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VK Character Contest 2

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Some months back there was a VK Character Contest organised by LaLa, and the results were published along with Chapter 36 of the manga (March 2008 issue). I don’t remember seeing much mention of the results, so I’ll just post them here.

Favourite Character
1. Kuran Kaname 3235pt
2. Kiryuu Zero 3008pt
3. Cross Yuuki 2128pt
4. Ichijou Takuma 1026pt
5. Shiki Senri 756pt
6. Aidou Hanabusa 450pt
7. Kain Akatsuki 435pt
8. Tooya Rima
9. Chairman Cross
10. Kiryuu Ichiru
11. Hiou Shizuka
12. Souen Ruka

Favourite Pair
1. Cross Yuuki & Kiryuu Zero 1728pt
2. Shiki Senri & Tooya Rima 1402pt
3. Cross Yuuki & Kuran Kaname 1272pt
4. Kuran Kaname & Kiryuu Zero 726pt
5. Aidou Hanabusa & Kain Akatsuki
6. Kuran Kaname & Aidou Hanabusa
6. Kuaran Kaname & Ichijou Takuma (joint position as above)
8. Ichijou Takuma & Shiki Senri
9. Cross Yuuki & Chairman Cross

The person whom you want your blood to be drunk by
1. Kuran Kaname 972pt
2. Kiryuu Zero 465pt
3. Ichijou Takuma 228pt
4. Shiki Senri 155pt
5. Aidou Hanabusa 98pt
6. Kain Akatsuki 88pt

The person you want as your lover (boyfriend/girlfriend)
1. Kuran Kaname 769pt
2. Kiryuu Zero 506pt
3. Ichijou Takuma 203pt
4. Kain Akatsuki 185pt
5. Shiki Senri 148pt
6. Aidou Hanabusa 98pt

The person you want as your sibling
1. Kiryuu Zero 288pt
2. Ichijou Takuma 264pt
3. Aidou Hanabusa 260pt
4. Shiki Senri 206pt
5. Cross Yuuki 198pt
6. Kain Akatsuki 194pt
7. Tooya Rima 189pt
8. Kuran Kaname 160pt

Favourite Line
1. “Because Yuuki was there, I might have been able to live on…” – Kiryuu Zero, Chapter 15
2. “Live for eternity by my side… ?” – Kuran Kaname, Chapter 26
3. “Let us… do something unforgivable…” – Cross Yuuki, Chapter 8 (Chapter 18 as shown in the scans is a misprint.)
4. “I love you… more than anything in the world” – Kuran Kaname, Chapter 30
5. “Become my lover?” – Kuran Kaname, Chapter 32

The rest of them are unfortunately too small to make out in the scans. I’ve anyone has a larger copy of the scans, please let me know! :)




VK Character Contest 1

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The first VK character contest was held about a year after the manga started its run, and the results were released along with chapter 20. The positions are pretty obvious from the scans even if you can’t read Japanese, but I’ll just summarise everything below.

Favourite Character
1. Kuran Kaname
2. Kiryuu Zero
3. Cross Yuuki
4. Ichijou Takuma
5. Kain Akatsuki
6. Shiki Senri
7. Aidou Hanabusa
8. Chairman Cross
9. Kiryuu Ichiru
10. Tooya Rima
11. Souen Ruka
12. Yagari Touga
12. Hiou Shizuka (tie)
14. The class president
15. Wakaba Sayori (Yori-chan)
15. Kurenai Maria (tie)
15. Hino Matsuri (tie)

Favourite Combination (Pair)
1. Cross Yuuki & Kiryuu Zero
2. Cross Yuuki & Kuran Kaname
3. Kuran Kaname & Kiryuu Zero
4. Kuran Kaname & Ichijou Takuma
5. Aidou Hanabusa & Kain Akatsuki
6. Kiryuu Zero & Kiryuu Ichiru
7. Shiki Senri & Tooya Rima
8. Icijou Takuma & Shiki Senri
9. Kuran Kaname & Aidou Hanabusa
10. Cross Yuuki & Chairman Cross

I believe there is a character contest for the fanbook as well (don’t quote me on this though), and I’ll post it up if I find it. :)




Zero Panel!

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I found this on one of the posts on the Vampire Knight blog. This life-sized Zero panel was made in commemoration of the release of volume 8 of the manga, as well as season 2 of the anime. It’s currently on display in bookstores around Japan, and a list of places is provided in their post. (I so wish I could see this! I’ll be standing there, staring and drooling. XD) Assuming that I didn’t read the last sentence wrongly, it urges the readers not the strip Zero of his uniform, because they’d be at a loss otherwise. I think they should be more worried about people carrying Zero off instead. XD