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VK Voice Clock Pictures

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I’ve posted the voice files for the alarm clock a while ago, and here come the pictures. (Finally.) XD The voice clock is pretty big (~15cm tall), and the voices are surprisingly loud as well. It’s a good thing though, since it’s supposed to wake you up. ;)

I like the face of the clock! Yuuki’s picture is sadly blocked in the photo above, but I assure you that she looks great, just like the other characters. The 4 pictures to the right of it are scans of the box (font, back and sides). The chibis on the back are not new drawings, but they nevertheless look good. Chibi Yuuki is so cute! I really like the images of Zero and Kaname that are printed on the sides of the box as well. I think these images have also been used on some of the older merchandise.

The clock comes with 3 batteries, as well as instructions in Japanese. It’s not too difficult to figure out how to use it even if you can’t read the instructions. XD It comes with a 6-month guarantee, but too bad for me, I can’t send back the form.

You can get the clock through Yahoo!Japan auctions, but you will need to use a deputy shopper to help you bid. If you need help, I have a guide to buying from Y!J auctions here. :) Amongst all the VK merchandise out there, I think this is one of those that’s really worth getting. :)