Cross Academy Night Class – Track 5

Track 5 is the last one, and covers chapter 4 of the manga. It’s my favourite track as well. 🙂 Since no one was cast for Yori, Yori’s parts have been changed in this part.

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LaLa 応募者全員サービス 「ヴァンパイア騎士」 ミッドナイトCD-PACK
Vampire Knight Midnight CD Pack

Main Drama “Cross Academy Night Class”
Track 5

Kaname: Ah?!

Chairman: What’s wrong, Kaname-kun.

Kaname: I smell blood. Ah? That scent!

Chairman: Kaname-kun!

Zero: Yuuki, I am…

Yuuki: Ah… Ah…

Kaname: Yuuki.

Yuuki: Kaname-senpai.

Kaname: Have you fallen into a beast who thirsts for blood?! Kiryuu Zero!

Yuuki: Stop it, Kaname-senpai! Don’t kill Zero. Ah…

Zero: Yuuki… Yuuki… This…

Kaname: You’ve cruelly indulged in her blood, to the point where she can’t even stand up. Was Yuuki’s blood so delicious?

Zero: Ah… Ah…

Yuuki: Umm, Kaname-senpai. I’m all right now. I feel better now after sitting down.

Kanme: No, let me see your wound. Even though you’ve almost stopped bleeding, the wound is deep. He must have bitten you with all his strength.

Yuuki: Ah… Ah…

Kaname: Yuuki, does it hurt?

Yuuki: Eh, why am I crying?

Kaname: Have you become scared of vampires?

Yuuki: Nope… no, that’s not the case.

I wonder why… Even though my head is spinning, there is something I’m certain of. I… I’ve hurt Zero’s feelings.

Chairman: Kaname-kun, can you go to the classroom for a while? The Night Class is getting noisy because of the scent of blood.

Kaname: Sure.

Chairman: Yuuki, were you surprised? Sorry that I haven’t been able to tell you the truth, and things ended up this way.

Yuuki: I’ve never thought that Zero was a vampire.

Chairman: He was originally a human. Until 4 years ago…

Yuuki: Eh?

Chairman: 4 years ago, the Kiryuu family was attacked by a vampire, and only Zero barely managed to survive. When I discovered him, he had very deep bite marks left on his neck.

Yuuki: Ah… that kind of thing…

Chairman: Yuuki, for humans who are bitten to turn into vampires, you think that’s merely a legend, right? But it’s true. Those who can turn humans into one of their kind, only a small handful exist – these are the pureblood vampires.

Yuuki: Pure… blood.

Chairman: Yuuki, you don’t have to worry. Zero isn’t a pureblood. Therefore, Yuuki won’t become a vampire.

Yuuki: …Ah… Where’s Zero?

Chairman: He was taken to his own dorm room to let him calm down for now.

Yuuki: I didn’t know anything. Zero was suffering for 4 years. What were you thinking of when you were alone? Zero, who hates vampires to the extent that he wants to kill them. Zero must have hated himself all along.

Zero: Bloody Rose. Even though this gun cannot hurt humans, it can injure vampires. If it’s a vampire, with this gun…

Yuuki: Zero. Ah, Zero!!! Zero, what are you trying to do, using that gun?!

Zero: Nothing.

Yuuki: Liar! The safety catch on the gun has been taken off!

Zero: What did you come for?

Yuuki: What for…

Zero: That time… you also heard it right? The sound of your own blood being sucked by me.

Yuuki: Ah.

Zero: After that hair-raising experience, it’s impossible to remain calm and get over it. Therefore, don’t bother about me anymore.

Yuuki: Zero, I was certainly frightened for a moment back then. But, but I… because I’ve always been with Zero…

Yuuki: Zero! Wait! Wait! Stop! If you don’t stop, I’ll shoot…

Zero: Let go of the Bloody Rose, Yuuki. You’ll hurt your shoulder.

Yuuki: Zero, are you leaving the school? Tell me where you’re going!

Zero: I couldn’t stop myself from drinking your blood. I might even kill the next human I prey on.

Yuuki: But I don’t want this. For you to leave silently just like that… I don’t want this.

Zero: Then shoot me.

Yuuki: Ah…

Zero: Truth is, you’re afraid of me, aren’t you? Hold the gun straight using both arms. Aim at the centre of my body.

(Yuuki: I can’t, Zero.)

Zero: It’s okay. It’s not a crime to kill a vampire.

(Yuuki: I can’t do something like that. Because I understand the pain you’ve concealed.)

Zero: Yuuki.

Yuuki: Even though I knew nothing, I’ve watched Zero for 4 years. Thus, I’m not afraid. I’ll stop you the next time.

Zero: Ah.

Yuuki: In future, if such a time comes again, if Zero wishes to stop, I will stop you.

Zero: Yuuki.

The only people who know that Zero is a vampire are me, the Chairman and Kaname-senpai. If anyone else knows about this, there will definitely be a huge uproar. Zero is suffering. Therefore… therefore, I’ll become Zero’s ally!