Chapter 56 is out!

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It’s the weekend and scans for the latest chapter have been released, but unfortunately I’m sick. :( I don’t have the energy to write something detailed, but I’m sure the scanlation will be out soon, so it won’t be too long of a wait to read the whole chapter.

In short, this chapter is a pretty somber one. It’s revealed to us that Sara killed Ouri. She first bit a hunter, and made him her slave by using her pureblood power. The hunter slave was then made to kill Ouri, and went on to end his own life after that. Sara tried to justify herself by saying that Ouri himself was tired of living on eternally anyway. Sara herself wants to become Queen.

Aidou figures out how Ouri died, but the difference is that they thought that Ouri committed suicide, rather than the case being a murder. Yuuki seems to have some doubt about the suicide part though. We then see Shiki and Rima visiting Aidou and Yuuki. They leave after passing a message from Ichijou.

Next up, Kaname gets mad because he ordered that no one was to be let into the place while he wasn’t around, yet Aidou and Yuuki let Shiki and Rima in. Aidou gets punished, while Yuuki doesn’t.

Kaname teaches Yuuki the names of the 7 pureblood families, which include Kuran, Hiou, Shirabuki, Ouri, Hanadagi, Touma and Shoudou. They go on to talk about more politics.

We get to see the Hunter’s Association talking about the Ouri and dead hunter case, and with that, the chapter ends.

The next chapter comes out on December 24, and volume 11 of the manga will be on sale in Japan from December 4. Sagakure has scanned the cover, and I must say that it looks absolutely lovely! :)

And now, off I go to get some rest. Hopefully I’ll recover fully by Monday.

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