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I’m not sure how popular minitokyo is these days, but it’s a good site to find some nice wallpapers. There are some very talented people there who have created lovely VK wallpapers, and some of my favourites are shown in this post. If you’re looking for a nice VK wallpaper, maybe you’ll like one of these? :) (You need to register in order to download.)

Gates of Abyss Rondo Barotique ♥ Rima-ce in Shiki-land Kuran Family

Zero x Yuuki

Love Anniversary Break Time I I'm Your Baby Doll Bittersweet Love Eternal Love

Kaname x Yuuki

Welcome Home Onii-sama 専有~ Vampire's Night Foreplay


Vampire Knight - Zero Solitude


Beautifully Dangerous Singur Midnight Glare .:A Pureblood's Morning:.


Irresistible Prey ~*Miss Alice*~ Can't Escape my Fate

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