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New translations

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Just a quick update, links to translations of the Aidou and Kain tracks on the Zero version of the Good Night CD have been added here. Thanks to Anna for sharing the links!

Claudia has translated the Omake Mini Anime that came with DVD 5, and you can download the file here. Thanks a lot!

It’s really nice to see more VK media getting translated these days, so that more people can enjoy it. About half of the currently released drama CD tracks have been translated, and it’d be nice if the other half gets translated as well someday. :)




New media added!

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I haven’t been updating the front page for a while, but for those who have been clicking around, you might have noticed that the extras from VK season 1 DVD 5 have been uploaded here. I’ve just uploaded both versions of the Good Night CD as well, and you can get them here.

I’ve updated the media page with all the drama cds and extra videos I know of, even though I don’t have the files for some of them. If you happen to have these and would like me to share them here, please contact me or drop me a comment. :) If I’ve missed listing anything, do let me know as well! Enjoy!




Midnight CD Pack translations

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I’ve finished translating all the tracks from the Midnight CD Pack! :) You can view them here.

Tracks 1 to 5 cover chapters 1 to 4 of the manga, with slight differences made to certain parts. Tracks 6 to 11 are the Night Class interviews, which have been up for quite some time already.

I’ve there are any mistakes, please let me know and I’ll fix them. Enjoy! :)




Moving in!

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(My old site is at

I’ve been having problems posting on Vox recently, so I’ve decided to shift everything over to my own domain instead. I’m slowly shifting my posts from Vox over, so please be patient, the site will slowly be up. :)