it by yourself?

Chairman: Ah! Could it be that Kaname-kun is a little angry? Oh! Is it possible that you’re jealous of me for being a show-off, Kaname-kun? Aa! This is so unexpected and cute!! *Tsuntsun* (usually means ‘aloof’ or ‘morose’ so maybe he means for Kaname to relax a bit by telling him he’s too aloof/morose OR it’s just a cute expression made-up by the Chairman.)

*Hits Kaname on the back twice*

Kaname: Sigh. Could you refrain from touching me?  Hentai is contagious. (Hentai means weirdness or perverseness. Kaname is worried to be infected by the Chairman’s weirdness.)

Chairman: No it’s not!!

Kaname says that to him, the Chairman’s intentions to talk or do this broadcast with him seems like it won’t happen.

Kaname: It’s a shame that this is the last time. It would have been fine if you had done it alone from the start.
(I think Kaname refers to the fact that he doesn’t want to talk with the Chairman because he seems to have planned this from the start – to have airtime with Kaname – and Kaname won’t comply. So he tells the Chairman he should have done the whole broadcast on his own from the start. It may be his way to tell him what he truly thinks of having to do this broadcast in the first place since he never really agreed to do it. In a word, he tells him to buzz off in a very underhanded way and that this won’t be an opportunity for the Chairman to have a nice little chat with him. Typical of Kaname.)

Kaname: Mixer room? Can you hear me? Seems like it’s fine to go back home.

Chairman: Hum… Seems like my dear daughter wants to tell me something. How truly cute! What is it? *Reading off Yuuki’s notepad* “Chairman, what are you doing, barging in there like that? If you don’t stop bothering Kaname-sempai, I won’t let you eat dessert with me.”

Chairman: No way!!! I get it.

He says one more thing to Kaname, about protecting something and leaves crying. Kaname mentions something about the door.

Kaname: Sigh. (What can be done?)  It would have been fine if the Chairman had hosted the show on his own.  But, instead of hosting it along with him, it’s better to do it alone myself.

*turns page*

So now is the next corner. Sigh…

[Night Patrol Report]

In this world, there are many strange/mysterious and astonishing things happening. Even though the fact that I’m myself hosting this broadcast is the most mysterious. Why is it that I’m hosting the broadcast for 2 consecutive weeks? Sigh…

Kaname explains what this segment is about, that students report strange and mysterious personal experiences they encounter.

Since it’s the last broadcast, everyone should know that already. That’s right. Everyone from the Day Class, it’s better not to stay on the school compound after sunset. For the convenience of the Night Class students who use the compound, it’s best to have dinner in the dorm instead. If someone doesn’t observe the rules, it will trouble the Guardians.

Well then, let’s see our first letter.” *Takes letter* Hn, I see. This letter is address to me.  Her radio-name is Ruucha-san.

“This is about my father. You know what an ‘Ame otoko’ is, right? (Literally rain man – someone that always seems to attract rain when there’s a special event.) My father is like that. For 6 consecutive years, when I got tickets for the pool in advance, there would be rain or a typhoon. I’m in Junior High, second year.  Since I started school, it has always rained during the Cultural and Sports Festivals. As long as father passed by, even if there was only a 20% chance of rain, it rained.”

The letter also mentions that once when her whole family went out on vacation, there was 90% chance of it raining and it ended up becoming 100%. It seemed like a special ability of her father, she’s looking forward to his answer and thanks him in advance for it.

Sigh. Rain man, eh? That’s what was enclosed (in the letter). It isn’t bad, isn’t it? When we have no choice but to go out during the day, to us it’s very helpful (to vampires). I don’t know if it’s a special ability or not but, for this, it would be best to check the weather forecast before deciding to set off or not. If it still rains, you should bring your father to places where it’s hard to get rain.

