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Happy New Year everyone! :)

I’ve come across some more scans of the fanbook, and so I bring you the results of the latest VK Character Contest! The scans I have are not complete, so I’m not sure if there are any other sections in the contest. Should there be more, I’ll post them here when I see them!

The person whom you want your blood to be drunk by
1. Kuran Kaname
2. Kiryuu Zero
3. Shiki Senri
4. Kain Akatsuki
5. Ichijou Takuma
6. Aidou Hanabusa

Favourite Line
1. “I love you… more than anything in the world” – Kuran Kaname, Chapter 30
2. “Become a blood sucking monster like me, and live for eternity by my side…?” – Kuran Kaname, Chapter 26
3. “Because Yuuki was there, I might have been able to live on…” – Kiryuu Zero, Chapter 15
4. “I want these kind hands, and this smile…” – Kiryuu Zero
5. “Let us… do something unforgivable…” – Cross Yuuki, Chapter 8
6. “Even if I have to sacrifice my leftover life for you, I’d not utter a word of complaint.” – Kiryuu Zero, Chapter 29
7. “I’m not treating you like a child. I just wanted to protect you.” – Kuran Kaname, Chapter 17
8. “But I believe it. Even if I’m betrayed it’s okay.” – Cross Yuuki, Chapter 23
9. “Someone like me… even though you don’t need to think that strongly about me…!” – Kiryuu Zero, Chapter 20
10. “I won’t do anything to harm my friend.” – Ichijou Takuma, Chapter 10

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