Chapter 55 is out!

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Scans have kindly been shared here, with thanks to enni74 and nildiam. Since there’s hasn’t been any summary posted online at the moment, I’ve made a rough one for those who really want to know what’s going on in this chapter. I’m not too sure about the conversations between Kaname and Sara, so I didn’t write about those parts in detail. Sagakure’s summary and scanlation should be coming soon, so keep an eye out for that! :)

Before I start, I must say that Zero looks really good on the cover. <3

Here goes:

  • “A new game is starting…”
  • We start off the chapter by seeing Kaname talking to Sara, which we knew was going to happen from the last chapter.
  • Zero is leading Yori-chan away from the crowd, and Yori says that even though it feels scary, she thinks that there’s no need to be overly guarded against the people at the party. One of the vampire guest then comes up to her, and she gets scared of him. Zero brings Yori to Kaito, and asks her to stay near him and not wonder about.
  • Aidou finds Zero and Yori, and asks them for an hour of their time to meet Yuuki. Yori asks Aidou if it’s really fine for them to do so, and Kaito pushes both Zero and Yori to go ahead.
  • The scene then changes to that of the Chairman and Kain talking in a room… and a couple of panels later we see Shiki, Rima and Ichijou!
  • Shiki asks Ichijou why he didn’t return nor contact them since he was fine, and Rima adds that they were worried. Ichijou explains that he was confined, and apologises for getting them worried. Shiki suggests that they should go and greet Kaname, but Ichijou says that he will stay with Sara. He says something about Yuuki finally returning to Kaname, and that he shouldn’t be a hindrance.
  • Going back to Aidou, Yori and Zero, they have reached the room where Yuuki was waiting for them. Zero says that he only came along to send Yori. As Zero nears the door, the veins on his hand start buldging out. Aidou opens the door, and Yori and Yuuki immediately embrace each other.
  • Kain comes to the room, and tells Aidou that he should have heard about what had happened. Yuuki asks what’s going on, and Aidou tells her that the other pureblood, Ouri, had disappeared.
  • Yuuki suddenly sensed freshly-spilled blood. She decides to take a look at the situation, and asks Aidou to stay with Yori. Aidou says that he was commanded not to leave Yuuki no matter what, and Yuuki had no choice but to let Aidou and Yori go along.
  • We see Kaname and Sara talking again, and their conversation reveals that Ouri is older, and is Sara’s fiancee.
  • Back to Yori and the rest, we see that the ashes of a vampire had been found on a table. Upon seeing this, Aidou stops Yori from going any further.
  • Yuuki meets the Chairman, and sees that one of the hunters had decided to kill himself with his own weapon. On his neck were bite marks made by a vampire. Yuuki says that she must find the person who did it, and Zero tells her that to keep out of it, since it’s not a game. Yuuki says she understands, as she is no longer the Cross Yuuki who didn’t know anything and couldn’t do anything. If anything bad happens, she would make a move to protect the things that are important to her.
  • Yuuki is asked to leave. She asks about the party, and Zero says that that farce of a party is over.

The next chapter comes out on 24 November, and the furoku is a 2010 calendar.

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