There are a lot of VK drama CDs out there, but unfortunately few have been translated. I’ve translated a few of them and made summaries of others, and I hope these will be useful. :)

I’m still learning Japanese, so there might be some mistakes here and there. If you spot them, I’d really appreciate it if you can let me know. Thanks!

Translations done by others can be found in the media section. :)

LaLa Furoku Drama CDs


VK Midnight CD Pack

Main Drama “Cross Academy Night Class”
Translations: Track 1 · Track 2 · Track 3 · Track 4 · Track 5

Omake Drama “Night Class Interview”
Translations: Aidou Hanabusa · Kain Akatsuki · Shiki Senri · Ichijou Takuma · Kuran Kaname · Kiryuu Zero

VK Moonlight CD Pack

Translations: Omake Drama “Moon Dorm Unannounched Inspection”

VK Pureblood CD Pack

Translations: A certain day with the girls · Vampire†Quest · Anti-sentimental Memories

Vampire Knight DS Situation Voice CD

Translations: Kiryuu Zero · Kuran Kaname · Ichijou Takuma · Aidou Hanabusa · Kain Akatsuki · Shiki Senri

Cross Academy Broadcasting Club