Chapter 49 is out!

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Scans have been released on Billwang and Baidu, so if you can access these sites, look around and you’ll find them. The cover is pretty, featuring Yuuki all dressed up and holding a bunny.

Spoilers are below the cut, but before that, the next chapter will be released on 23 May. It’s the 50th chapter, and in celebration of that, the opening page of VK will be coloured, and the chapter will be 40 pages long. It’ll be something to look forward to! :)

Moving on to the spoilers…

I’ve only briefly looked through the scans, and we see Shiki and Rima getting off their manager’s car to look for Ichijou on the first 2 pages. The scene then switches to where Ichijou is. He’s lying down on a bed, and Sara Shirabuku enters the room. There are scars on Ichijou’s chest, which are wounds from his fight with Ichiou. Sara wants Ichijou to tell her everything he knows about Kaname, but Ichijou told her that he couldn’t do that. Sara digs her nails into his chest and tortures Ichijou some more because of that. We are shown a small panel of that scene (a little less than 1/4 of the page) with blood on Ichijou’s chest, and he looks to be in great pain. :(

The scene shifts again, and this time round Kaname and Yuuki appear. They were travelling by an underground tunnel, and went to their old home. Seems like they entered that underground room Yuuki was kept in? A touching conversation occurs between the 2 of them, and then they kiss. Their part ends of with a biting scene.

The story then skips a year, and we see Zero making his appearance. (Just 1 page! :( ) The story ends off here.

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