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The Cross Gakuen DVD, which was a mail-in item, is starting to be mailed out in Japan! I saw quite a few copies put up for auction of Yahoo! Auctions Japan today.

The contents include (1) character introduction clips, (2) DS game promo clips, (3) anime promo clips, and (4) a cast talk. Of all these, the cast talk seems like the most interesting part. Hopefully someone will post this part online?

From the Japanese blogs I’ve read, the talk section involves Horie Yui (Yuuki), Miyano Mamoru (Zero), Kishio Daisuke (Kaname), Fukuyama Jun (Aidou), Suwabe Junichi (Kain), Chiba Susumu (Takuma), and Hoshi Souichiro (Shiki). Horie-san was dressed in the Day Class uniform (I want to see the guys dressed up too, but apparently they weren’t. :( ), and was the MC of that section. The remaining 6 guys were split into 2 groups. They had to answer the questions read out by Horie-san, and she would decide who gave the best answer. The team with the most “best answers” would win.

“Love<3Progress” Team: Miyano Mamoru, Fukuyama Jun, Chiba Susumu
*Their full team name was “Love.Psychedelic.Fantasy.Online WITH Progress!” (I wonder how they came up with such a name…)

“Tooth.Strange.Beautiful Woman” Team: Kishio Daisuke, Suwabe Junichi, Hoshi Souichiro
*The pronunciation in Japanese sounds like “Hi-Vision”.


1. If you became a vampire, what would you want to do?

Mamo: Catfight
FukuJun: Donate blood
Chiba-san: To fly
Kishio: (At the point of becoming a vampire) Saying “I’ve decided not to be human anymore.”
Suwabe-san: Dress up
Hoshi-san: To be the umpire of the Saitama Seibu Lions vs Tokyo Giants match in the Japan series (Both are baseball teams, and his answer was a play on the word “Vampire”.)

The winner was Suwabe-san.

2. While vampires suck the vitality from roses, if it were you, what would you suck to get your vitality?

Mamo: Elbow
FukuJun: Vacuum cleaner (To see who would lose.)
Chiba-san: Foreigners (Suck up genes from various people so that he can take the best ones and combine them.)
Kishio: Milk
Suwabe-san: Office ladies
Hoshi-san: 田原元騎手 (Not too familiar with this, sorry.)

FukuJun won this round.

3. The flawless Kaname-sama… if he had a weakness, what would it be?

Mamo: Blond-haired pig rascal (It was written as 金髪ブタ野郎… what imaginary thing is that?!)
FukuJun: Vertigo (The onomatopoeia used for dizzyness, クランクラン, is read as Kuran, same as Kaname’s family name.)
Chiba-san: A decayed tooth
Kishio: Coffin (When asked by others to write his name, Kaname 枢, he would accidentally write ‘coffin 棺’ instead.)
Suwabe-san: Rock and roll
Hoshi-san: Chicken skin

As expected, Chiba-san won this with the decayed tooth. XD

4. What new abilities did vampire Yuuki gain?

(Anyone who raised their hand could answer the question.)

Suwabe-san: American joke
FukuJun: Become sensitive to the stock market
Chiba-san: Become a magical girl
Hoshi-san: To be able to choose between good and bad balls (in baseball)
Chiba-san: To remember the rules in baseball
Kishio: To be able to write the kanji for rose
Mamo: Elbow
Suwabe-san: Stand on tiptoe
Hoshi-san: Grow taller
Chiba-san: Grow longer eyelashes
FukuJun: Stay 17 forever (Kind of referring to Horie Yui, who always says that her age is 17.)
Kishio: Grew taller (He said it slightly differently from Hoshi-san.)
Suwabe-san: Stretchable jeans
Mamo: Tight jeans
FukuJun: Sega and Nobita
Suwabe-san: Courage (Pronounced the same as Yuuki.)
Kishio: To be able to express her opinions on different issues
Suwabe-san: Become serious
Hoshi-san: Black vinegar (Sounds smiliar to Cross.)
FukuJun: To be called “You Key” (Sounds like Yuuki.)
Chiba-san: Become good at relationships (As in BGR.)
Suwabe-san: Become good at kissing
FukuJun: Become blood type B
Mamo: To see the auras of others

Mamo won with his last answer.

Overall, the Love<3Progess team won, and the prize was premium blood orange juice.

To end off, all the participants also gave a message.

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