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Chapter 50 is out!

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The scans are available on Baidu. I’m sure the English scanlated version will be out in no time! :)

Edit: The scanlation is out!

It’s almost 1am and I only briefly looked through the chapters, but here’s some info and thoughts about it: (SPOILERS!)

  • The colour page features Yuuki with 2 wolves, and I think that they represent Zero and Kaname. The colour of their fur and eyes match.
  • Lots of Zero in this chapter! <3
  • We continue from where we left off, which is 1 year after the whole big battle. Zero still has that kind side to him, despite all that has happened. What’s the thing with the bag though? I need to read the chapter in more detail.
  • We see the Chairman again! He speaks about the changes that have occurred in the past year.
  • Why does Zero need to pour that many blood tablets into his mouth? :( Even the Chairman comments about that. Seems like Zero isn’t sure whether he’ll still fall to Level E?
  • Kaname still had contact with the Hunter’s Association, and wanted to propose a new agreement with them.
  • The Chairman tells Zero that if he changes his stand (about vampires), there will be new orders from the Hunter Association for him.
  • The scene shifts to the house where Yuuki and Kaname now live in. Seems that Yuuki cannot bring herself to bite Kaname even when she wants blood, because of that human side in her. She licks blood off Kaname’s hand instead. (Good to see that his hand grew back!)
  • Yuuki cannot leave the underground room, and we see her writing a letter to Yori there.
  • Aidou gives Yuuki lessons. (How did he know they were there? I don’t recall any mention of it in previous chapters.) He says he’ll pass Yuuki’s letter to Yori if she scores about 75 in his test.
  • We end off the chapter with the Chairman and Zero, who has been asked to attend the meeting (regarding the new agreement).

In commemoration of the 50th VK chapter, there will be a VK cosplay contest where readers can send in ideas of what they want to see the VK characters being dressed up as. The small text on the scan is killing my eyes, but it seems like some of the ideas will be used.

The next chapter is in a month! I wonder if Zero will decide to go for the meeting, and if he meets Kaname, I wonder what will happen. How near are we to the end?




Chapter 49 is out!

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Scans have been released on Billwang and Baidu, so if you can access these sites, look around and you’ll find them. The cover is pretty, featuring Yuuki all dressed up and holding a bunny.

Spoilers are below the cut, but before that, the next chapter will be released on 23 May. It’s the 50th chapter, and in celebration of that, the opening page of VK will be coloured, and the chapter will be 40 pages long. It’ll be something to look forward to! :)

Moving on to the spoilers…