Chapter 53 is out!

It’s still 2 days before the official sale date of LaLa, and I’ve yet to see any scans of the new chapter being posted online. However, Sagakure has gotten her copy of the magazine, and has kindly posted a summary here. The chapter seems interesting! The scanlation should be up soon, and I’ll edit this post once I get to see the scans.

Edit: Scanlation is up!

As usual, some thoughts about this chapter: (SPOILERS!)

  • I enjoyed this chapter, with the appearance of Kaito, Shiki and Rima, and of course, our trio getting to meet again! Kaito first appeared in the first VK novel, and now we get to see him all grown up! He seems to have become scarier though… (For those interested in the VK novels, they are unfortunately not available in English, but I think I’ve come across a summary somewhere. Look in the VK LJ community if you’re interested? There are Chinese translations available online, for those who can read it.)
  • Why does Yori trust Kaito to sneak her into the ball? I really dislike the fact that Kaito is using her as bait, and I hope nothing bad happens to Yori. I do want her and Yuuki to meet though. I really wonder what Kaito’s true intentions are with regards to everything he’s done in this chapter. I just hope he doesn’t make things worse between the vampires and hunters.
  • Yuuki does make people rethink their image about the purebloods sometimes. XD But you know, that’s what I like about her!
  • I wonder why Kaname is so skilled at manicures. Did he learn how to do it, hoping that he could help Yuuki with her manicure some day? What else does he know? XD
  • Yuuki has this lovely pureblood feel when she appears in front of the vampires. The look on Zero when he sees her though, is kind of worrying. I wish that one day we’ll see him looking at her with the same kind of expression he had when she was still human. I’m looking forward to seeing what will happen between the both of them.
  • We’ve yet to see Sara, and I wonder if she turned up at the ball? Present or not, I do think that she’ll cause some kind of trouble.

The results of the cosplay contest are announced in this chapter, and the winning idea is that of “angels and demons”, which is what Hino-sensei drew for the cover page. While the picture is nice, I wish that some other idea had won, since the theme of angels and demons is so common. Some of the other submitted ideas include:

  • Halloween Night, with Kaname as Dracula, Yuuki as a fairy, Aidou as a native American, Kain as Frankenstein, Rima as a black cat, Zero as a zombie, and so on.
  • Alice in Wonderland, with Zero as Alice, Aidou as The White Rabbit, Kain as The Cheshire Cat, Ichijou as The Mad Hatter, and Kaname as The Queen of Hearts.
  • Kindergarten
  • Mafia, with Kaname as the boss, and the Night Class as his subordinates. Yuuki will be Kaname’s girlfriend
  • Sherlock Holmes, with Yuuki as Sherlock Holmes, Zero as Watson, and Kaname as Professor Moriarty.
  • 金さん – Not too sure what this one is about.
  • Gakuran (学ラン) – It refers to a type of Japanese school uniform for boys, often with a stand-up collar with long jacket and loose trousers, and the contributers wanted the characters to be dressed in these.
  • Cross Ranger – Aidou as Red, Kain as Blue, Kaname as Black, Yuuki as Pink, and Ichijou as Yellow. Their opponent is… Zero?! There’s another version with Kaname as the evil boss, and the other characters having different colours.
  • The Kuran family
  • Opera – Aidou as heroine
  • Love, running wildly (愛、暴走) – There has to be a better way to translate this! There are 2 suggestions for this theme. One of them has Aidou wearing a T-shirt with Kaname’s picture printed on it, along with “I <3 Kaname-sama” as the logo. The other one is about Kaname and Yuuki cross-dressing.

I didn’t translate all the details, and there are some parts that I’m not too sure about, but I’ll add those in if I have time to do so. I’d love to see the Alice in Wonderland theme being done!

One Response to “Chapter 53 is out!”

  1. Kaito *does* seem scary.. I have no idea what Yori was thinking, I suppose she just wanted a chance to see Yuuki again that badly. Yuuki’s dress at the ball is absolutely lovely and I would faint if Kaname gave me a manicure, lol.
    I loved the cover art~ but, that’s just because everything is damned pretty when Hino-sensei draws it. XD I agree it would have been much more fun to see any number of the other ideas. I bet Aidou would make a hot Native American <3 And Kaname as the Queen of Hearts sounds just too perfect.

    Anyhow~ I just discovered your blog today, so much VK information is here! Thank you for your hardwork. :D