Chapter 51 is out!

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I was at Kinokuniya today and I didn’t see the latest issue of Lala, but it seems like someone got their copy really early! Sagakure has done a summary/partial translation of the chapter here, so I won’t go into what goes on in this chapter.

Edit: Scanlation is here!

Just some thoughts about the chapter: (SPOILERS!)

  • I thought that Kaname, Zero and Yuuki would meet in this chapter, but it turns out that Hino-sensei had different plans. Not that they are bad though!
  • I’m glad that Yori and some of the other Day Class students decided not to have their memories erased after all that’s happened. With them able to accept the idea of vampires living with them, and understanding that not all vampires are evil, perhaps there’s a chance that humans and vampires can co-exist peacefully someday. The Chairman must be glad about that!
  • I hope that Zero has changed his stance about killing Yuuki.
  • So Yuuki has finally accepted the vampire side of her! It’d be interesting to see how things change because of that.
  • My favourite part has to be when Yuuki admitted that a part of her is still attached to Zero. <3 With Yuuki having feelings for both Kaname and Zero, will she stick with Kaname till the end, or will she somehow end up with Zero? It’s pretty hard to say, with how things are right now. I’m for the Zero x Yuuki pairing, but what matters more is that all the main characters are happy and able to move on with their lives, even if the Kaname x Yuuki pairing turns out to be canon instead.
  • Does anyone else miss seeing the other characters? Ichijou, Kain, Shiki, Ruka, Rima… what has happened to them? I hope we get to see them in the coming chapters.

The scanlation should be out soon, so do keep an eye out on them! Please continue to support Hino-sensei by buying the manga! I *think* the latest issue of Lala should be out in Kinokuniya (Singapore branches) on Wednesday, but it’d be better to check before heading down.

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