What is it? Kiryuu-kun? Your shoulders are shaking. I think it’s impossible but, are you laughing? Hum… That I try to give a proper answer to this letter, it’s that fun, is it? After this –  No! Let’s go to the next corner.

[This Week’s Student Discussion Room]

Aidou and Kain have also come to the mixer room. Aren’t there too many people? Is it so rare to see me do something alone? Sigh.

Kaname briefly introduces the corner.

Well, let’s read that letter. *Long sigh* Radio name: Sakurahime-san.

*Reading the letter* “Good evening and nice to meet you. I’ve looked forward to have my first letter read on the air. I would like to ask everyone about my aspiration. Right now, I’m a Junior High, 3rd year student. My dream is to be a pastry chef (He says ‘pâtissier’, it is a French word).  I want to study cooking as soon as possible.  I want to enroll in a school that offers that. However, my parents and teachers are against it. My parents think that if my aspiration changes in the future, it would be hard. I understand my parents’ concerns. I wonder if there is any way to convince my parents? Yoroshiku onegaishimasu (Please, I’m asking for a favor).

*Repeats what she just wrote* I’m ‘extremely’ looking forward to it’ Is she? Thanks. About your problem, Sakurahime-san, wouldn’t it be fine to do what you want? But, the people who are worried about Sakurahime-san, they are just concerned about Sakurahime-san.

Kaname suggests that rather than persuading them just like that, she should find out what other options she has should her aspirations change, and let her parents know about it.

Sigh. That’s right. It’s still going on. Mixer room? The glass is turning white (fogging over) because there are too many people. Aidou! Your face is red. Isn’t it too hot? It’s best if Aidou leaves soon.

[Famous Scene Chat Night]

This corner is when we repeat a line from the Vampire Knight anime. We hear the request from one of the listeners. That’s what this corner is.  The first request is … *sound of paper* … is this it? Well… her radio-name is Milky-san.

*Reading the letter* “In episode 4, what Kaname-sempai told Yuuki (if it’s fine). ‘I cannot be calm, because my precious girl has been bitten by someone else.’ Could you say it one more time?”

Sigh. I see. This thing was only meant for Yuuki. It was for that occasion.  The one who picked that (request) is Ichijou? Eh. It was Yuuki? Ah, so, it can’t be helped then.  “I cannot be calm, because my precious girl has been bitten by someone else.

That’s enough. Sigh. Is there more?

He ends asking a question about the Chairman. I think he asks himself if that was not a mistake to say that with the Chairman present.

[This Week’s Event Information]

Information on DVD 4, manga volume 8 and the second novel. He also talks about the new info about Vampire Knight Guilty and the website.

*End music*

Vampire Knight Cross Academy Broadcasting Club. Thank you for listening up until now. Actually, this is the last broadcast. If you wonder why, it’s because the second season of the anime is starting. We are also going to get very busy.

How many times did we do this broadcast? About four times? Eh? There were 13. I see, it’s been that long.

Thank you for listening to this radio show.  Honestly, at first I didn’t want to participate. And then, unexpectedly, I did it twice and then ended up doing it three times. Even now this situation is incredible (hard to believe).

Hum? Kain says…. That I must have spoken 3 years’ worth of words. It’s true. And Shiki must have spoken 5 years’ worth. Aidou! Don’t hold a signboard in such a crammed place.

*Reading the signboard* “Kaname-sama, you’re the best host! Forever!”

Sigh. If you are that lonely, why don’t you and Kiryuu-kun just always talk together… About the dream you had last night.

Ichijou and Chairman, would you refrain from hugging and crying? Surprisingly, I think everyone enjoyed doing this. This live broadcast, doing this service, maybe I also enjoyed it?

*Talking and listening to Yuuki* Hn? What is it, Yuuki? … That’s right. (Time flew by and it isn’t bad once in a while) … No, the same goes for me. Those are nice memories of our school life. Thank you.

Everyone, we’ll meet again and I wish you sweet dreams tonight.