Miyano Mamoru is married!

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An announcement was made yesterday by Miyano Mamoru, the seiyuu of Zero, that he had gotten married, and that his wife is pregnant. He and his wife had dated since they were in their teens. You can watch the video here. The video is unsubbed, but a summary of what he said is provided on that page.

If you have a niconico account, you can watch it here. (The site is in Japanese.) The video is flooded with comments. While there are some cruel comments, most of them are positive, with the commenters extending their congratulations to Mamo. There were also comments that asked about who his wife is, with some comments saying that it should be another seiyuu (Hirano Aya was mentioned in a couple of comments), and others saying that it should be someone that’s not within the industry.

The fans from the English-speaking communities have been nothing but supportive, and this is generally the case for Chinese fans as well. In the Chinese forums that I’ve seen, while many people expressed their shock with the sudden announcement, they also showed support for Mamo and wished him happiness. Even though Mamo won’t be seeing these comments, I hope that he knows that there are a lot of people out there who are supporting him.

I’m sure that it was difficult for him to make this sort of announcement, knowing that there might be backlash from the fans, which would affect his popularity. It’s sad that some people don’t respect the fact that he has his own private life, even though he’s a public figure.

I enjoy Mamo’s work and will continue to support him. I wish him all the best with his new family. 宮野さん、おめでとう!

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