Chapter 54 is out!

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The scanlation by Sagakure can be found here.

The trio meet again after a year! I’ve been waiting for this to happen. :) They’re all looking lovely at the ball, especially Yuuki. She’s grown so much over a year.

  • We get to see how the vampire society is really like, and how the other vampires certainly do not have good intentions towards the purebloods, unlike the members of the Night Class. It must have been really difficult for Kaname to grow up in such an environment, with Haruka and Juuri no longer being around to shelter him.
  • Yuuki held herself really well during the ball, even though it must have been scary with all those vampires surrounding her. She seems confident and in control, even if she might not have felt entirely that way.
  • Yori really throws all caution to the wind in order to meet Yuuki. Imagine if Zero wasn’t there – I can’t be sure what Sara or the other vampires would do to her. Is everything that happened so far within Kaito’s plan? I really can’t see how he can just stand around and not do anything. >< What exactly is his plan, and what if things don’t happen according to it?
  • Zero asking Yuuki not to touch his hand… that was such a sad scene. If only their first meeting after a year wasn’t at the ball but somewhere more private – I wonder if things would turn out a bit more different? I’m sure he still cares about Yuuki.
  • The most intriguing part of the chapter has to be about the new pureblood – Ouri. I’m really curious as to what happened between Sara and him, and that scent of blood. Will this in anyway tie back with the sleeping purebloods we learnt of a few chapters back?
  • The teaser says that something gruesome is going to happen in the next chapter. It might be an exaggeration, like how these teasers are sometimes, but in any case, it’s interesting to see how the events will unfold. There are so many possibilities out there. I’m hoping to see more interaction between the trio!

By the way, if anyone noticed that Yuuki’s clothes in the manicure scene this chapter is different from the previous chapter, it’s because Hino-sensei made a mistake. She mentions in her blog entry that Yuuki’s clothes was drawn wrongly in chapter 53, and it will be fixed so that she’s wearing the same clothes in this chapter when the new manga volume comes out.

(In another entry, Hino-sensei draws a picture of Yuuki for Horie Yui, the seiyuu of Yuuki, as a birthday present. Too bad the picture is so small, but still, it looks really lovely.)

Just a note about raw scans before I end off:

The first scans of this chapter that was released were not complete – the scanner did not want to post up the complete chapter because she faced issues with stealing. It seems that fewer people are scanning VK as compared to the past, and it’d be really sad if we no longer get to see the raws because of this. So, please don’t repost the scans from other sites. Linking to the page itself is usually fine though. :)

Please continue to support Hino-sensei and Vampire Knight! The next chapter will be out on October 24.




Chapter 53 is out!

It’s still 2 days before the official sale date of LaLa, and I’ve yet to see any scans of the new chapter being posted online. However, Sagakure has gotten her copy of the magazine, and has kindly posted a summary here. The chapter seems interesting! The scanlation should be up soon, and I’ll edit this post once I get to see the scans.

Edit: Scanlation is up!

As usual, some thoughts about this chapter: (SPOILERS!)

  • I enjoyed this chapter, with the appearance of Kaito, Shiki and Rima, and of course, our trio getting to meet again! Kaito first appeared in the first VK novel, and now we get to see him all grown up! He seems to have become scarier though… (For those interested in the VK novels, they are unfortunately not available in English, but I think I’ve come across a summary somewhere. Look in the VK LJ community if you’re interested? There are Chinese translations available online, for those who can read it.)
  • Why does Yori trust Kaito to sneak her into the ball? I really dislike the fact that Kaito is using her as bait, and I hope nothing bad happens to Yori. I do want her and Yuuki to meet though. I really wonder what Kaito’s true intentions are with regards to everything he’s done in this chapter. I just hope he doesn’t make things worse between the vampires and hunters.
  • Yuuki does make people rethink their image about the purebloods sometimes. XD But you know, that’s what I like about her!
  • I wonder why Kaname is so skilled at manicures. Did he learn how to do it, hoping that he could help Yuuki with her manicure some day? What else does he know? XD
  • Yuuki has this lovely pureblood feel when she appears in front of the vampires. The look on Zero when he sees her though, is kind of worrying. I wish that one day we’ll see him looking at her with the same kind of expression he had when she was still human. I’m looking forward to seeing what will happen between the both of them.
  • We’ve yet to see Sara, and I wonder if she turned up at the ball? Present or not, I do think that she’ll cause some kind of trouble.

