VK Black Fairytale Passcase

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The latest issue of LaLa came with a VK passcase, and here’s an actual photo of it:

VK Passcase

It turned out nicer than what I had expected. Looks better in real life then in the picture above as well. :) It’s made of PVC, which gives the passcase a nice shine. The heart charm is detachable, and has the words “Vampire Knight, Matsuri Hino, LaLa” engraved behind it. While the material isn’t as thick as those passcases you can get outside (don’t expect too much for furoku items XD), it’s a pretty piece and I like it!

If you’re in Singapore, Kinokuniya still has some copies from the air shipment which came in 2 days ago. The sea shipment should come in a few weeks, check their website for shipment dates. :) If you’re living elsewhere, Sagakure has a list of where you can get LaLa in this post. Please continue to support Hino-sensei and Vampire Knight! :)

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