Chapter 52 is out! (and some other news)

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Apologies for the lack of updates – work really sucks your energy! Sagakure has scanlated the latest VK chapter, and if you haven’t read it, you can do so here.

Some useless ramblings of mine:

  • Lots of Kaname x Yuuki in this chapter, and despite being a Zero x Yuuki shipper, I wasn’t too upset with this development. I guess I saw it coming after reading the last couple of chapters.
  • Zero looks so good no matter what he’s doing! I can’t help but stare at the panels with him…
  • Sara and Takuma… just what is Sara planning and what does Takuma have in mind? Has their relationship changed? It’s not surprising that Kaname knows where Takuma is. I don’t think anything escapes him.
  • The most interesting part of the chapter has to be the other sleeping purebloods. Who are they, and where will they stand when they are awaken? (I’m pretty sure they they will be.) Just how many pureblood families are there?
  • What’s the story with the ancestor? What happened before his slumber? Why was he in such despair? I hope we get to find out more about him soon.
  • I really hope that the next chapter will have the trio meeting – we haven’t seen them together in so long! I really want to know how they would react to each other’s presence. Also, will we get to see Shiki and Rima during the ball? We haven’t seen them in a while.

The next chapter will be out on 24th August, and it will be 40 pages long with colour pages. Please continue to support Hino-sensei by buying the manga!

In other news, Viz Media has licensed the VK anime! There’s not much information about it yet, and I’m not sure if VK Guilty is included in their license as well. But still, it’s good news for those wishing to own the DVDs, but not getting the Japanese releases because they can’t understand it. :)

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