The results of the cosplay contest are announced in this chapter, and the winning idea is that of “angels and demons”, which is what Hino-sensei drew for the cover page. While the picture is nice, I wish that some other idea had won, since the theme of angels and demons is so common. Some of the other submitted ideas include:

  • Halloween Night, with Kaname as Dracula, Yuuki as a fairy, Aidou as a native American, Kain as Frankenstein, Rima as a black cat, Zero as a zombie, and so on.
  • Alice in Wonderland, with Zero as Alice, Aidou as The White Rabbit, Kain as The Cheshire Cat, Ichijou as The Mad Hatter, and Kaname as The Queen of Hearts.
  • Kindergarten
  • Mafia, with Kaname as the boss, and the Night Class as his subordinates. Yuuki will be Kaname’s girlfriend
  • Sherlock Holmes, with Yuuki as Sherlock Holmes, Zero as Watson, and Kaname as Professor Moriarty.
  • 金さん – Not too sure what this one is about.
  • Gakuran (学ラン) – It refers to a type of Japanese school uniform for boys, often with a stand-up collar with long jacket and loose trousers, and the contributers wanted the characters to be dressed in these.
  • Cross Ranger – Aidou as Red, Kain as Blue, Kaname as Black, Yuuki as Pink, and Ichijou as Yellow. Their opponent is… Zero?! There’s another version with Kaname as the evil boss, and the other characters having different colours.
  • The Kuran family
  • Opera – Aidou as heroine
  • Love, running wildly (愛、暴走) – There has to be a better way to translate this! There are 2 suggestions for this theme. One of them has Aidou wearing a T-shirt with Kaname’s picture printed on it, along with “I <3 Kaname-sama” as the logo. The other one is about Kaname and Yuuki cross-dressing.

I didn’t translate all the details, and there are some parts that I’m not too sure about, but I’ll add those in if I have time to do so. I’d love to see the Alice in Wonderland theme being done!




Chapter 52 is out! (and some other news)

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Apologies for the lack of updates – work really sucks your energy! Sagakure has scanlated the latest VK chapter, and if you haven’t read it, you can do so here.

Some useless ramblings of mine:

  • Lots of Kaname x Yuuki in this chapter, and despite being a Zero x Yuuki shipper, I wasn’t too upset with this development. I guess I saw it coming after reading the last couple of chapters.
  • Zero looks so good no matter what he’s doing! I can’t help but stare at the panels with him…
  • Sara and Takuma… just what is Sara planning and what does Takuma have in mind? Has their relationship changed? It’s not surprising that Kaname knows where Takuma is. I don’t think anything escapes him.
  • The most interesting part of the chapter has to be the other sleeping purebloods. Who are they, and where will they stand when they are awaken? (I’m pretty sure they they will be.) Just how many pureblood families are there?
  • What’s the story with the ancestor? What happened before his slumber? Why was he in such despair? I hope we get to find out more about him soon.
  • I really hope that the next chapter will have the trio meeting – we haven’t seen them together in so long! I really want to know how they would react to each other’s presence. Also, will we get to see Shiki and Rima during the ball? We haven’t seen them in a while.

The next chapter will be out on 24th August, and it will be 40 pages long with colour pages. Please continue to support Hino-sensei by buying the manga!

In other news, Viz Media has licensed the VK anime! There’s not much information about it yet, and I’m not sure if VK Guilty is included in their license as well. But still, it’s good news for those wishing to own the DVDs, but not getting the Japanese releases because they can’t understand it. :)




Cross Gakuen DVD – Cast Talk

I managed to get a clip of the Cast Talk session which was included in the Cross Gakuen DVD released a few months back.  The person who ripped it doesn’t want the link to be publicly shared, so I’m only able to provide a few screencaps for now. It’d be good for those who want to see how the cast looks like, as well as Horie Yui (voice of Yuuki) wearing the Day Class uniform!

I posted a summary of the talk contents some time back, and you can read it here. :)

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VK Guilty Creditless OP & ED

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These are 848×480 screencaps. The quality isn’t very good, but I guess it can’t be helped since the quality of the original video I have is not the best either. Only some selected caps are shown here; do download the zip file for the complete set! :) The video clips can be found here.

OP (download; 55 caps total)

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