Chapter 54 is out!

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The scanlation by Sagakure can be found here.

The trio meet again after a year! I’ve been waiting for this to happen. :) They’re all looking lovely at the ball, especially Yuuki. She’s grown so much over a year.

  • We get to see how the vampire society is really like, and how the other vampires certainly do not have good intentions towards the purebloods, unlike the members of the Night Class. It must have been really difficult for Kaname to grow up in such an environment, with Haruka and Juuri no longer being around to shelter him.
  • Yuuki held herself really well during the ball, even though it must have been scary with all those vampires surrounding her. She seems confident and in control, even if she might not have felt entirely that way.
  • Yori really throws all caution to the wind in order to meet Yuuki. Imagine if Zero wasn’t there – I can’t be sure what Sara or the other vampires would do to her. Is everything that happened so far within Kaito’s plan? I really can’t see how he can just stand around and not do anything. >< What exactly is his plan, and what if things don’t happen according to it?
  • Zero asking Yuuki not to touch his hand… that was such a sad scene. If only their first meeting after a year wasn’t at the ball but somewhere more private – I wonder if things would turn out a bit more different? I’m sure he still cares about Yuuki.
  • The most intriguing part of the chapter has to be about the new pureblood – Ouri. I’m really curious as to what happened between Sara and him, and that scent of blood. Will this in anyway tie back with the sleeping purebloods we learnt of a few chapters back?
  • The teaser says that something gruesome is going to happen in the next chapter. It might be an exaggeration, like how these teasers are sometimes, but in any case, it’s interesting to see how the events will unfold. There are so many possibilities out there. I’m hoping to see more interaction between the trio!

By the way, if anyone noticed that Yuuki’s clothes in the manicure scene this chapter is different from the previous chapter, it’s because Hino-sensei made a mistake. She mentions in her blog entry that Yuuki’s clothes was drawn wrongly in chapter 53, and it will be fixed so that she’s wearing the same clothes in this chapter when the new manga volume comes out.

(In another entry, Hino-sensei draws a picture of Yuuki for Horie Yui, the seiyuu of Yuuki, as a birthday present. Too bad the picture is so small, but still, it looks really lovely.)

Just a note about raw scans before I end off:

The first scans of this chapter that was released were not complete – the scanner did not want to post up the complete chapter because she faced issues with stealing. It seems that fewer people are scanning VK as compared to the past, and it’d be really sad if we no longer get to see the raws because of this. So, please don’t repost the scans from other sites. Linking to the page itself is usually fine though. :)

Please continue to support Hino-sensei and Vampire Knight! The next chapter will be out on October 24.

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