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Someone over at the VK livejournal community was asking about the different subs for both VK and VK Guilty, and since I replied to her post, I’ll just mention it here as well.

Ryko21 and Snoopy007 of JimakuHikaku have made caps of the subs released by different groups, and posted a comparison on their site.

Comparisons: VK, VK Guilty

I guess most people already have a particular group that they’re following, but maybe this will be helpful to those who want to check out the releases from other groups. For VK, I followed Shoku-dan’s subs, but for Guilty, I’m keeping the Shinsen-subs’ ones as I like their translations. I’ve seen a couple of episodes from Yuurisan, and they look pretty good to me as well. Shoku-dan hasn’t released new episodes in quite a while, but now that their old translator is back, I believe that the releases should continue soon. If I’m not mistaken, the first 2 or 3 episodes were translated by someone else, and not the person who translated for their first season releases. Has anyone watched subs from the other groups? How are those?

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